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August 12, 2017 18:08

Repair of circular saws : how to spend and how not to bring the machine to a state ?

Solve the problem yourself

reasons for failure can be very different.Manufacturers recommend to begin a thorough examination of the tool and try to visually identify the fault.If it has not given any result, it is necessary to proceed to disassembly.The device is rather complicated circular saw, the main task - is to reach the collector, because the main problem is with them.

collector must be removed, but it is not so simple.This should be safe to anchor the bearing and gently separate the motor armature bearing on this.This requires the use sharpened tool, which is inserted in an indentation in the middle of the motor shaft.Insert it into the recess of the instrument should be hammering until the shaft will not move.

Anchor removed and cleaned of soot and change if necessary.Next, clean the contacts collector coils.You should also check their inductance ohmmeter, and if there are faults, then contact me.Often breaking is high friction between the cheek and the holder, which leads to jamming.If this is the case of breakage, the cheeks must be installed exactly perpendicular to the holders.

Important!If you do not repair experience, it is best to include the tool in a workshop, or you may aggravate the situation.

These problems are simple to troubleshoot, and can be corrected on their own.But do not forget that the tools to guarantee strictly prohibited to open, otherwise they will void the warranty.Therefore, the saw on the guarantee shall be handed over to specialized centers.

Acute drive as a means to avoid the repair

In many respects, the quality and reliability of a circular saw dependent on the ability to sharpen disk.Poor sharpened saw results in an increased load on the tool, which reduces the service life.Signs of wear disc are: the need to put more effort at work, scorching cutting edges, strong heating of the enclosure.Sharpening circular saw, it starts from the rear surface directly on the machine.

before the next tooth mark from which to start sharpening.When sharpening the first tooth to remember the number of movements, because the remaining teeth to be processed exactly the same.If the disc is removed from the machine, it is clamped in a vice using wooden timbers.

As sharpening disc should rotate.After completing the drive is installed on the machine and carried out a trial cut unnecessary bar.If you will be attending a lot of noise and uneven material feed, it is necessary to check the teeth height.If there are protruding teeth, they must be sawed to the general level.

Note!Fine grinding is possible only on special machines.

Best Repair circular saw - is his lack

should be noted that improper use of a circular saw strong influence on the term of its performance and results in the need for emergency repairs.Even knowing how to sharpen a circular saw, not protect it from abuse.Consider how to use a circular saw to its repair had to do as little as possible:

  • must use only those drives that are suitable for this model saws;
  • All disks must be sharp, as blunt cause the engine to overheat;
  • should always check the accuracy of the installation disk and the clamp tightness;
  • In no case do not let the engine overheat.

Adhering to these simple rules, we can best protect the instrument from damage.Keep in mind that compliance with the rules of operation is much cheaper than the necessary repairs in case of breakage of the circular saw. Important! When working with a circular saw must carefully adhere to the safety rules.