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August 12, 2017 18:07

Tile stoves and fireplaces : everything you need to know

Types and use of

for facing fireplaces and furnaces used many different tiles, but the most popular is a ceramic, which in some cases is simply irreplaceable.Use the following tiles for the fireplace:

  • Majolica - a molded material coated with glaze with different designs;
  • Tiles - ceramic material without glaze;
  • clinker - tile from heterogeneous types of clay with additives;
  • Porcelain tiles - a modern material for lining with properties similar to those of natural stone.

main component of ceramic clay acts.Depending on its type, it adds natural components takes place as follows: the ingredients are compressed to a pressure of 500 kg / cm2 and fired at 1040-1300 degrees Celsius +.In connection with this heating device efficiency does not decrease, but the heating time increased somewhat.Further advantages, besides the thermal conductivity and heat capacity, - a rigid surface, fire resistance and durability of coatings.

Note!Experts advise to do facing the fireplace or stove is not only for aesthetic reasons, but for safety reasons.All seams and cracks in laying smeared that gives the flue gases to penetrate into the room.

This tile is versatile and can be used not only for fireplaces and stoves.Also, it is successfully used for mounting on facades, terraces, exterior and interior walls.It is well tolerated temperature fluctuations, strong, figure, and the color does not fade in the sun and resistant to mechanical stress.

main factors when choosing

Facing tiles for the fireplace has specific differences from simple tiles, so its quality standards are also different.Really high-quality material for lining furnaces must meet all of the technical parameters of thermal expansion.Unique, reliable and high-quality tiles must have the following qualities and characteristics:

  • Sustainability;
  • durability;

Note!Quality ceramic tile stoves and fireplaces should last for several decades.To be sure of its quality, be sure to check the certificates.

  • high quality of the material from which it is produced;
  • Resistance to sudden changes in temperature;
  • varied design;
  • combination with plastic, wood, metal.

If you select to pay attention to all these qualities, and check the certificate, the chances of buying a functional, durable, versatile, beautiful and reliable tile increase significantly.This, in turn, will save you from many of the problems inherent in cheaper products, for example, occurrence of cracking or chipping.

Getting Started

Decorating of fireplace tiles from other types of tiling is no different.Note, however, that the lining of fireplaces tiles require the use of special adhesives.To finish amiss glue, resistant to high temperatures, or heat-resistant sealant.All these adhesives composed of the elastic contain additives which promote smoothing of the deformation arising due to uneven expansion and wall bases under heating.

order for ceramic tiles for the fireplace safely and properly laid down on the surface, it is necessary to carry out surface preparation.To do this, it is cleaned of dirt, made recess seams masonry bricks 1 centimeter.masonry surface is cleaned of dust and mortar splashes.If previously fireplace or stove painted, the paint is removed with a brush or fitted by a wire mesh with a mesh of 15 to 15 centimeters.After this heating device is ready for veneering.

Tip!Before the start of finish on the surface it is recommended to partition, for a smooth and correct laying.