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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to make the formwork for the foundation

important stage in the construction of the foundation - the formwork device.Formwork - a form into which concrete is poured, it is set immediately after the preparation of the site and the trench for the foundation.The article tells you how to make the formwork for the foundation.

How to make the formwork for the foundation

How to make the formwork for the foundation

Decking can be removable and non-removable.Permanent shuttering is performed in the case where not remove material from the surface of the foundation.As an example of billboards fibrovolokonnoyili polystyrene plates are often used for the construction of slab fundamentalism, they also serve as insulation.

Fixed timbering photo

Fixed timbering photo

In the private construction of strip foundation is usually used for its construction using removable formwork of prefabricated metal panels, plywood or boards.her requirements are very high:

  • formwork must be strong enough to withstand the pressure of concrete on the walls;
  • casing dimensions should be strictly sustained;
  • It should be no gaps through which a solution can flow out;
  • Fastening elements produce so that the formwork can be dismantled with a frozen base.

Purchased metal panels have high strength and smooth surface, they are easily fixed with bolting and quickly removed from the finished basement, leaving a smooth, flat surface.At the same time they have one drawback - price.For property development, erecting dozens of homes for the season, the cost of acquisition boards are justified, but in the construction of the foundation with his hands better to raise the plank or plywood formwork.

device plank formwork

formwork made of boards or plywood, made with his own hands, is a shield to the frame of the bars that hold together into a single structure.Shields strengthened by ties, mowing and clamps.Shields set into a prepared trench so that all fasteners were outside and the inside as much as possible to obtain a flat and smooth surface of the desired shape.

Formwork made ​​of boards ( plank formwork ) for the foundation

formwork made of boards (daschataya formwork) for the foundation

For collapsible formwork suitable Edged board, can be second-class citizens, or birch plywood.The thickness of the material - of 10 mm.Frame boards are collected from the bar 40x60 mm.Mowing, clamps and ties can be done from any available materials commonly used for this purpose remains of boards or bar.The main thing - to provide sufficient strength and quality to fix them.

inner casing surface of unplaned boards will not be enough smooth, but if you plan to insulation of the foundation, or its external finish, this fact will most benefit - plaster and glue lie significantly better on a slightly textured surface.

formwork technology performance of boards or plywood

  1. prepared material for the shields.The bars are cut into equal segments, two feet longer than the height of the foundation.One side sharpen bars - with their help panels driven into the ground.Boards or plywood and cut to size panels.Customize boards carefully to avoid leaving gaps.The thickness of the material is selected depending on the size of the foundation and respectively, thickness of concrete, which will put pressure on the formwork.In most cases boards 24-36 mm thick.

    Preparing the boards for construction formwork

    Preparing the boards for construction formwork

  2. spread on a flat surface bars at a distance of one meter, align them along the top edge, the top lay boards or plywood and secured with nails or screws.Cap fasteners must be positioned precisely to shield the inside, otherwise the tip protruding nail or screw seriously complicate removal of formwork.

    Securing formwork

    formwork Fixing

  3. When the foundation with the expansion of the bottom of the shield rests on the base plate, there is no need to stick them in the ground, and the bar is cut on the panel width.
  4. mark up the site, pulling nylon twine between the bars driven into the ground.By digging a trench marking the required depth, carry sand and gravel podsypku.
  5. sets the reference board, if necessary, and after it - panels, fixing them to the board or driving a pointed part of the earth.At the same time use a plumb and level, achieving the maximum level position shields.
  6. between panels are bonded to pomoschyuotrezkov board, nailing them to the outside of the bars to the boards.Parties formwork fasten straps - U-shaped design of the bar or boards, not allowing the parties diverge formwork when casting betona.Ugly further battened, fixing them on the screws.

    Fixing the formwork panels together

    mount form panels together

  7. If boards are not sufficiently stable, they also reinforce the spacers of the segments of the bar from the inside and the outside mowing.Mowing - a bar, cut at an angle of 45 degrees and set vraspor between ground and shield.

    For extra stability, the formwork is fixed spacers

    For extra stability, the formwork is fixed spacers

  8. bottom and walls of the shuttering boards line the dense plastic film, in order to avoid leakage of the solution and premature evaporation laitance.
  9. determined by the valve of the bar and poured concrete.Align the surface is covered with foil and allowed to stand until the concrete has set.

    The bottom of the casing and the walls are covered with plastic wrap

    bottom wall formwork and close the plastic wrap

  10. To remove the formwork can be if between the boards and the concrete foundation will be a small gap.When removing the boards need to be slightly rattling them with the outside of the rubber hammer, it will remove the formwork with the least effort.First clean ties, mowing, clamps.After this, in turn clean the shields.
  11. If you used a film, you can not remove from the base surface until it is completely dry - this will prevent premature drying of the top layer of concrete and allow maximum gain strength.

boards for formwork plywood and planks can be reused, thus to facilitate their removal better every time pave the casing film.Decking can also be combined - this type of formwork is often used in a loose soil when the pile-tape or recessed foundation.In this case, the underground part of the permanent performing asbestos-cement pipes or polystyrene sheets and above-ground - a removable, made of boards or plywood.

Video - how to make the formwork for the foundation