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August 12, 2017 18:07

Principle of operation and types of submersible centrifugal pumps

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principle of operation of submersible pumps

Operation of centrifugal pumps used for water wells, proceeds according to the following scheme: a wheel rotation contributes to the development of kinetic energy, which falls on the blade.

Centrifugal force moves the fluid in the area of ​​the wheel into the housing, and instead accumulates at a certain pressure the new water.

incessant rotation of the wheel and promotes fluid transition that before pushing into the hole is pressed against the wall.The pump becomes less pressure at the inlet and at the wheel the other way around - comes to high values.The advantage of this type of equipment in a continuous liquid feed.

The submersible centrifugal pump for wells

Types of submersible pumps

submersible pumps to be divided into a plurality of classes.Pumps are classified according to their use, features or essential characteristics.Most popular among the self-priming pumps, as well as the normal suction type.Such an apparatus may comprise a plurality of stages, or be single-stage.Because of its properties are self-priming units can operate in water with a high content of gas.

The most popular varieties of pumps are:

  • single-stage pumps are horizontal, having a form of the console.Used to work with different liquids, which are similar in chemical composition to the water;
  • horizontal pumps with a lot of steps contribute to the creation of high pressures in the presence of a small flow of liquid;
  • sand.This kind of "dredgers" required to work with the waste water of an industrial character;
  • sewage pumps are required to pump liquids with a large number of polluting particles.

Submersible pumps are divided as to:

  • semisubmersible
  • submersible.

The first group is characterized by the comfort of the equipment maintenance and ease of use, however, for their installation, you must be very careful and observe the mandatory requirements.Otherwise, the equipment will not guarantee correct operation.Semi-submersible pumps type it is advisable to mount on flat ground wells.

The submersible centrifugal pump for wells

Another thing submersible pumps.This type of equipment is ready for installation on absolutely any surface, and the installation will not be any difficulties.Even a layman can properly install such a device.One disadvantage of this device is the sensitivity of the pump to the presence of large particles in water.

repair of centrifugal pumps

Modern pumps are used to work on the wells, are high-quality equipment, which is designed for long-lasting and relatively high loads.However, it does happen that the device suddenly stops functioning, thus violating the entire water supply scheme in the house.Often it is not known which element of the device made off.In this regard, the question arises: why should begin diagnosis?

First and foremost, check that rotates freely shaft of the electric motor with the impeller.This element is jammed when struck by foreign objects.If these items are not detected in time, be sure to burn the stator winding of an electric induction motor.

If the shaft is all right, gather the lower part of the engine, but disassemble the upper part by placing the pump vertically.This situation will save you from leaking oil.Remove the cover by unscrewing the screws.In the eyes comes the start capacitor, as well as a bundle of wires.To help give the scheme.

Driving the starting capacitor

Take in the hands of a multimeter and use it to make resistance measurements on the windings of the electric motor.Start winding resistance should be equal to 35-40 ohms, and working - 10-15 ohms.If the resistance is infinity is possible to diagnose a malfunction, as the winding cliff.Too little resistance suggests that there winding interturn internal circuit.

If you can not figure out how to repair the submersible pump, it is better seek professional help.

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