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August 12, 2017 18:05

Chipboard - paper size and the approximate cost

chipboard issue size samples of a construction material interests of people who do not have sufficient experience in the production of self-repair and construction works, mainly from the standpoint of ease of transportation.But if it is a sheet (of plate, block, panel) products, it is necessary to pay attention to the cost of "home design".One of the factors affecting this indicator is the percentage of total waste product purchases.

To correctly determine the sheet cutting and, therefore, minimize the losses, you need to have an idea of ​​the commercially available range of necessary goods.In the market chipboard of different sizes.And the reason is not only in the lack of uniform standards for this material.They are defined by features and characteristics of the equipment, which is involved in the processing chain.So bring all the standard dimensions of sheets that can be found on sale, it is impossible.

most typical linear dimensions of chipboard (for more convenient information perception), it makes sense to bring to the table (all dimensions - in "cm").

Width length thickness
175 350 from 0.8 to 3,8
183 244 250 262
207 280

cost chipboard

It depends on linear dimensions, laminating categories, colors and coatings manufacturer.In order to navigate in the price range is sufficient to give the averaged data.Cost of 1 m is in the range of 500 - 600 rubles.

Practical recommendations

Depending on the specific application you need to pay attention primarily on the thickness of the sheets.

  • Up to 16 mm - suitable for making furniture items (closets, shelves, etc.).
  • From 18 mm or more - should be used for design elements that will experience increased load (kuhstoleshnitsy kitchen, massive shelves and others).By the way, expensive furniture made because of thick sheets of chipboard.
  • can save considerably With self-manufacturing of furniture items if hidden by the visual details of the review do not of chipboard, and out of the ordinary, not laminated products - it is cheaper.