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August 12, 2017 18:06

What is the best paint to use to cover the parquet - Recommendations

varnish Given the complexity of certain of laying (in contrast to many other types of flooring), its repair will result in much more trouble than it requires systematic proper care.

such traditional materials used for the surface treatment of wood flooring as mastic, wax and many others have become less and less used.Basically, buyers prefer to use paints.They last longer and give the floors more attractive.

But whether any paint from the entire range of relevant products can be used in a particular room?How to make the right choice for the lacquer coating parquet?To figure it out, you should know how they differ from each other.

Types varnishes


Their basis - the respective resin.


  • ability to process wood without priming it.
  • Resistance to rapid changes in the value of humidity, ambient temperature.
  • High adhesion (quality of "coupling" with the treated surface).


  • pungent smell.In the process of working with such paints in the room should be an effective ventilation.
  • Have adhesive properties.If you get in excess joints flooring in large quantities battened together so that subsequently replacing any of them can be difficult.Therefore, these lacquers is recommended to apply carefully with a thin layer.

recommendation - should be used for flooring in kitchens, hallways, on loggias, verandas and the like.

Lac- for - parquet


are produced on the basis of oil resin.


  • penetrate deeply into the structure of the material that promotes wood.
  • not glue boards.
  • not change its properties under the influence of mechanical loads and weather conditions.


  • feature compositions that during the processing of wood high-quality drying of the applied layer is not possible if the indoor temperature is high.It is necessary to artificially lower.
  • Wear resistance is extremely low.
  • Apply only a very thin layer, otherwise avoid the appearance of cracks on the surface of the mesh.

Recommendation - can not be used in areas with intense movement of people or goods.It is best suited for furniture, flooring - except in rooms where people move a little (for example, a bedroom, an office).

When choosing a need to clarify the equity ratio of the components.The less white spirit as a part of the lacquer, the better (such products are less toxic).



They also called anhydrous.


  • Resistance to abrasion, liquids, ultraviolet.
  • Increased adhesion.
  • dries quickly, reducing repair time.
  • elasticity, so layer cracking due to thermal deformation of wood it is possible.


  • application only on a completely dry basis.If the timber is characterized by a high percentage of humidity, it is not necessary to apply.
  • When the solvent evaporates, so in enclosed spaces such lacquers can not work.

Recommendation - can be used in any room, so the experts consider them the most suitable for wood flooring, especially where a large movement of people there.


Such coatings are readily soluble with water.They differ in the percentage of solvents.


  • lak715889163 High adhesion.
  • low price.
  • Almost no smell.
  • Such varnishes can not be burning.
  • Have sufficient elasticity.


  • Increased abrasion floors.Increase the strength of the layer can be achieved by the introduction of the specific special additives.But the specifics of the application at the same time creates some difficulties.For example, it is necessary to humidify the room (50%).
  • Application - just roll.Any other devices in the form of brushes, sponges, and the like are not suitable.

recommendation - well suited for treatment of floors in closed rooms, as you can not worry about the quality ventilation.Suitable for any room, but do not have to count with all the "cons" on long operation of such floors.



This is a separate type of product, which is used if necessary.In some cases:

  • to improve the adhesion of;
  • floor if necessary to achieve color uniformity over the entire area;
  • at risk of moisture on the floorboard;
  • in preparation for coating parquet lacquer with "adhesive" properties.The soil will prevent the board from "setting" with each other;
  • if the flooring is made of wood, which can be in service to allocate resin.In this case, the ground plays a role of a "bushing";
  • when you need to reduce consumption of "primary" varnish as primer eliminates its absorption into the structure of the material being processed.

Recommendation - the choice of compositions (soil and "finish" coating), make sure they are compatible.

expediency of use of a lacquer is determined by many factors, so specific, uniform guidelines for the selection can not be.But here are some general rules exist.

What accounted

  • parquet Purpose room, the intensity of the movement of people.
  • Maximum load on the floor.
  • possibility of contact with the surface of aggressive substances.
  • lacquer Resistant to liquids, UV.
  • application method.
  • What type should be given the floor - leave without changes the texture of wood or shade, to make the surface gloss or semi-gloss, and so on.

no sense to list the entire range of compositions for the surface treatment of wood flooring.The most famous are the varnishes of German, Italian and Swedish producers.Professionals recommend to pay attention to nail HOLZ DÉCOR 2K (Germany).It will provide operation floorboard at least for 10 years.Well established such varnishes as «LOBA», BONA, FORBO.

The price range is quite large, as well as the range of products.But the cost of individual banks, canisters little about what to say, as the volume of purchases depends on the flow of a particular material.It is therefore appropriate to provide data, will have to spend much money on processing of 1 m2 of parquet in some kind of lacquer.

  • Water - from 100 to 410 rubles.
  • Alkyd - from 95 to 180 rubles.
  • Polyurethane - from 270 to 360 rubles.

somehow pick - Lac- for - parquet

Useful tips

quality of any product is not determined by the "brand" and the observance of technology and raw materials used in production.Practice shows that quite often under different names loud hiding one and the same product.

Keep in mind that the cost of a good product will pay off over the long maintenance-free operation of the parquet.Therefore, it is hardly worth buying paints at too low a price, if in a year and a half have to do everything again.

once selected varnish If Manufacturer (Seller) too actively promotes the dignity of some products, it is worth a closer look closely, but as with other characteristics?

universal remedy does not exist, so it is often a significant "plus" something one turns "minus" to the other.Therefore, you should immediately determine what varnish property must be a priority, but not at the expense of others.

to the floor as long as possible look new is to use semi-matt (matt) varnish.Formulations providing gloss, in high traffic areas will fade, and the entire floor in those areas covered by spots.In addition, the matte good "camouflage" floorboard defects or deficiencies of its installation.