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August 12, 2017 18:08

Repairing laminate - eliminate cracks , scratches and scrapes

repair laminate with shallow and deep scratches

One of the most common problems - is the emergence of many small scratches, which are formed from dust and sand.Also, the coating is damaged from the heels. good agent is a wax pencil to correct these defects. It is designed specifically for this purpose, it is available in various shades.Before coating paint them, you need to clean up the base, and then to hold a pencil on a given site.At the final stage of the surface of a conventional polish with a dry cloth.

Deep scratches may appear due to the movement of furniture, falling heavy objects. In such cases, use a special putty (sold in stores).To begin well cleaned surface from dirt and dust, then gently apply the mixture with a spatula.Excess composition is removed with a damp cloth and then a dry cloth.After processing the restored area it can not be touched for at least an hour.

also often many consumers question arises - how to carry out the repair of laminate flooring, if there are abrasions?They are, incidentally, are formed at the entrance and in the places where they often move the furniture.Recover laminate can in this case using a typical wax.It is also applied to the base, wait until it dries, and polish the treated area.But to do so will have during each cleaning coating.If this option does not suit you, you can do differently.Shabby place treated with sandpaper and varnish.

Recovery laminate floors have risen at

Sometimes it happens that under the influence of some factors (humidity, temperature) laminate coating begins to expand.This may occur due to the fact that during the technological gap (which must be present) was not provided for the laying.Thus, there is a "swelling" of the floor.The only possible solution is to create enough space for the expansion of coverage (ie, removal of tension).

You can do this in two ways.The first - the substrate is removed, which is available between the laminate and the base.If the problem persists, then take out the strips, which are against the wall and cut them by 10 mm.Then attach the back.That is, create additional space for future expansion of the coating.But in general, of course, it is better to think about it in advance, even at the stage of installation.

How to Repair a laminate when a squeak and gaps?

Often the question arises - how to fix the laminate, if there were cracks and creaking?Such defects are observed when mounting brackets with lock.And they appear due to the displacement of some sections of flooring.They are struggling with slits as well as scratches.Disguises them with a wax or completely change the damaged area.New strips, instead of the old, fixed with glue (not locked) for greater reliability.In some cases, use self-tapping screws.

As can be seen from the above, the repair kit for laminate includes glue and screws.In the case where there are breaks, it is impossible to restore the straps have to change them.Do this as follows: partially disassembled coat, clean the damaged part and put the new ones.It is important to take care of at the stage of purchase to strap you have in stock.

Note! If you want to laminate the restoration was carried out as little as possible, to carry out initially correctly paving (Observe all the technical clearances).Also be careful when operating.