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August 12, 2017 18:07

When will give heating in Grozny in 2015

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As Grozny prepares for the heating season 2015?When

include heating in Grozny, there should be no problems in the heating system.City authorities understand this, and so today continued careful preparations for the winter.At the June meeting, the mayor's office announced that the repair of the heating system in the current year allocated more than 160 million rubles.Already fully repaired almost all the mileage of transmission lines, substations renovated.Coming to an end, and repairs to boiler city, replacing the heating ducts.

Replacement of the pipeline in Grozny

All cities must be prepared for the heating season, when in Grozny will give heating.There shall be no failures in the system.Therefore, the city authorities have formed more than 15 mobile teams, which number more than 65 people.This rapid response team, in possession of more than 20 pieces of equipment.In case of accidents during the winter, they will immediately be prevented.

Grozny residents actively start wondering when to give heating in 2015.The apartments every day cold, and the authorities do not name a specific date.Traditionally heat in Grozny to promise in mid-October, and while there is a check of the heating system, and eliminates all kinds of crashes.

Grozny residents are waiting for the heat supply

From that graph of heat flow depends?

Dates inclusion of heating systems in Grozny depend on a variety of factors, chief among them:

  • availability of funds for the timely launch of the heating;
  • deadlines repair and maintenance work with the system.

Grozny city administration has allocated in 2015 for the repair and maintenance of heating systems 160 700 000 rubles.

today to start heating 97% of consumers are prepared.Repair and preventive measures are carried out on time.

Check the heating system in Grozny

supply heating Priority Grozny

Traditionally, the first heat will have social institutions:

  • school;
  • kindergartens;
  • orphanage;
  • medical institutions;
  • nursing homes.

Once they will be provided with heat, the heating system will start in residential buildings.The last will be connected to heat industrial premises.

optimum temperature in the living room

If you have doubts about the quality of service housing heating systems, make temperature measurements in the flat areas.Optimal for SanPin should be such indicators:

room temperature Celsius
optimal permissible
Spaces 20-22 18-24
Kitchen 19-21 18-26
WC 19-21 18-26
Bathroom 24-26 18-26
Corridor 18-20 16-22
Entrance, staircase 16-18 14-20
Pantry 16-18 12-22

What if the heating was not given

Find out with whom you have signed a contract for the supply of heat.This may be as a management company and teplokommunenergo directly.There could be required to recalculate for the improper provision of services.

By law, heating can be turned off in a month for 24 hours (total for all days).At the same time continuously heat can not be more than 16 hours (if in a residential area and 12 above), no more than 8 hours (if the house is 10-12 degrees Celsius) (if 8-10 degrees temperature) and no more than 4 hours.

If these general rules are not met, for each hour of service refusal (total amount for the whole period), payment for heating will decrease by 0.15%.

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