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August 12, 2017 18:06

Self-leveling floor screed with his hands - the technology works

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self-leveling floor screed with his hands - it is quite feasible process that the power of any one, not even a professional, it would wish.It is very easy to prove.

Self-leveling floor screed

Self-leveling screed floor

Paul - this is the most exploited part of any room, so it is more susceptible to wear and often in need of repair.Gender must be without flaws and imperfections, because on it rests the whole interior.

Contemporary floor coverings are many.For example, the floor can be covered with a refined or strict laminate, ceramic or beautiful original linoleum.

In any case, before proceeding with the installation of any floor finish, the floor should be appropriately prepared, namely - to align.

Self-leveling screed for the floor, the notion

To date, the best foundation for any floor covering - a self-leveling screed, ie,modern mortar.

The main feature of such mixtures - is the ability to self-uniformly distributed across the desired surface, ie spread around the perimeter of the room, creating a beautiful surface, perfectly smooth and flawless, suitable for any finish.

consists leveling screed of dry mixes and special chemical additives.

Today, the choice of such mixtures is rather wide, they are engaged in the production of many suppliers, so with the acquisition of the dry mixture self-leveling screed for the floor will be no problems.

The main advantages of this type of device coupler are : ease of use, high speed, availability of materials.

main thing - clearly observe all stages of the technology described below, as well as the manufacturer's recommendations indicated in each package (amount of mixture per unit area, the ratio of water, storage conditions).

Before purchasing any dry mixes, which are needed for repair, be sure to pay attention to the expiration date, as well as the absence of damage to the packaging.These indicators are very important for a strong and durable foundations of the floor.

Preparing the floor under the screed

course, before proceeding with the installation of a new floor in the room, it is necessary to conduct stage of preparatory work that will eventually create a perfectly flat surface.

First we need to completely dismantle all the old coating, ie,parquet flooring, linoleum flooring, planks.

Then, without fail, check whether there are differences at the base.This is done using the transmitter.The magnitude of differences will clearly define what kind of equalization will be applied in this case.

In cases where differences are significant on the surface appeared chipped and even the pit, always follow the "rough" surface leveling (in other words, it is called "gross").

So, if the need for rough alignment is, special mixes denser composition used to it, for example, cement mortar.Using it eliminates the surface drops to 6 cm How to prepare it -. Described below.

Fig.2 Rough alignment surfaces

Fig.2 Rough surface leveling

If the surface has variations up to 1 cm, ie,it is more smooth, then to equalize "the finish" (in other words - "Fine"), you can start immediately.Such small differences are easily removed with liquid mortars - namely, self-leveling screeds.

In case the surface is relatively smooth, but there is a small defect in the unit, such as a stone chip, then more dense mixes (the same cement mortar) it eliminates and give time to complete drying of the mixture.

prepared surface must be cleaned from dust, sand, and any small debris.At home, for this great vacuum cleaner.

Now, when the surface is clean and dry, it necessarily should be primed with special primer solution.This will further strengthen grip Damage mixes and bases.If the surface contains a large number of pores, then it should be primed twice.

Experts recommend using a primer of the same manufacturer as the selected dry mix self-leveling screed floor (the "self-leveling floor") to produce a more durable and reliable foundation.Preparation

cement slurry is first mixed in the tank for preparing a cement slurry (e.g., the pelvis) components in dry form (cement with sand in the ratio 1: 3).

Cement sufficient to select brand M200, or M300, higher marks (or more expensive), in this case, do not use efficiently.

Fig.3 All that is necessary for mixing the cement slurry

Fig.3 All that is necessary for mixing grout

The mixture is then diluted with water, mixing thoroughly with a spatula to avoid lumps, bring it to the desired consistency (the solution should turn out "as sour cream," but not too thin).

The resulting cement mortar is first embedded chips and deep pit, and then applied it to the surface and is spread under the rule level.

only after the "roughing" the floor is dry, go to the primer, and "Fine" alignment.

Guide Application self-leveling screed

Warning: liquid self-leveling screed can be applied only on a clean floor after complete drying of embedded defects, rough coat, primer.

tools that will be needed for the application of the screed

In order to perform the work for applying self-leveling floor screeds, it will be necessary to prepare certain instruments and related devices:

  • container for mixing the solution (a bucket, a basin);
  • drill;
  • mixer (or a special attachment on a drill);
  • transmitter;
  • needle roller structure;
  • dry mix "self-leveling floor" (selected by the manufacturer);
  • marginal self-adhesive tape;
  • personal protective equipment for eyes and hands.

instructions direct application ties

Before working around the perimeter of the room (at the bottom of the wall) should be a special glue belt edges.This will help to avoid sticking to the wall ties and protect against cracking.

Fig.4 Pasting of walls boundary tape

Fig.4 Pasting of walls boundary tape

It is worth paying attention to the room temperature.It is not desirable that it be less than + 150C.

Next, proceed to the preparation of the stock solution.

For this selected a dry mixture of "self-leveling floor" in a specially prepared container should be diluted with water.It is important to strictly observe the proportions of water and mixtures specified by the manufacturer on the package.

In preparing the solution required is a thorough mixing.The solution should be homogeneous and free of lumps.To achieve such an effect may be stirring with a mixer (or with a drill with a special nozzle, mixer).

Figure 5. Mixing liquid screed

Figure 5. Mixing liquid screed

The resulting solution should be poured onto the surface as uniformly as possible.Be sure to take into account the area, which is designed package the dry mixture.

begin to fill the floor with a solution from the far corner of the room, slowly moving toward the exit.The solution is recommended to apply the patches for about 40 cm.

Figure 6. Fill sections of the surface of the liquid screed

Figure 6. Fill sections of the surface of the liquid screed

Gulf solution onto the surface, it immediately spread over the site, and then carefully rolled the floor a special roller, which has a needle-like texture.The use of such a roller it is necessary to remove air bubbles and to improve the strength and durability screed.

Fig.7 Align the self-leveling screed over the surface

Fig.7 Leveling self-leveling screed over the surface

Note: in any case it is impossible to stop the fill area should be filled completely in one day!Therefore it is necessary to calculate in advance the volume and the time necessary to fill.

drenched tie left to complete its drying.It takes at least a day.

Only when the screed on the floor is completely dry, the surface became flat and smooth, you can proceed to the next stage floor repair - Installation of the selected floor.

Thus, if read carefully with a fairly simple technology, do the job and comply with the recommendations of material manufacturers, the self-leveling floor screed with their hands - it's actually an executable process, which handle any.And it does not necessarily have a professional degree or extensive experience.Gender guaranteed to last for quite a long life!

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