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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to clean the drum of the washing machine on their own : from dirt, from the taint of citric klislotoy

How to clean the washing machine drum
  • Causes and types of pollution
  • means
  • methods
  • cleaning What else is clean?

Washing Machine helps us to keep clean, but sometimes it happens that she begins to need cleaning.Constant contact with dirty things, household cleaning products and tap water of questionable quality leads to the fact that the device internal image coating.This not only harms the quality of washing, but also adversely affects the operation of the washing machine.To learn how to clean the dirt from the drum at home, read our article today.

What to use to clean the washing machine drum

Causes and types of pollution

pollution View

The cause of


Scale may appear on themetal washer elements because of too hard water, which are abundantly present salts of magnesium and calcium

Remains household chemicals

Plaque of powder and conditioner residue usually appears due to the fact that the washinguse of poor quality tools that are poorly soluble in water;Another possible reason - the excess of the recommended dosage of household chemistry

fat and mud deposits

If you frequently wash work clothes, smeared in oil, gasoline, oil, fuel oil and other trudnootstiruemyh substances, their residues may settleon a drum in the form of a sticky, dark plaque

Remains of household chemicals on the washing machine - cleaning
Cleaning the drum of the washing machine from scale
Purification of the drum of the washing machine and mud Fat


Every housewife decides itself what tools to use for drum cleaningmud.The choice is between the shop ready preparations produced on the basis of acids and alkalis, and traditional recipes, which are also mostly based on the use of these chemical compounds.The first method - a faster and less labor intensive, and the second - a more economical.The effectiveness of the same in the popular and the store about the same funds.

Cleaners for the drum washing machine

list the most popular ingredients that are used for the preparation of cleaning mixtures at home:

  • citric acid - is considered the most effective way, it is present in the composition of many ready-made cleaners;
  • acetic acid - used as an analogue of citric acid;
  • baking soda - is more effective in combination with other agents;
  • bleach - with gentle handling not only cleans, but also eliminates the unpleasant smell;
  • bluestone - is used not so much to remove contaminants as for antiseptic treatment: it is well eliminates mold and mildew, which can appear within stiralki.
Bleach for cleaning the drum of the washing machine
Hydrate for cleaning the drum of the washing machine
Copper sulfate to clean the washing machine drum


Cleaning Clean the dirt using bleach or acetic acid

work it is necessary to wear gloves, and respiratory tract is recommended to protectmedical mask.Apply a small amount of funds for economic sponge or soft cloth and carefully clean all the surface of the drum.Then run the rinse mode.For as little as possible means settled on the insides of the machine, repeat the rinsing procedure twice.

Purification of the washing machine drum via vinegar

Clean the drum by means of citric acid

Unlike vinegar, citric acid should not fill the drum, and in washing powder receiver.Start mode for as long as the wash, put in a container instead of citric acid powder.When the washing program has finished, turn the extra rinse.

details, see the following video.

Getting rid of dirt with a solution of baking soda

diluted with a few tablespoons of baking soda with a little water so as to form a thick paste.Use the sponge to rub this mixture into the drum.Leaving the solution for 30 minutes - during which time it must solidify.Thereafter, a dry sponge or rag scouring formed crust along with the dirt.

Pasta of soda and water for cleaning the drum of the washing machine
Purification of the washing machine drum via soda

prevents the appearance of mold and mildew by using copper sulfate powder

First you need to prepare a solution consisting of a liter of boiled water and 30 grams of powder.Before working with a mixture of put on rubber gloves.Mix the solution soak the sponge in it and carefully treat the entire surface of the drum.Then leave the unit well, night.After 24 hours, pour the powder into the feeder and start the wash program.After its completion, enable the program again, but this time without any detergent.

A solution of copper sulfate to clean the washing machine drum

What else is clean?

Pollution that we can find on the drum of the washing machine - only the outer part that is accumulated in various parts of the unit.In fact, a large amount of debris deposited on the indoor unit.To reach them, the washing machine should be dismantled.Most often suffer from dirt plaque tubular heating element, drain filter, a rubber sealing lip at the inlet hatch, and a pulley, which is mounted on the cuff.

Dirt and scale on the outside of the drum and tank washing machine
Pollution on the rubber cuff washing machine

If the pollution is not very serious, these parts can be cleaned using the same means as the drum.However, in some cases, the accumulated dirt causes detail in disrepair - and then it must be replaced.It is therefore important to monitor the state of the washing machine, noting the slightest change in her work.In time cleaned of contamination and preventive maintenance will help prolong the life of your faithful assistant.

Preventive cleaning drum and other elements of the washing machine