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August 12, 2017 18:07

Roof overhang : count sizes are building construction , design binder

Specific characteristic eaves of the roof

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in the construction industry are two types of overhangs:

  • gables
  • Cornice

Mounting the eaves is made and described in detail on the video in the next tab:

gables overhang hasproperty in the side gable Cornice - under the slopes of the roof.Dedicated overhangs are basic after them are the following types:

  • overhang eaves flush
  • overhang eaves outdoor
  • overhang eaves indoor
  • gables overhang: with exposed rafters and flush

If rafter does not protrude beyond the front section of the wall, constructedadditional water draining from the roof fasteners.The downside gable overhangs considered open top portions of the walls.Overhang flush provides a width of 60 centimeters.

Outdoor cornice overhang provides the rafters to the walls, and its drain device is fitted to the side of the rafters.It can be attached to the upper side.

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Importantly outdoor type cornice difficult to find in high-rise buildings, multi-storey buildings, is often used in the construction of private homes.

Closed overhangs are overhangs and a specific slot inside accommodating the additional casing in the form of spotlights.Closed eaves provides ventilation openings.

Pediment cornice bears the main goal - protecting.He designed and flush, and may extend beyond the level of the wall.When ledge pediment roof overhang is sheathed.The width of its design - 500 millimeters.

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Filing the eaves of the roof: recommended materials

recommends the following construction funds, the most suitable binder roof overhang:

  • Molded with wood veneer;
  • Cutting board;
  • Steel galvanized;
  • aluminum sheets;
  • plastic lining;
  • polymer or metal siding;
  • soffits.

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course, binding overhang of natural wood is the most environmentally friendly choice.Blackboard is used mostly 1.7-2 cm thick.Tolerance - 12 millimeters.Wooden board processed repellent.

worth noting water-repellent treatment means not give an absolute guarantee of preservation of wood.The moisture that gets to the surface, eventually leading to the destruction of or damage to the binder boards overhang.

Molded wood must be durable, waterproof and heat resistant qualities.Before applying battens keep the street, bringing it to a moisture to the environment.Additional air flows subsequently through the ventilation grate.

thickness of the steel plates is an average of 7 mm.Used and perforated sheets.Eliminate possible future corrosion by coating with special means.

thickness aluminum sheets - 6 mm, their surface is pre-treated with anti-corrosion agent.They are fixed construction snaps.

Siding is used as a kind of plastic lining.Used vinyl and metal.The most durable metal is considered, the main thing - time to process it from corrosion.Vinyl is considered inefficient to use.

Using spotlights: the main characteristics of

soffits referred to siding.Many consider him immune to external atmospheric manifestations.It has the main difference - the presence of special ecological and perforations.Filing the eaves of the main spotlight is not constructive values, rather their role is in the filing of the cornice for a more attractive appearance of the facade of the building.

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Classification spotlight:

  • With the absence of perforation, or solid (used for filing gable eaves)
  • Perforated soffits (used for bituminous roofing and in combination with unprofiled materials)
  • soffits with a central perforation (usedfor all types of overhangs)

Benefits binder eaves of the spotlight:

  1. soffits incendive
  2. easy to install
  3. have long-term use
  4. They give overhang aesthetic (especially when combined with vinyl siding)

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Ventilation installation eaves

overhang of the roof and its proper filing associated installation rafters.Incorrect overhang design causes it to overload of bad weather.It is important to carefully approach the issue of fastening and connection of rafters.Very popular heating systems for lighting precipitation and their rapid elimination from the drain pipes.Long-term truss design provides proper ventilation system, consisting of a special air holes.They are the following:

  1. built into the eaves of the roof binder
  2. having an opening between the lights and the wall of the building

It is important to use a binder "breathable" materials (eg, tile sheets with holes in their surface).

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More complete information is contained in the video on the next tab