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August 12, 2017 18:08

Making bedrooms , interior photo


  • 1 Making bedrooms furnished
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Making bedroom , bedroom interior photo In any house or apartment, a bedroom - a special room.Bedroom - it's an intimate space in which a person should be comfortable, outsiders are not allowed here.The interior and style of the bedroom can be different from the rest of the interior space.In the bedroom, you need to feel relaxed, so the design of the room - it is very personal and very important.It is appropriate to be quiet, bedding tone.Here people go to bed, and so the atmosphere should be relaxed, allowing escape from the pressing problems.

When making bedrooms, our site repair of apartments with their own hands recommends to remember that each color carries its energy.For example, red - excites, and is suitable for the bedroom is not the best way.It is preferable to issue a bedroom in bright, adjusts to tranquil mood, colors.If necessary, in the selection of colors can help psychologists.They recommend green tones, it is known that this color is assoc

iated with the freshness of the meadows and produces a calming effect.Good and blue color, it has a positive effect on the psyche, as is the color of the sky.Specialists in the design and has also recommended and yellow - the color of the sun, heat.And of course, white - the color of purity.

Making bedrooms furnished

Making bedroom, know the measure, and not too make her furniture.Cluttering negatively affects a person, the room becomes smaller and darker visually.The furniture should be in harmony with the general background of the bedroom, otherwise fragmentation will cause a feeling of confusion, which is especially desirable in the bedroom.Mirrors in the bedroom - it's impressive.The mirror can also be an element of decor, and functional part of it, for example, built-in cupboard door.Well, the main piece of furniture in the bedroom is, of course, the bed.Today offers a bed of almost any type and size, and any customer can find what he needs.It is important that the bed fit into the interior of the bedroom, although many designers prefer to have it a few stood out from the rest of the furniture and the interior has been a central part.It is better to choose a large bed, when more space man is better than relaxing.

Making photo bedroom furniture

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decor elements can be paintings, photographs, wall lights and so on, choosing them, remember them for a room.It is better if it is landscapes and portraits, reproductions of undesirable natural disasters and with scenes of violence.Curtains and curtains must be suitable to the interior of the bedroom in color.Good lightweight materials - chiffon, silk.Any items must be well combined.The wall at the head of the bed, you can paste over the soft tones of the walls can be painted.Above the bed a good idea to hang the photos that you enjoy watching and remember something good.Remote control from a TV or other personal items for the order, hide in the bedside tables.Selection of lighting in interior rooms as an important point.

just great when the bedroom is where to put a separate dressing table, if the room is too small, then the role of the dressing table and chest of drawers fit, on which you can hang mirrors of different shapes that will look unusual and will create an additional volume.Be sure to purchase a table or tray, and in bad weather day, you can have breakfast, not getting out of bed.If the bed does not have any offices, buy a basket of low walls, in which you can fold excess and shove under the bed.

chair with rounded shapes and a coffee table does not take up much space, putting them in your bedroom, you will have a wonderful reading area and telephone conversations.

selection of pillows and blankets

Selection of pillows and blankets for the bedroom Sleep quality also depends on whether you have a pillow and a blanket.Pillows should be such that the neck and shoulder girdle is completely relaxed.The height of it must be 6 - 14 cm, despite what people build.Basically height cushion - 10 cm, broad-shouldered people sleep better on pillows higher.

doctors recommend using orthopedic pillows in shape, with one or two fillet under the neck.This shape provides better support.Orthopedic pillows latex recommended for pain in the neck and shoulders.Based foam cushion (polyurethane, latex) with memory effect, respond to the pressure and heat of the human body, it adapt to the shape.These bags are useful, but not cheap.To check the quality of the pillows filled with a classic - down, roll it into a roll and see how quickly it will recover form.

blanket should keep warm, but also to "breathe".Cotton, wool blankets down and meet this condition.In winter, a good shelter easy and very warm wool sheep blankets.Such a blanket can absorb sweat, which then erode.But in summer, enough hide conventional cotton blanket.

See also a good article which color combination in the interior of the room to make it look harmonious.