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August 12, 2017 18:07

What kinds of paint brush is ?

Types of paint brushes

complete set of paint brushes includes several varieties.It is flat, double, filenochnye, hammers finishing, stippling brush, brush-bench-and-brush ceiling brushes.We describe each of them.

  • Flat brush paint (and KP) designed for painting surfaces, varnish, primers.Has nine sizes - from 35 th to 100 th, that is the width of the handle.The length of the entire instrument can be 21-25 cm. However, the main indicator of quality is the bristles, which is to be spun and have a conical shape.
  • brushes-bench- (or round paint brushes, KRO, KR, cattle) intended for priming and painting small areas.It is better to use them for slow-drying formulations (preferably with no volatile solvents).The length of the entire instrument can be 20-28 cm. Bristles should also be spun with a mixture of synthetic fibers of about 30%.This tool is highly resistant to various aggressive substances.
  • brush flight feathers (or IM) are used for dyeing, washing, whitewashing.Suitable for larger areas than the previous.They have a high resistance to various solvents, hot water and aggressive substances.They are made of natural hair with 30% addition of synthetics.
  • hammers finishing brush (or CF) are intended for the treatment of already applied layers, ie smooth traces of coarser brushes.It can also be used alone (when you need to apply a layer of gloss).Often this tool nine sizes - from 25 th to 100 th.
  • brushes, ceiling brushes (or CMA) are only used for aqueous formulations (ie, paints and other mixtures, diluted with water).Bristles generated from cow's hair, and synthetics 50/50.Further fleytsovka not needed when using these tools.
  • stippling brushes (or & m), designed to create a rough-matte surface, are used only on colored grounds.
  • Filenochnye brush (FCCP) is also needed for finishing work to create panels (narrow strips of paint).Most often, this effect is used at the junctions of surfaces that have different colors.

Recommended use

Before you begin decorating, make sure that the paint brush, GOST 10597-87, was of sufficient quality.Bristles should be closely adjacent to the handle, and the hairs do not fall out.Next, prepare the base of the ceiling or walls.It must be clean and dry.If you will be whitewashing, the solution should be applied a few times.First, toward the window, and then diagonally.

It is important to always keep the tool in a perpendicular position.In order to prevent the composition on the hands and face, brush can be worn on a part of the cut plastic bottle or half a rubber ball.This will create a semi-circle, which will keep the excess solution.For a more uniform application of the composition to the surface often wear tassels on top of a nylon stocking.

When painting the walls of the movement is carried out vertically from bottom to top.

few words about leaving

For a paint brush, as well as for any other tool, you need to take care of properly.After any composition it must be cleaned, so tell you about how to remove the most common solutions. dried paint can be removed by lowering the brush in a container of kerosene, turpentine or ammonia.The adhesive ink may be washed off with warm water and soda.

Everything is quite simple.Soda is lowered into the water, then there is placed a brush.Thereafter, it is necessary to properly dry.If all of the above methods do not help, you need to boil instrument detergent.Then bristles disconnect any thin object (ie, the "comb" them).In the last step properly dried.