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August 12, 2017 18:07

Thresholds for laminate - little things for the home aesthetics

thresholds for laminate - the types and characteristics

This nut is a trim strip.The metal strip is of several types: Corner with rubber insert (used for steps, stairways), piping (applicable for tight pressing of two types of coatings having different heights), or single-level joint lining (for pressing the coating sibling).

thresholds for laminate made of different materials, but the most in demand and widely applicability sills made of aluminum, brass or steel.Metal nut covered with a special film that mimics the silver, gold and even wood.Plastic, rubber and wooden sills are also used, but they have less durability and efficiency.

nut between the tile and laminate - purpose and principle of the use

Many dishes are divided into working and dining area.Miscellaneous flooring accentuate this division: ceramic tile is placed in the work area, and laminate - in the dining.With this embodiment, the joint between the floor covering different materials can not be avoided.

feature of the transition between the tile and the laminate is that the joints between them must always be performed with a small gap.This gap compensates for thermal expansion of the laminate and tile with fluctuations in humidity and temperature, and the kitchen is common.

To hide the seam and completely level the difference in height between the materials used nut, better the metal, because the transition will work harder.For such a transition is better to use a T-shaped cover to its base is inserted into the gap.

thresholds for laminate - fastening methods

There are two ways of fastening metal Nut flush and surface.The most common external fixation pads.This process is to fix a threshold to the ground with dowels or screws.Almost all porozhki pre-marked and have symmetrical holes for dowels.Through these holes is very convenient to make the marks on the ground.

After marking the cement to be drilled in the bottom of the hole for the dowels, if the wooden base, you can fasten the nut straight to the floor with screws.Screws can be spun as a screwdriver and a screwdriver.

Hidden method is to fix the nut to the flooring with a special glue or liquid nails.Such a method is more labor intensive, but at the same time more aesthetically pleasing, since the fasteners are not visible.But to secure the threshold between the tile and laminate flooring in direct juncture, it is better to use an external attachment method.

Junction of different types of flooring can also be arcuate.In this situation, the nut between the tile and laminate flooring has to arch an arc radius of one seam.This will require a special tool.Bends must be smooth, in any case, not twist the cover, and it constantly try to seam.

Such porozhki better to paste into the gap.To do this, fill the joint with glue and put there foot T-shaped pad.Laying laminate without thresholds with the transition to a ceramic tile will be too evident, so it is best to use the metal cover, the more so because it is inexpensive.