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August 12, 2017 18:05

Choosing means for cesspools and latrines - views and practical advice

bioactivator This issue is mostly interested in the owners of private houses and summer cottages.It should immediately be noted that the mechanical treatment "drives" no, even the most "highly innovative" tool can not replace - use of technology in the form of assenizatorskaya cars or household equipment still have.But how often - is another question.And it depends on how a chemical is selected correctly.

We will not consider those kinds of products, which are used only for the quality of bathing toilet odor.This is somewhat different theme.There are special facilities for cesspools, which initiate a rapid decomposition of waste, thereby reducing the degree of occupancy of storage and increasing the frequency of mechanical cleaning septic tank or cesspool.By the way, almost all the like have disinfectant properties and are able to "extinguish" the majority of unpleasant odors.That's on them and discuss in this article.

Classification drugs

The consistency

  • fluids.With them, it is more convenient to work, since they are ready for use.
  • powders.It is believed that such compositions are more economical in spending, since using the measuring spoon can be made more precise dosing.But it is most likely a purely subjective judgment, since hardly anyone in the country site will vymeryat every milligram.It is impossible to determine the amount of impurities are in the tank, especially if it is not filled to the top.
  • tablets.If you plan to use the compost as fertilizer on the site - the best option.

Under application

  • Anaerobic.
  • Aerobic.

difference is that for the first flow of air is not needed, and the decomposition process can take place in a closed volume.But for the efficient operation of aerobic funds need oxygen, so they are only used for cleaning outdoor tanks.For example, cesspools suburban toilets.


The chemical composition


On the effectiveness of such compositions are the leaders.But this advantage is conditional, as a significant drawback - the toxicity of funds - limits their use.The main difficulty - disposal of processed products.Therefore, the private sector is unlikely to stop the choice on such preparations.


They are suitable for use in fully insulated containers when clean air supply is not a prerequisite of the reaction.Basically such funds are used to clean toilets with mini-tight collection of waste.


They include bacteria, which contribute to its rapid degradation to individual components in contact with the nutrient medium for them.As a result of the processes at the bottom of the drive falls organics, which was later, after cleaning the tank, can be used as a good fertilizer.

on such funds is to dwell, as the analysis of customer feedback shows that it is their preference for the majority of owners of private buildings.

vehicle - to - clean - pit - holes


  • rate of decomposition of sewage - high.
  • neutralize any odors.
  • More Life.

Feature - such funds are used at temperatures from +5 to +40 ° C (unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer).

Perhaps the only one minus, and is a relative - to achieve the desired performance, it should produce the exact dosage.The drawback of bacteria in the waste mass will make their decomposition process longer and less quality.

What to consider when using biological means

Application Conditions

This is probably the most important indicator.Before buying any products should immediately clarify in which temperature range it does not reduce its effectiveness.Important factor, given that septic tanks and pit latrines are located outside the home, on the street.

Recommended flow rate per unit volume

If this parameter is compared with the price of the drug and its expiration date, you can choose the most optimal variant for a particular drive.

cost drugs

for the city of Moscow and the region.Packaging may differ from that indicated in the table.Data on the cost of the initial - "from ...".

Mark Country of origin Features Packing (g) Retail price (RUB)
Microzim series "CeptiTreat. " RF effectively in a liquid medium.It is recommended to add water into the septic tank. 250 645
Tamir high processing speed. 350 190
Dr. Robic 800 969
Saneks Poland used for removing blockages in the sewer system. 100 225
Bio Favorite US 950 690
Atmosbio France Storage life - not more than six months. 300 590

All of these tools not only decompose sewage, but also a variety of materials (substances), for example, paper, oils, wood, oil and so on.But this does not mean that the cesspool can throw off (down), literally anything.

Useful tips

  • for quality processing of storage, it is desirable to use one and the same composition.If you liked it, and proved effective, change it to something new it is not recommended for their effectiveness.
  • Many of these drugs are able to solve the cleaning problem areas contaminated segment.For example, to remove the (expanded) any spilled engine oil (gasoline) and disinfect the soil at the same time.
  • Do not confuse tools such as "Microzim" and "Mikropan".Last but neutralizes odors, therefore only used for the treatment of landfill.

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