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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to choose a high-quality metal door entrance

metallicheskoy_dver To resolve this issue, you need to clearly understand what features must fulfill the entrance door.After all, it is clear that the purpose, "ideal" door does not exist.Therefore, to select a suitable metal entrance door, you need to understand what exactly it is needed: for apartments, individual buildings, villas, etc.

Functions metal doors

protection against outside intrusion

penetration can be carried out in various ways.

Firstly, by means of mechanical action (sledgehammer, crowbar) or brute force.Consequently, the door structure must meet the requirements of reliability and strength.

Secondly, the penetration into the room can be made "intelligent" way.Different master keys, the device for unlocking and opening electronic locks, etc.So, the door design should provide for the installation of locks of different complexity and configuration.

Third, there are situations that relate to "special occasion" category.For such non-standard situations the doors are available that are resistant to breakdown the surface (bulletproof), fire (fire), etc.

Fourth, there is the need to ensure entry to the premises is only limited circle of persons.Accordingly, the ban on the entry of outsiders.These doors are equipped with access control systems (control system and access control).

premises Insulation

clear that the drafts of the apartment very few people are pleased.And different sounds, the noise on the landing, too, no one needs.Therefore, good quality door should provide reliable heat and sound insulation.


Everyone understands that the first impression of the home host is already beginning to emerge from the entrance to the house.Therefore, great importance is the appearance of the front door.If it is bad "looks" has a grim look, then the impression is not of the best.

Currently, metal doors, which are sold in various stores, are available both foreign and domestic manufacturers.By the way, the door Russian production have not only a good design, but also are of high quality.On the market there are a lot of Chinese-made models.They are inexpensive, but the quality of comment makes no sense.

If you already have a preference for the choice of the door, its main characteristics, it is necessary, before its purchase, carefully examine the specific model.Do not focus on the content of advertising leaflets beautiful and lengthy explanations Seller salon.He needs only to ask clarifying questions, and check yourself with knowledge of the matter.The seller let buys what he likes, and we buy for ourselves.

What to look for when choosing

Dimensions doorway

Before going to the salon furniture, you need to make the house all the necessary measurements (height and width of the door opening).All doors are available a few basic sizes.It is necessary to choose the dimensions of the door such that it was not necessary or too then expand the wall, or vice versa, to close up the remaining space.Do not take the door is narrower than the one that is.It is necessary to take into account the fact that the apartment will have to then bring some things, new furniture or household units.Are they "will pass" in a narrow door?

doors Filling

That it warms the door, and provides sound insulation.If the door is filled with lead or concrete, it is suitable for the bank, and not for the apartments.

Filling door frame

This, of course, the price increases, but what is the practical sense?No one in the entrance of the house will not be use to break the door welder or grinder.Even the most "narrow-minded" robber understands that neighbors have ears.Do

second sheet metal?

strength of the door determined by the quality of her ribs, their installation, and not the number of sheets of iron.If there is a second list, it means that design is "wrong."Unless, of course, this is not a special order, not exclusive.But the price is appropriate, because the metal is expensive.But we do what?Pay for what?



most reliable ones that are held on the support bearing.As the door opens?It should open outwards and not inwards.If inside, using a good jack, it is simply "squeezed" into the apartment.And without accompanying sound effects, quietly.

perimeter doors and lock

Does the door seal?Otherwise, when the door is closed is constant clang.And the dust will penetrate into the room.What

lock installed?Better to take a door lock systems "crab".Even if you cut the loop, the metal bolts (pins) on the top and bottom will not allow her to take off.

number of locks.Practice shows that the required minimum - two locks.It is best to protect the doors imported locks.

What guarantees does the "seller"?

necessary to ask whether there is a company-manufacturer warranty department.It is more reliable.And yet - how much time there this manufacturer?And that long to encounter and "ephemeral", which then can not be found.