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August 12, 2017 18:05

Installation of lawn geogrid parking - tips on laying their hands

Before considering this question, we need to understand what "it" is and what "it" is necessary?Unfortunately, not everyone knows about these products, and therefore do not use them in practice.And it was the lawn grids can deliver any owner of land from a variety of problems.By the way, such knowledge will help better understand the technology and installation.Let's start with the benefits of lawn grid.

Safety turf

If the majority of private homes and there is a garage, then park your car in suburban array is difficult.Special parking is practically no, and leave vehicles in the street, under the fence, is not always possible.Everyone knows how narrow our horticultural associations streets and alleys, so your car can often simply "clog" travel.

lawn - grating

To drive to the site - so spoil the grass cover.You can, of course, concreted area, but given the small size of most gardens, it worth it?

get rid of the dirt on the territory

pavslose_enl Even if the machine is on the grass, in a period of intense precipitation such site clean still will not.And when you consider that for every "parked" vegetation gradually disappears, then this place will soon become not otherwise in the ruined part of the territory.

must also take into account the track, which are also constantly trampled.Geogrid can be laid over the entire area.Its advantage is also the fact that these "paths" will never be puddles.Yes, and do not have to walk around the area after the rain or in the early morning dew, with a constantly wet feet.

OUTPUT - the sooner mount lawn grid, the better from every point of view.But now we look at how to do it with their own hands.

To begin with, we note that such "design" is mainly produced from two materials - w / w and plastic.Regarding the first, there is no point talking about it at least because of the massiveness of such an array.Therefore, choose a plastic model, and "lite" type.For the car is enough.

works Technology It is so easy that we simply list the main events in the order in which they are held.Dimensions "backfill" factions, compaction technique, rasklintsovka - all professionals.And his hands, small size, ground settling as follows.

  • scheme On the area you want to cover, removed part of the soil.The depth of the "pit" to calculate simple.The thickness of the lattice itself no more than 5 cm (depending on model) + "cushion" to 20 cm (based on local conditions).
  • strengthened its walls.The soil is unlikely to crumble, as the "cushion" will be tight.But the penetration of plant roots (eg, fruit trees), is very likely.The easiest way for the pit perimeter to set the plastic "plates".Perhaps someone decides to make a concrete bumpers or something else - a lot of options.
  • Produced filling fine crushed stone or gravel layer (mixed with coarse sand), which is compacted.
  • Top geotextile fabric is laid.It is necessary to exclude the possibility of emergence of any weeds.
  • To grill is flat and the ground (track) had no bias, the same is poured layer of sand (enough to 3 cm), which is leveled.
  • Installing modules.They are easy to cut, so they are prepared under suitable dimensions and after placing in place bonded to each other.
  • When all the work is done in the lattice cell, the backfilling of fertile land so that its level was just below the upper edge of the modules.

lawn - assembly

And the rest - to the discretion of the owners.Naturally, it is more expedient to plant lawn grass and do not forget this site regularly watered.Although you can pour into a cell and the rest of the "cushion" gravel and crushed stone - anyone that tells a fantasy.

What to look

  • work must be planned so as not to damage the roots of the plants in the area (trees, shrubs).Accordingly, with this being done "Trace" when it comes to the track in the area.
  • When it comes to the site, on which are laid any utilities (such as water supply, sewage system), it is necessary to take into account.
  • Before backfilling "cushion" should provide some slant bottom of the excavation in the wrong direction, which will be more convenient to provide a reliable drainage.It is advisable to connect this area with a total drainage system (or storm sewer).Then, after the precipitation water will not stagnate in the cells.

Unfortunately, many of these products price.Therefore, provide a list of prices for a wide range of products is not possible.But the cost of some models, which are applicable for the private sector, we will indicate (for plastics):

  • length - 54.4 cm, width - 33.3 cm (height 3.6 cm).Price - 85 rubles / pcs .;
  • with dimensions of 60 x 60 cm (with a height of 4 cm) pieces of the cost of 1 165 rubles.

For comparison - the price of the cheapest array of concrete starts from 650 rubles / m2.