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August 12, 2017 18:06

Conduit pipes in the bathroom with their hands : types of device , how to make

Set the basket in the bathroom with their hands
  • Why a box in the bathroom?
  • Features
  • box device options box
  • Make a box with his hands
  • Facing boxes

Why a box in the bathroom?

Every bathroom has a certain number of pipes through which the water comes.It is not always possible to hide them, so they are somewhat spoil the design.To avoid this, the builders used several ways to hide them, one of the most common - is a box.

installation box is important for luxury bathrooms, lined with unique tiles and expensive plumbing fixtures.Furthermore, all tubes in the box are available, and can be replaced periodically dye tube.Therefore the box - it's aesthetic and functional need for each tub.Taking care of installing it is necessary to advance.

Purpose box in the bathroom
Purpose box in the bathroom

Features of the device box

Box - a simple box, which are sheathed pipes.As skin may be a plasterboard, particleboard, plywood and other similar materials.It is best to use the drywall as it is quite rugged, durable and affordable building materials market.It can be painted, wallpapered or proshpaklevat.The device consists of a box structure around the pipe, which obbivat gypsum boards.The frame can be metal or wood.The choice of material is not important, the main thing to make a strong and rigid frame.

This is no big deal, and the box can be made with your own hands.You only need to correctly calculate the consumables, it is desirable that they are not in contact with the pipes.

Features of the device box in the bathroom

Options box

Depending on manufacturing materials, there are the following options boxes:

  1. From plastic panels. buy panels made of plastic are available in any store.Experts recommend to join them in a horizontal manner.First is a detailed drawing of the future product, to calculate material requirements.For such boxes need not only the panel and the frame, but also bars, screws, profiles and moldings.First, the walls are fixed vertical bars by screws.Then put one or two central bars, depending on the design.Plastic panels are cut the required length.Staplers fixed profile and baseboards, and then inserted into the panel in turn.
  2. plasterboard. first assembled and mounted on the walls of a metal frame.Plates drywall cut into desired pieces and fastened with screws to the structure.Next drywall can be treated with any material.
  3. The box-in wardrobe. Each box will occupy space of the room.If there are multiple pipes are located close to each other, they can be hidden in a box that will serve as a closet.It is possible to do several handy shelves.Make this the cabinet can be made of any material, the same drywall or plywood.The doors do not necessarily do on their own, and can be purchased at the store.
The box of plastic panels in a bathroom
The box of drywall in the bathroom
The box - in wardrobe in the bathroom

Make a box with his hands

box Make yourself quite easy.In total there are 2 circuit devices, depending on the placement of the pipe itself:

pipe in the corner of the room

To create such boxes need Profile 3, in which two strips of material to be fixed, in this case - drywall.

All work is carried out in such sequence:

  • vymeryat height of future devices on which measure out and cut three profile strips;
  • measured the width of the duct wall.If you plan to coat the wall tiles, it is better to adjust the size of a tile;
  • places are marked on the walls of two installation profiles and fix them with screws;
  • cut 2 pieces of drywall required size.They are attached to the profiles on the wall, and between the third fixed profile, which will serve as a stiffener.
Corner box in the bathroom with their hands
The box in the corner of the bathroom with his hands

pipe in the middle of the wall

In this case, the box will have three walls of plasterboard and four profiles.To give greater strength can use the additional spacers between the walls.

installation process is the following:

  • on the walls of two vertical profiles are established;
  • measured the width of the walls of the future - it is the same distance between the profiles;
  • cut two pieces of plasterboard for walls, which are fastened with screws to the profiles;
  • measured width for the future of the end wall and cut a piece of appropriate dimensions;
  • to secure the walls already installed two vertical profiles;
  • profiles bolted to the last wall.

This is the standard procedure for installing box.Of course, in some situations a deviation from the given sequence, for example, when there is a branching pipe.

Homemade duct pipe in the middle of the bathroom wall

Facing boxes

Box of drywall, plywood and other materials can be painted or wallpapered.But because the ducts is preferably set in the bathrooms, they are faced with tiles, because it is resistant to moisture and temperature fluctuations.Oblitsevat small tiles box is quite simple.It is necessary to calculate the amount of materials to buy tiles, special glue, and plastic spatula elements to fill the joints between tiles.On the surface of the duct evenly applied adhesive, which is pressed for a few seconds tiles.For cutting tiles are special tools with diamond Bulgarian krugkrugom or nozzle on the drill.

But if the sheathing frame box plastic panels of the desired color, then no cladding is required.These panels are durable, can withstand the impact of moisture and high temperatures, as well as easy to clean.

Facing a homemade box in the bathroom
Facing a box in the bathroom made ​​with their own hands

Thus, a box in the bathroom - it is a necessary device, if you do not want to spoil the interior tubes premises.Make it possible for its relatively quick and simple forces.

Homemade box in the bathroom