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August 12, 2017 18:06

Siphon for washing machine : built-in and other species.installation Steps

Connect the washing machine to the water supply and sewerage
  • Purpose
  • Types
    • Combined
    • Separate (external and built-in)
  • Nuances connect the washing machine to drain
  • Installation Steps
  • What should be taken into account during installation, additional details
  • Features connection to the sink
  • Subtleties choice siphons

Washing machine in the bathroom is a necessary thing in the house, because it helps to save time and effort on washing.For normal operation of the machine, it must be correctly connected to water and sanitation.It is possible to install a washing machine without having to call a specialist, you need only read some of the recommendations.If they fully adhere to the installation of the washing machine does not take much time.Before installing the equipment to be purchased trap, because it acts as a water seal.

Plastic siphon


Many people believe that the main purpose of a siphon, which is used to connect the washing machine is in the output water. But this device is also intended for other purposes:

  • Siphon ensures proper operation of sewage , using a water barrier.It allows you to forget about the bad smell in the room where the machine is mounted machine gun.Many consumers do not pay attention to this feature is the sewer odors do not penetrate into their home.Replacing the siphon to help cope with the problem.
  • device collects all debris and details that during washing get into the system, and prevents them from entering the sewer pipes.Siphon prevents clogging of the drain, because to make a regular cleaning of the pipes is problematic.Sometimes you just can not use chemicals to clean the pipes, as you can damage the pipe material.Some models of washing machines have a separate compartment that collects all dust, hair and small items.But if the model does not have this drive, while the main load goes completely on the siphon.
  • To facilitate the work of the pump washing machine drain hose bends are used.
Chrome siphon
Installation Option siphon for washing machines
Curved hose washing machine


Availability siphon provides good drainage of water, extends the use of the washing machine and helps to avoid potential problems that arise in the sewer clog.

selection of a suitable siphon is quite simple, as the market of sanitary equipment is provided only two types of devices.


Use in any room.It allows drainage basin, and an additional outlet provides a reliable connection of the machine the machine to the sewerage system.

Combined siphon for washing machines

Separate (external and built-in)

  • Separate siphon often used to connect a washing machine.It can be external or integrated.
  • outer siphon is characterized by small size, but needs more space than the built-in element that prevents install the machine near the wall.Its mounting is carried out to the sewer pipe by the sealing ring.
  • Integrated siphon experts commonly referred to as the "box", for it must be less space than the exterior.It is completely hidden in the wall, but remains invisible tube.Using the built-in siphon, a washing machine can be installed close to the wall.Installation of this device is very simple, but you need to prepare in advance a special recess in the wall.This species is in great demand among the customers, because it carries a hidden withdrawal of water from the machine gun.First veneer wall tiles, and then siphon installed in the groove.
Separate built-in siphon
Water supply and drainage for washing machine

Nuances connect the washing machine to drain

Before buying a particular model of the machine the machine must first read in the manual, what the water pressure should be for the use of the product.

If the apartment is located on the upper floors, you need to make a check to the height difference and the storage tank could create the desired pressure.On the lower floors, this problem is completely absent.

Washing machine rear view
Connection to sewer
Hose washing machine

Sometimes difficulties arise when connecting machine to sink because of its location.

There are several ways to connect:

  • directly to the bath;
  • to the siphon, which is located under the sink or sink;
  • to the sewer pipe.

To connect the machine directly to the machine tub is only the hose and holder on the bath side. These devices are sold complete with appliances.

To connect a siphon to drain the machine to machine washing, it is necessary to buy a model with a special nozzle.To connect to the connection hose is fed from the machine and fixed seals.

last option attachment, which is made to the sewer pipe, is more complex, but also frequently used.

When connecting the machine to the automatic siphon should pay attention to two pitfalls:

  • drain must be connected to a height of about 60 cm to reduce the burden on the operation of the pump.
  • not recommended to increase the drain hose, so as not to cause additional stress on the pump system.If length is not enough, then we can solve this problem using more sewer pipe, the diameter of which will be only 3.2 cm. At first, the pump will push the water through the hose, and then she has to flow freely on the additional handset.If you decide to lengthen the hose, be sure to secure it at the desired height, and do not throw on the floor, and make the desired angle for good water drainage.
Accrued hose washing machine

Installation Steps

Connection to sewer pipes takes place in several stages and depends on the pipe material.

If drainage consists of cast-iron pipes, it is necessary: ​​

  1. Remove the old trap.Perform special fasteners rubber adapter onto the pipe that will connect the iron with plastic.
  2. use special plastic adapter that has the shape of an oblique tee 5 cm in diameter.
  3. Insert the rubber adapter, which dimensions are 5h2,4 see, and make the installation of drain hose.

If the sewage in the building used plastic pipes, the connection process is greatly simplified.You only need to build a tee, and then perform all actions as when attaching the machine to machine cast iron pipes.

The machine connected to the communications

What should be taken into account during installation, additional details

When buying a washing machine complete already have a hose whose length is usually 3 m, but sometimes there are 5 m. If the hose is not long enough, it can be extended, but not more than 3 m, and is required to use a polypropylene tube 2 cm in diameter for the connection.It is better not to build up and buy a new hose of the desired length.The special pump, which is responsible for the discharge of water from the washing machine, one of the most expensive components in a washing machine, so it makes sense to keep it.The longer the pipe, the greater the load on the pump, so its service life is reduced.And also lengthened the hose increases the number of obstructions in areas of narrowing.

When installing the washing machine, you must take into account two more additional details:

  • Shut-off valve is responsible for the overlap of water, so it does not flow back into the machine.Typically, washing machines come with this piece, but if the valve is not present, it must be bought.Importance conventional valve is that the water for other needs can be used after its overlapping.Without it, there is a high possibility of flooding the room.
  • Tapping valve does not cover water.It should be installed only when a riser is not connected to other units using water and can cause pressure fluctuations in the water supply system.
The shut-off valve chrome
Tapping valve for a washing machine

Features connection to the sink

To connect the machine Machine to wash the hose must be placed at a height of about 60 cm in order to prevent the likelihood of any leakage of water back into the machine.

must purchase a tee, the shape of which resembles the letter "Y", then one hole mounted hose from the technical equipment, and the second - for the shell.Do not forget to use the seal when connecting the machine to the automatic tee.Only a correct connection ensures an excellent washing without interruption.

Connect the washing machine to the sink siphon

Subtleties choice siphons

small variety of siphons greatly simplifies the product selection process, but still, at some points you should pay particular attention to:

  • Country manufacturer directly affects the quality of the product.
  • manufacturing siphon material and conditions in the room where will be installed the washing machine.
  • If the machine will be installed in the kitchen, along with other equipment that uses water, such as a dishwasher and coffee machine, the siphon must have a number of conclusions.
  • siphon system should be solid, without cracks or other defects.Particular attention should be paid to the threads on all connections.All rubber gaskets should be the same size with the trumpets.
  • Technical parameters siphon should be decisive in choosing the siphon.Wear-resistant material guarantees a long service life, as well as the correct operation of the entire system.The best materials for the manufacture of a siphon are stainless steel or polyethylene.
Integrated chrome siphon for washing machines
Setting the level of the built-in siphon