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Стройматериалы для дома

August 12, 2017 18:06

How profitable to lease formwork for the foundation of the house ?

formwork - 1 During the construction of a private home or small shopping center with a large area is used formwork.It is necessary for pouring the foundation and its quality depends on the characteristics of the future construction.But it is better - to buy a whole set of formwork or rent?

Why rent

formwork required to give a certain form of concrete.It is used in the construction of foundations and walls of a filling method.Previously, as the protective structure used wooden boards.But after removing the surface of the walls was not smooth, and in some places there were substantial defects.

Now used modern materials - plastic / foam panels or galvanized iron sheets.They are connected to each other a system of simple fixings.This enables rapid installation and quick dismantling design after cooling the concrete layer.


So why is advantageous to take the formwork for rent?This is due to several factors:

  • cost.The average rental price is 400 rubles per cubic meter, depending on the configuration and volume.Buying the same set will cost at least 4 times more expensive.
  • Professional tips on arrangement and sizing of the foundation.Almost all car rental companies provide consultation on leased equipment.They will help you choose the best set of components delivered to the site and taken away after dismantling.
  • Installation makeshift structures can significantly affect the quality of the building.

However, certain difficulties may appear when selecting the formwork.They are related to the specifics of this equipment.

Tips for Choosing

element During selection of the optimal model of protective structures should take into account a number of performance.First of all - is wear formwork.Since the quality control of the individual elements are not always carried out in a timely manner, you should very carefully examine each of them in front of the rental.

geometrical parameters of fixing parts must comply with the standards.Otherwise, even if the status of one rack of the whole structure will be impossible.Fencing panels must be no visible defects, integrity violations - cracks, holes, etc.Long service life of the formwork often leads to the appearance of these defects.

addition to the rental rates should take into account transport costs.Often, the company provides services for the delivery of components to the site of construction.In order to avoid the additional costs it is recommended to spend at least a superficial analysis of the cost of such services from the transport companies.

Installation and dismantling of the rules recommended by the manufacturer of formwork.It is best to use the standard installation circuit elements, which recommends manufacturer.


For professional quality control of the leased equipment is best to invite a construction expert.He will be able to evaluate the degree of wear of individual components and the entire structure as a whole, as well as appreciate the complexity of the formwork installation and dismantling.

Collectively analyzing all the above begs only one conclusion - lease formwork for the foundation is possible, but only after analyzing all the factors associated with this event.And most importantly, when choosing a need to control the quality of the designs.For the construction of a private house is perfect for permanent formwork, which is characterized by low cost and ease of installation.

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