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August 12, 2017 18:06

How and what Pointing joints on ceramic tiles - advices of the master

Laying tiles is different, so the joints can be either relatively broad or narrow.To properly do the work for grouting joints in the tiles, you need to understand why and how to wipe the seams and what it can do.

Why grouting

Firstly, to waterproof the entire surface.For tile surface spread in areas where constant high humidity or water is often consumed.Therefore, spray, vaporization, etc.And if the floor tiles, the flooring because regular wash.Consequently, under the tiling will penetrate water.

Second, the tiles have perfectly square or rectangular, therefore - gaps at the joints are in any case.

Third, the tiles can not be laid "butt" to each other.There is a concept - thermal expansion.The dense styling can lead to deformation of the surface and, as a result, "ballooning" of the whole "laying".

Grout - to - tile joints ,

What "grout" use

First of all, you should understand the difference between the grout and sealant (sealant).For joints grout is used.It has two types, and the difference in basis she or cement (with additives), or epoxy.In everyday life is better to use grout, cement-base.With them easier to work with, but they are cheaper.

How to prepare grout

is mandatory should examine the manufacturer's recommendation.Different structure requires its technique.Better to buy the composition in a dry form, it is much cheaper.Be sure to find out what to plant: latex or water (liquid).Dry polymer compositions are mixed with water only!

The grout should not be too much water, or else suffer the quality of the work.Grout is added to water, and not vice versa.The resulting composition should be pliable and easily distributed over the surface.

remove - grouting

Stages of work:

  1. Preparation grout.Besides the already mentioned, it should be borne in mind that kneading should be done carefully, preventing the ingress of air bubbles.It only weakens the action of the solution;
  2. Placing solution.With the help of literally float solution is pressed into the joint, uniformly distributed over the entire length.Hand makes a diagonal movement.The problem - as much as possible to fill existing voids.Work comfortably in a small area, not just across the wall;
  3. Wet cleaning surface.Produced after sufficient hardening of the mixture;
  4. Leveling and smoothing welds.Done specially made jointing.

additional activities carried out if desired to obtain an imitation of ancient masonry.