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August 12, 2017 18:06

Hipped roof with his hands.How to calculate and construct

Article Contents:

  • 1 Preparations
  • 2 stages of construction hipped roof with his hands
  • 3 Mounting roof
  • 4 Benefits hipped roof


hipped roof with theirhands.Photo

Four stingray considered the best option for regions with strong winds and a large amount of precipitation.When deciding to build a hipped roof by yourself, keep in mind that this design requires accurate drawings and attention when measuring and marking.

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hipped roof with his hands.Photo


main difference hipped (hip) roof with four slopes on the design with two ramps - no need for device side gables.Pyramidal structure composed of two trapezoidal and two triangular rays, the latter replaced by pediments.


Further phases will look at how to make a hip roof with his hands.

Under the roof can be placed just attic space or residential loft.Construction hipped roof begins with a definition of its purpose and the selection of materials with regard to features climate.Rainfall and wind power is important to consider when choosing the angles of rays, the thickness of the material for wooden components and the type of roof.


Important!Sloping ramps can vary from 5 to 60 ° .The stronger winds and more rain, the greater the deviation.

wooden components must be thicker than the gable design.If the slope is less than 18 °, the roll materials are suitable for roofing.When a bias 18-30 ° better to choose a metallic or ceramic tile.


Calculate h etyrehskatnoy roof with his hands.Photo

exact roofing scheme should be set up Upon completion of the first phase.You need to know what materials and how much you need to buy.


stages of construction hipped roof with his hands

For devices hipped roof used softwood free from defects with the humidity of 18-22%.First base is arranged evenly distribute the load on the supporting structures.Along the perimeter of the building is laid a layer of waterproofing and mounted mauerlat - solid timber 10x15 cm and 15x15 cm Connections are made in the cover, for the angles of cords used metal braces, plates and corners..


The next step is building a hipped roof - installing sleepers.This beam which supports the rack and is located on the ground.Next on the sleepers mounted rack (bar 10x10 or 10x15 cm) with a pitch of rafters (not more than 2 meters), set ridge beam (10x20 cm), temporarily relies on special racks.


Important!It is necessary to take the increased attention to the corner of the rack installation.


be taken into account When the device hipped roof, it consists of 4 planes.For ramps in the form of trapezoids required side rafters , for triangular - diagonal (Plait adornments).This one-piece timber 10x15 cm and 10x20 cm, which is mounted in increments of 50-150 cm. If necessary, mount docking pad, fastened in several places.





hipped roof with his hands.Photo

At the points where the rafters rest on the base, it is necessary to make cuttings and fix the structure of the metal elements.Above the rafters rest on the ridge beam connected to the uprights by means of slots.To enhance the design is recommended to use the diagonal supports, braces, steel connectors.

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Mounting roof

final stage of construction hipped roof with his hands - the installation of the waterproofing layer, kontrobreshetki, crates (or solid floor).On the rafters fit waterproofing material .His mission - to eliminate the destruction of roof system due to moisture from the attic space under the roofing material.The film is laid overlapping and sealed with adhesive tape sealing.



next step - a device kontrobreshetki .This timber or board treated with antiseptic.Fastened to the rafters, you can fix the waterproofing material, creating a cushion of air between the roofing material and insulation.


crates used to dry boards in width of 4-5 cm, which are attached to kontrobreshetke at a distance of 25-30 cm from each other.If not planned arrangement of residential premises in the attic space, then further assembled roofing material.18

When the device warm attic on the inside of the rafters using stepplerov mounted vapor barrier material (film, foil, vellum), preventing the ingress of moisture from the warm room into the insulation.In the vapor barrier is laid insulation material thickness of 15-20 cm.


Next, the installation process does not differ from the roof to the attic space devices without premises.

Benefits hipped roof

Construction hipped roof allows:

  • convert attic space into residential loft, that is, to increase the useful area of ​​the house;
  • improve resilience in the form of wind and rain, thus increasing performance and durability of the roof is extended the term of its operation;
  • make an appearance at home more attractive.

Despite the fact that the planning process and the device requires more time and material costs, the device hipped roof of his hands possible with the basic skills of a carpenter.The farm must be: gasoline, circular saw or hand drill, chisels, hammers, levels, power cord, a tape measure.Before starting work, it is desirable to look closely at the content of the video on the right.