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August 12, 2017 18:06

How warm bath inside - personal technique

The bath must be hot - this is known to everyone.But how to make the room more quickly heated and cooled no longer?The answer is obvious - you need to warm it.insulation technology depends on the material from which built sauna.

Bani their logs and timber

walls of the bath log home with logs with a diameter greater than 25 cm can not warm enough to perform quality konopatku and waterproofing, as well as to insulate the floor and ceiling.If the timber is thinner or sauna built of timber - insulation is necessary.Traditionally, wooden walls insulated baths with the "pie" of a vapor barrier, thermal insulation based on basalt and windproof film and sheathe facing materials.

Driving warming bath of log

scheme warming bath of log

Video - How to warm bath and do not harm health

Brick Bath

Brick, unlike wood, is rapidly cooled and freezes, and warm up it to a warm state can not be in the winter.To bath brick was hot, a simple little insulation - you need to build an additional wall of timber 10x10 cm inside the steam room, which later attached vapor barrier and insulation with heat reflecting foil.Above the insulation lay waterproofing and sheathe the inner wall lining.Between the brick wall and beams need to leave an air gap to prevent heat loss.

Driving insulation brick baths

Driving insulation brick baths

bath of foam blocks

blocks have good insulating properties, but because of the porous structure to quickly absorb water, so the warming bath of foam blocks to be performed necessarily.By analogy with the brick walls, the inside wall of the bath is raised from the timber at a distance from the outer walls of foam concrete.On the squared wall mounted lathing and fit "pie" of reinforced vapor barrier, insulation - mineral wool or foam, waterproofing layer and the interior trim.To reduce the humidity in the space between the main wall and squared is necessary to provide ventilation windows.They are made between external units, and at the time of use of the bath is closed.

Driving warming bath of cinder block

scheme warming bath of cinder block

Frame Bath

technology frame construction is the most easy and quick, and insulating properties in properly framing erected baths should be excellent.Insulation for the frame must be chosen on the basis of mineral fibers.On the outer side of the heater is set vetorzaschitu, and on the inside - parogidroizolyatsiyu, after which you can start decorating.

Frame bath sample thermal insulation

Frame bath sample warming

Warming of the floor and ceiling Bath

heat leaks in the bath are possible through the floor and the ceiling.As a heater for floor use the same insulation as the wall, but twice as thick.Waterproofing is necessary to pay special attention to - wet insulation loses its properties.On the counter-draft floor mounted on them - a layer of vapor barrier between the racks are placed slabs of mineral insulation and waterproofing cover the film with overlapping on the walls.Completes construction finishing floor.

Driving floor insulation for the bath

Scheme floor insulation for the bath

ceiling Thermal insulation is recommended to do likewise: to blister packed beams ceiling, attach the bar-shaped frame and a vapor barrier.Lay the mineral wool slabs, sheet set fix them, covered with a double waterproofing and attach the trim boards.

Driving ceiling insulation

ceiling insulation scheme