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August 12, 2017 18:07

Plaster on expanded polystyrene, a reliable method of protection cover

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few words about plasters for polystyrene

plaster for expanded polystyrene looks dry composition based on cement.It is used both for internal and external works.Applied on top of ponepolistirolnyh plates with special technology.Manufactured in accordance with GOST, sanitary-epidemiological conclusion and a certificate confirming its reliability and high quality.

of the basic properties of the material recovered: excellent adhesion, high strength, frost resistance, water resistance, elasticity.These characteristics applied coating can withstand almost any weather patterns and different extreme reliability.That is why such a plaster with proper application is able to stay on the basis of many years.

method for preparing plaster

Special plaster, under which is extruded polystyrene, has a number of protective functions.Namely: it protects from excessive UV exposure, mechanical damage, temperature differences.This plaster is usually used in two cases: grid bonding (a required element in the decoration of polystyrene) and to create a leveling coating.

method of mixing is always indicated on the packaging manufacturer.The solution was poured to render the walls of the packaging container, and warm water was gradually added (with an temperature from +15 to + 20 ° C).The process solution is stirred.As a result, should get a creamy mass without lumps.Can be used for mixing the mixer or drill with a special nozzle at a rotational speed of 400-800 rev / min.After (5 minutes) and kept stirred again paused.

technology application

Decorating the house facade involves several stages.But in any case, at first polystyrene is mounted under the plaster.Next, put a grid with a mesh size 5x5 mm.To attach it applies universal plaster total of 2-3 mm thickness.grid evenly rolled roll across the surface and the edges 5 centimeters is left free.Such gaps will later be used to form the joints.

Note!The grid is important to choose such that it is resistant to alkaline formulations.

After net glued to the surface, it begin to smooth trowel or metal spatula.The composition should cure and dry for 24 hours.Then begin to grout using a trowel (preferably plastic), on which the abrasive cloth must be attached.Grout is done in a circular motion.At the final stage begin to level the surface of the plaster.

Plastering of walls is carried out using the same composition.Wide trowel applied layer, the total thickness of 2-3 mm.Some days the coating dries and becomes floating by, the above technology (circular motion).Then plaster primed and cover with another layer of plaster.

Note!All of the above it is important to work in appropriate conditions - in calm and dry weather.The air temperature must be between + 5 ° to + 35 ° C.Humidity should also not be too high.

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