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August 12, 2017 18:07

Instructions for connecting the voltage monitoring relays

Surely you have heard about this situation, as the complete failure of all electrical equipment in the house at a jump voltage?This really is, especially if your apartment is an old building and, respectively, with the old wiring.To protect your home appliances from premature failure, be sure to connect the relay voltage in the flat panel.You do not know how to do it correctly?To your attention step by step instructions for installation and connection with their own hands!

  • What is the advantage of such protection?
  • How to perform installation

What is the advantage of such protection?

To begin with a brief talk about what the connection voltage monitoring relay is better than the classical installation of the stabilizer.Protection of electrical surge

  • First, the apparatus is compact and does not occupy much space in the housing the electrical panel.As for the stabilizer to be connected, it is necessary to allocate a separate place, besides the installation of the device more laborious.
  • Secondly, the voltage relay operates much faster, which is its main advantage.The fact is that when a significant deviation from the nominal voltage, the stabilizer can take up to 1 second of time.During this time, your home appliances can already burn.In turn, the voltage switch is activated within milliseconds and immediately turns off the power to the panel.
  • Third, the cost of the compact product is several times less than the quality of the stabilizer.So why pay more if you can connect an alternative embodiment of the protection?
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As you can see, with the existing threat of over-voltage in the network to better carry out the relay connection in the apartment.However, this does not mean that there is no sense to use a stabilizer.The fact that the leveling device allows the voltage in the network if it is in the range of 140 to 250 volts (in each model has its own setpoint) without a blackout.We recommended in case of failure in the network to connect both protection option with a residual current device (RCD) and a circuit breaker.

should also be noted that the over-voltage on the network is most often caused by the breakage of the neutral conductor in the driveway panel.As a result - there is phase shift and can occur such a situation that you have in the apartment voltage of 300 volts, and the neighbors - 110-120.And he and the other option is not comforting for household appliances.

How to perform installation

So, we have considered the purpose and benefits of this type of protective automation.Now let's talk about how to properly connect the voltage monitoring relays for single-phase supply and install on din rail with your hands!To instruction was to you more convenient and easy to understand, step by step to give her photo examples of correct installation:

  1. Turn off electricity at the introductory panel.Disabling protective automation
  2. complete the installation of the new sample relays for DIN rail mounting, the housing was placed as close as possible to the input circuit breaker after the counter DIN rail mounting
  3. Determine where on the machine phase, and where zero using a screwdriver indicator.
  4. Phase wire from the machine in the apartment (or house) on their own, cut in the middle so that both sides of the wires can be connected to a voltage control relay.
  5. that wire that goes from the machine, cut off the end of the plug to the terminal «IN» inscription.
  6. remaining trimmed conductor secure in the terminal «OUT».Thus, it should turn the current flow from the input to the apartment on the floor wiring not directly but through the protective relay.
  7. With the help of a small segment of the electric wires of suitable section, connect the remaining terminal «N» to the neutral bus in the control panel.Ultimately wiring diagram in a single phase 220 volt network should look like this: The circuit connection to the circuit breaker
  8. Check the quality of the connection points, and if the wires are securely fastened in the connectors, turn on the power on the opening machine.Total wiring
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second option is to connect the device to the home network
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That's the technology of voltage relay connection to the circuit breaker by hand.As you can see, nothing complicated, and even be able to connect the device to the electrical kettle!Please note that there are other types of new type of protective relays, which may be represented by the product, with a view reminiscent of a tee with a digital display.This option allows you to protect the design of a separate appliance in the apartment overvoltage.Installation and connection options such protection is not anything complicated, so we will not dwell on these instructions!

should also be noted that if you have at home a three-phase network of 380 volts and there is no three-phase consumers: a powerful refrigeration system or machine it is better to be connected to each phase of the individual single-phase monitoring relaysvoltage.If you need the power of 380V, then be sure to make the connection of three-phase protection relay through a magnetic starter.Connecting to the network 380 volts
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