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December 12, 2017 00:15

How to arrange a small kitchen

If your apartment has a small kitchen, especially do not worry.This plan meets infrequently - and so widespread in apartment buildings, particularly old buildings, that it can be called traditional.Make a small kitchen functional and expand it visually quite real.There are many ways, both from a nondescript room with a small kitchen footage to get a bright and stylish room, which will become the most favorite and popular place in the house.


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  • How to arrange a small kitchen - photo
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options plan

presented for sale assortment of kitchen furniture impresses with its diversity.However, to choose how best to arrange a small kitchen is not always easy.When choosing furniture designs need to take into account various parameters - the size of a small room, its particular layout and style of the interior of the apartment in general.


Not so long ago when choosing a kitchen design style, many housewives prefer classic.Over a long period in high esteem were quite expensive kitchen sets made of solid wood, richly decorated, with a large variety of boxes and shelves.Currently, when choosing how to furnish a very small kitchen, many opt for the maximum functionality and practicality.Thus, the popularity of becoming minimalist kitchen, furnished in the style of "techno" and "modern".This furniture is very easy to use, in addition, it consists of standard modules that can be dialed according to the needs of the kitchen owners in necessary quantities, choosing the desired configuration.


arrange the furniture in the kitchen can be as follows:

  • applying a linear or two-row layout (along the parallel walls placed).If the length of the kitchen allows, you can arrange the furniture along one wall, the opposite wall of a dining area;
  • placing kitchen set in one corner of the room.Angular placement of furniture in a small kitchen is very convenient because it allows you to organize a compact storage area for kitchen supplies and appliances.You will need to give due attention to the selection of furniture - it is best to make a corner cabinet to order, choose the right accessories, the depth and breadth of the door furniture;
  • in the form of "islands" - the island kitchen is placed in the center of the room a stove or sink with the adjacent countertop surface.Some people believe that the island lay the placement of furniture in the kitchen is only suitable for large premises.However, using certain design tricks in this way can be equipped with a small kitchen studio, turning it into a cozy island;
  • can also apply "Peninsular" placement of furniture.Kitchen with breakfast bar as a peninsula organically fit into the limited space of a small room.Think carefully about how to arrange a small kitchen 5 meters, taking into account the functional requirements for equipment such furniture, you can effectively use the free area per square centimeter.This option offers the convenience of operation and functionality;
  • L-shaped walls along the way - in this case the kitchen occupies one corner of the room.With this arrangement of furniture in the center of the kitchen or in the corner of the free can be arranged dining table.Correctly picking a corner wardrobe and accessories for it, you get a comfortable area for storing a large number of items of kitchen utensils.

In addition, the growing popularity of a way to beat the small kitchen of 6 meters, not adhering to any standards, free style.For this purpose the modules of kitchen furniture on wheels in the form of mobile tables and cabinets, which can easily move to the desired location.It is important to choose the appropriate dimensions to furniture.Such planning is a stationary sink, stove, and mounted units, if any.

How to arrange the kitchen in a small studio - photo


small kitchen design Making

When planning how to arrange a small kitchen in the Khrushchev, should take into account the following recommendations:

  • give cramped spaces cozy and comfortable atmosphere is simple, using natural materials for its arrangement.Wooden floors, facades of furniture set, or completely made out of wood furniture items look in the small kitchen and stylish eco-friendly and relevant - regardless of changeable fashion trends;
  • to optically increase the area of ​​the kitchen facilities, should choose for his furniture with glass doors.This technique will help to bring in kitchen interior a feeling of lightness and depth at the same time.Note that if there is such a need to constantly maintain the furniture in the kitchen cupboards clean and tidy.Chances are, after you install it you will want to get a new, more impressive kitchen accessories and utensils;
  • look great small kitchen in the style of "loft" with rough brick walls and deliberately flaunting communication pipes.If you like this style of interior, is armed with clinker tiles under brick, or proceed to the removal of a layer of plaster from the walls;


