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August 12, 2017 18:07

Drainage suburban area - the main rules of the system arrangement

In which case you should think about drainage on the site?

Drainage needs to be done in the event that the ground water at a depth of 2.5 meters from the ground level - so it is sprouting roots of trees.If the depth of the groundwater below, drainage is not necessary.Determine the depth can be empirically - drill pilot holes.

can enter and easier - to find out from neighbors how things are, or look at the state of the trees - if high Kroon feels great, you can calm down.If the soil is clay, flat or land is on a slope and it rapidly drained water during snowmelt - drainage device mandatory.

Organize correct workflow

drainage device in the country has its own peculiarities:

  • performed before planter and development - need to remove the large amount of land;
  • Works must be preceded by the calculation;
  • sure drainage wells are arranged for the audit system;
  • slope toward the spillway observed from 2 to 10 mm, a pipe wrapped with geotextile, and sprinkled with gravel trench.

First of all, you need to determine the slope of the site - to see where the water flows after rain.Drainage in the country with their own hands is quite possible to do using simple tools and materials:

  • rail to verify the installation level of the pipe;
  • shovel;
  • garden wheelbarrow;
  • knife for cutting tubes;
  • tamping;
  • drains - plastic pipe with holes;
  • corners for pipes;
  • rotary shafts;
  • geotextiles;
  • rubble.

Drainage consists of basic and additional drainage ditches and drainage basin - ditches or wells.The main focus of the trench on the watershed, further laid them "Christmas tree."That is the main trench must end in the drainage ditch or pit, and they need to be placed in view of the future of the house and the garden, leaving a place for them.

stages of organization of the drainage system at the cottage

After marking the need to dig trenches.In clay soil - about 70 cm deep in loam - about 90 cm, and in sand - of about one meter.How to drain properly? First of all, you need to comply with the required slope. Each meter system bias towards the catchment should be from 2 to 10 mm.If the flat section - slope should be greater if there is a natural inclination - less.

Then you need to wait a heavy rain, or fill the entire system with water and check every site - whether water drains well.All areas where water stagnates, it is necessary to deepen and correct.This step is time consuming, but necessary, properly arranged system running smoothly for years to come.

then determine how to make the drainage of the country - open or closed manner, ie thicken the trench and leave them open without pipes or drains laid still and close the system.Open systems can use with a lack of funds, then to finish.

drainage device at their summer cottage in full suggests the final stage - wrapping geotextile tubes, the connection sections and corners joining the turning wells.I am sure that the pipe is laid in a bed of crushed stone - so the water flows without obstruction.On sale there are pipes, already wrapped in geotextile - it shortens the time.

top of the pipe and is filled with rubble, and on top - a layer of earth mound, the earth settles, and the surface leveled.Drainage suburban area with their hands takes time and effort, but it pays off flowering overlooking the site, the ability to build and grow anything, and wonderful time spent with family and friends.

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