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August 12, 2017 18:08

Proper sharpening drill on concrete sds


  • 1 Tips for sharpening drill at home
  • 2 methods of sharpening drills on a concrete
    • 2.1 The procedure works

Boer concrete called a drill specially designed cuttingpart of which is made of alloys, which are based on tungsten and titanium.The drill is designed to drill such a construction brick, concrete, stone and marble.Properly sharpened drill sds pledge rapid drilling and economy.At the same time the drill has two functions: it acts as a twist drill, breaking material as a chisel.

most often drill in concrete are soldered to the rod tip of carbide material.

Unlike drills for concrete and stone, drill sds plus is used when working with the hammer.Force acting on the tool, not only in the plane of rotation but also the impact force.Bur works in very harsh conditions.

In the process, any blunts cutting tools, including drills, and drills.Tools heat up, drilling time increases.In
punch drill tests also the impact load, and the question is how to sharpen a drill on concrete.

few tips in the process of drilling, allows the prolongation of the drill work on concrete:

    1.Postoyanno follow instrument heat, preventing it from overheating.
    2. When drilling tiles, do not use punch mode.
    3.Nagrevshiysya drill or drill is not sharp dip in the cool water.

Tips for sharpening drill at home

Before you learn how to sharpen a drill or drill on concrete, it is necessary to clarify the main features of the design tool.
working edge of the drill is formed by conversion of the front and rear face.The angle between the front edge and the axis of the drill is 30º.In the angle between the rear face and the axis of the drill is equal to the value of 60º.
Workers drill edges must form an angle of 120º.

It looks like a sharpened drill

It looks like a sharpened drill

Argued that the drill sds + Concrete does not require sharpening and replaced by a new one after the full depreciation.This version is particularly strongly support workers construction tool shops.
But learning to properly sharpen a drill or a drill, you make sure that the drill work life can be significantly extended.

Sharpening drills is to specify the desired shape of the cutting edge of the drill.
have sharpened drill, and front and rear faces.

With the introduction of the drill into the material should only cutting edge of the tool, and does not touch the surface of the treated part of the rear of the drill.
rear surface of the drill at any given drilling operation must have a gap with the treated surface.
Otherwise, the instrument is not only bad drills, but quickly warms up, blunts, destroyed.

Important tips on how to properly sharpen a drill for metal.

methods of sharpening drills on a concrete

How to sharpen a drill to punch and how?The winner is a very strong alloy and a conventional sandpaper with a stone can not be high-quality sharpening.
properly sharpen a drill or a drill for concrete can only be on the diamond or abrasive wheels made of silicon carbide or CBN. highly recommended to buy diamond grinding wheel for sharpening tools it for long enough and the tool is sharp.

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The procedure works

circle must be installed on grinding machines.Sharpening Sharpening to operate in strict compliance with safety regulations.Thrust bearing is installed with a minimum clearance, the work is done without gloves, eye protection special shield or goggles.

Before sharpening necessary peripheral surface of the circle corrected using CBN inserts, ie to align the grinding surface of the stone.

Before proceeding to answer the question of how to sharpen a drill for concrete in the home, consider in detail the sharpening process.

Drill with an insert for work on concrete

drill with insert for work on concrete

We perform standard sharpening drill bits for concrete.
attaching the device, put it on a drill, is supplied to the surface of the grinding stone so that the cutting edge is parallel to the plane of the grinding stone.
sharpen both edges, controlling their symmetry to the light and the angle between them at 120º.

proceed to sharpen the leading edges
drill rests with the device that provides an angle of 30º.The drill is applied to the sharpened stone plane at an angle of 30º and the front edge is sharpened.
Turning to 180º Drill, sharpen and a second front face.
Now we must take to drill sharpened stone surface at an angle of 60º.This is achieved by laying the drill to another part of the device.

Sharpening rear edges are the same way.
If after sharpening you get cutting edge of various sizes, sharpening should be repeated in full.

To fully understand the sharpening process Sharpening view instructional videos.

With Sharpening clear.And you can take advantage of end of life for a diamond disc grinder.
But to sharpen drill grinder on, the last to be carefully fastened.

To ensure high-quality drill sharpening machine must be equipped with thrust bearings, which should be based on the drill while sharpening.Thrust bearing can be a piece of the corner, is firmly fixed on the grinder or table.If

diamond blade grinders do not get on, then it's easy to fix, performing complex manipulation not shown in the video on sharpening drill.

When sharpening is necessary to give the rear surface of the drill required shape.
have drills to sharpen the cutting edges, and the rear surface is removed.Any point of the rear surface of the drill should not touch the material being treated.

few words about the devices

Adaptations can be made not only from a block of wood, but from the corner.The main objective is to sharpen the drill was applied to the sharpening plane with the right angles.
By the way, out of the corner devices are more accurate, reliable and durable.
When sharpening does not require special precision angles aging.But the symmetry and size of the cutting edges should be observed.
Good luck to you!Dare.