  • all know that air, light discreet colors optically expand the space, as well as high-gloss surfaces that reflect light.If white or pastel colors in the decoration of the walls and ceiling of a small kitchen that you feel is too boring, you can opt for a more vivid and saturated colors, eye-catching;
  • natural sunlight through the window opening, and an elaborate lighting, organized with the help of spotlights, will help expand the kitchen visually.At arrangement of artificial lighting is important not to overdo it, to not get in the kitchen effect "disco";
  • if the kitchen area is long and narrow car, do not try to completely transform it using tricks with mirrors and complex combinations in the arrangement of furniture.Much better would be to use the following method - try a winning way to emphasize this feature of the plan.To do this, set the high narrow kitchen cabinets to the ceiling, as well as to apply a combined walls and underline the main details of the interior lamps hanging from the ceiling.When using high cabinets will be additional space to accommodate saucepans;
  • to the room was spacious as possible, it is desirable that the surface countertops, window sills, dining table smoothly flow from one object to another, and generally gave the impression of "monolithic";
  • choosing decoration for a window opening in a small kitchen, you should eliminate the use of bulky fabric curtains in favor of a more minimalist option.It is recommended to give preference to any Roman blinds, which offer easy access to the windowsill, and the kitchen looks more spacious.Depending on the stylistic interior solutions, you can pick up these curtains for all tastes.

How to arrange a small kitchen: useful recommendations

In the process of interior design small kitchen space requires the most economical use of valuable space, think carefully about all the necessary details.

order to effectively arrange a small kitchen, you can use the following techniques:

  • in the manufacture of custom-made furniture can provide the countertop with a height slightly higher than the standard - in this case, an additional space to accommodate the cabinets underneath the kitchen supplies and appliances for cooking.For greater ease of use is provided in their drawers.On a raised countertop many housewives will be more convenient to perform kitchen work.Thus, the functionality of the furniture will rise significantly;
  • addition, you can opt out of a small kitchen, a stationary plate with four burners, replacing it with a hob.If you have a small family, you can do a narrow panel with two hot plates.According to statistics, most of the hostess at the same time using no more than two burners.Free space on the cooking surface is useful for cutting vegetables and cutting meat or fish;
  • easy to optimize space, placing on the walls kitchen rails - if necessary, they can be placed literally at your fingertips a considerable amount of kitchen utensils in the form of cups, ladles, chopping boards, jars with spices.The use of mobile and retractable shelves, mesh baskets in no small measure will contribute to the ease of use of kitchen furniture;


  • washing machine and stove can be built under the worktop;
  • to successfully arrange a small kitchen with a gas stove, water heater need to choose a model in accordance with the general style of the interior kitchen.In addition, the existing column can be painted to match the heat-resistant paint for metal, and hide in a box built into the furniture, including cabinets suitable size;
  • microwave is often placed on the table, while in a small kitchen is much more convenient to place it on a special shelf or rack attached to the wall surface;
  • oven, occupying a lot of space in the kitchen, can be replaced by a mini-oven.This home appliance takes up so much space, it is quite functional.Typically, one placed in the oven baking or two, with the remainder of the space is empty, while in the oven mini excess space simply absent;
  • in order to save space should also opt out of the kitchen volume and bulky hoods, replacing it with a compact built-in and pull-out option;
  • if desired, a door in a small kitchen can be eliminated.Applying the finishing of the walls of the corridor in the same style with a kitchen, you can make it a visual continuation of the kitchen facilities;
  • when choosing a cooler for a small kitchen Refer a opt for high elongated models.In addition, the refrigerator can be taken out of the small kitchen - for example, setting it in a niche in the closet;
  • if space does not allow to place in the kitchen stationary chairs to comfortably seat the whole family, you can leave one or two of these chairs, adding to them compact folding products.Convenient folding models are on one leg with fastening to the wall - having done a couple of movements, you can get a comfortable place to place, as easy to fold like a chair.


Using similar techniques, can largely avoid cluttering up the small space.Thus, the kitchen would look more spacious, also, importantly, will be more convenient and comfortable in it.Thus indicators ergonomic furniture and kitchen facilities functionality greatly increase.In general, to avoid cluttering up the kitchen, all the items you can hide, should be removed from the work surface, placed in the wall cabinets, or taken outside the premises.After removing all unnecessary, you can comfortably enjoy the elegance and functionality of the kitchen.

How to arrange a small kitchen - photo








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How to arrange a small kitchen - video