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August 12, 2017 18:08

Circular saw for metal - now you can not go wrong at the counter with a tool

Circular saws for aluminum - briefly about the action of the tool

In qualitative tool cutting blade has an inclination, which angle is 45-50 degrees.In addition, the unit has the ability to adjust the depth of cut.If you saw a dip, then you can start cutting from any position on the sheet.

principal difference between the circular saw for cutting metal and wood similar device for processing there.The only difference is in the discs for cutting.In the first case, it is usually selected carbide-tipped or abrasive.

solders If not, the teeth can quickly go wrong, ran into some interference, and propyl get enough even.With regard to their location, it is best to cut the metal disc with teeth passive.Such saws for aluminum cut very precisely and accurately.

Cut saw blade for metal used for cutting cast iron, steel and non-ferrous metals.Work unit may for a long time.In this machine comfortable captures the processed material.Another advantage of this tool is the ability to carry it from one room to another.

Saw disk manual metal - parameters


As for the instrument device, it consists of a cutting blade (at an angle), engine guard, swivel fence, clamping flanges.The principle of operation of such saws is like to work jigsaw, only instead of directly cutting blade mounted circle.

In order to make the right choice, you need to know about some parameters tool.Mainly used in the home saw Circular hand on metal.Suitable option is chosen on the following parameters: power, performance, ergonomics, cutting depth adjustment, the ability to change the cutting discs.

power of this equipment can range from 550 W to 2.2 kW.It depends on what functions are performed by the tool, and it depends on the material with which you will work, and the size of the cutting circle.The higher the capacity of the unit, so it is faster to cope with the task, and the work will be able to much longer.

Circular Saw on metal - how to make a bargain?

When choosing need to pay attention to the mechanism for fixing the cutting circles.Fundamental differences in the structure of that element is not, so you need to look at the quality and the size of the bore and the outer diameter (depends on the maximum possible value of the blade).Hooking circle for cutting can be a key or a screwdriver.There are already as you prefer.

Next, you need to inspect the base plate on which is placed the material being processed.High-quality platform allows to cut metal at any angle, and good fixation can adjust the depth of cut.

also on the base plate may be present mechanism for the stop.It allows you to cut perfectly parallel lines on the material.

Well, if the base plate can be attached to the bench.Particular attention should be paid and the security.Each saw must be equipped with protective cover.And it moves automatically: when cutting is removed, and if you turn off falls into place.

also be present mechanism further protection against a sudden turn to, for example, to turn on the need to press two buttons in a certain sequence.It is advisable to have attended a special opening tool, to which it would be possible to connect a vacuum cleaner.