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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to choose their own grinders and efficiently ?

Highlights in the selection

First we need to know what kinds there are Bulgarians and the purposes for which they are intended.Without this knowledge to buy the device is simply meaningless.First of all, they are divided into household and professional use.Consumer considered instruments with a diameter of 115-125 mm disc to perform the work in the house and in the country.They are not designed for continuous operation and have a small thickness in comparison with professional machines.

Professional tool much more powerful, and can operate for a long time without a break.Discs for them anymore - 150-180 millimeters.Selecting the grinder can be stopped and an industrial machine.Such a tool - the most powerful and, consequently, the most expensive.However, it may for several days without stopping work and use of large wheels.

When working with him provided Cut-off brushes, which provide excellent security.For example, for any reason, there is a failure in the power supply, the device will automatically shut down, and to resume his work, will have to disable and re-enable.

Note!Based on the volume of work and the purposes of the application, you should choose what is best for you Bulgarian.

What else you need to pay attention?

In order to know how to choose the grinders, it is also necessary to understand their technical characteristics.Main parameter LBM sounds like the maximum permissible size of the disk.The diameter defines the technical possibilities of the instrument: the higher it is, the more you can make the cut.Another important indicator - speed.

When calculating its main point - is the linear speed at the touch of the workpiece, it should be 80 m \ s.This means that the large discs must rotate slower than the smaller diameter disks.Therefore, many of the tools are equipped with speed control, which is very important when working at sanding and sweeping.

Another factor - power.It goes without saying that for large diameter disk capacity needed more impressive.When deciding what kind of grinders choose, remember that a lot of power, and means greater stability and durability.A few significant nuances that should be taken into account, thinking what to buy grinders:

  • soft start system eliminates the sharp start, which makes getting started a calm and safe;
  • constant speed support system allows you to keep a stable speed regardless of the applied force.

Important!It is necessary to pay special attention to protect the system from starting accidentally.

How to choose grinders without the help of consultants?

Best Bulgarian - one that is ideally suited to perform the necessary work.It should not be too strong or conversely, underpowered.In power, they are of three types: low-power (up to 900 W), medium (up to 1500W) and powerful (1500 W).When deciding what to buy grinders better, pay special attention to this issue.If you plan to work exclusively at home, then take the device, power over 900 W there is no need.

additional features to help facilitate the work of the operator, and will not be superfluous.An excellent option - it auto-balancing, which helps to avoid vibration and to do the work more efficiently.To protect the operator must have different structures in the protective measures.In the motor stator to apply anti-dust cover, dust-proof switches are used, the housing with double seal and sealed ball bearings.

Note!Naturally, all the extra features on the instrument will affect the growth of its value, so choose only really necessary options.

With all these features and specifications, you can select the tool without problems.When the campaign to the store you no longer need to go to a counselor with a request: "Advise grinders."Now you yourself know everything and can make your choice.