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December 12, 2017 00:15

Choosing the right furniture for children's rooms

Room for your child - one of the most important rooms in the apartment or house.If grown in the majority almost the same, in which the premises are, from the fragile psyche of the child may have problems if something do not.The color of the wallpaper, the intensity of the light, curtains texture - all of which can play a decisive role in the development of the child, especially when it comes to babies.At older ages, one of the most important components of a child's room becomes furniture.How to choose furniture for a child's room - on.


  • What should be the children's furniture.Basic rules
  • types of furniture for children
  • How to choose furniture
  • How to arrange the furniture in the nursery
  • furniture in the nursery for the baby first year of life
  • Furniture for children's rooms (boys and girls): photo
  • Children's furniture, design of children's rooms: video

What should be the children's furniture.Basic rules


  • functionality .A special role is played in this setting if the children's area of ​​the room is not too big.Typically, as the child acts it is not the biggest room in the apartment, and the construction of facilities doperestoroechnoy not too abound square meters, and about the many buildings you can say the same thing.Therefore, to the room you must pick up the furniture so that the child had a space for games.The old grandmother's wardrobe or chest of drawers is clearly under the concept of "functionality does not fit."Therefore it is better to lie down designer and book set entirely.
  • Environmental .Fragile body of a child shall be subjected to the harmful effects from the materials from which the furniture is made.When ordering furniture is better to choose their own materials.The ideal situation, of course, considered the timber.After all, unlike the CPD contains no adhesive additives that adversely affect health.However, the cost of wood is several times higher.
  • Practicality .Remember to whom you are going to choose furniture.The child should not be glass abundance of sharp corners, uncovered wiring, etc.All that may shatter and cause injury, must be eliminated.Responsible approach to the furniture color.White color for a child - it's not for long.Upholstery upholstered furniture should be easy to wear, because the juice will stain spilled on it - 100%.My favorite option for adults - large mirrors in the wardrobe doors for baby is unlikely to fit.Firstly, there is a high probability that it will be broken, and secondly, you just get tired of it eventually washed.

types of furniture for children

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All the furniture, which should be presented in the children's room can be divided into 4 categories:

  • modular furniture.It includes chairs, beds, tables.The concept of modularity is that by varying the number and size of these elements, it is possible to create a harmonic ensemble of the room, depending on its size.
  • Case furniture for children's rooms.It consists of cabinets, walls, shelves, etc.Basically, with the help of furniture equipped with a working area for children, as well as the storage of things.
  • Upholstered furniture.Here are all more or less clear.Children's chairs, small sofas, an ottoman near the bay, various Puffs - all designed to create comfort in the nursery.However, with furniture important not to overdo it, because a small child is not likely to use it all the time, but you're depriving him of the necessary space.
  • Play furniture.This category includes Swedish walls, various small doll houses, slides, swings.For children, this furniture is very important.It helps the child to develop properly and used in line with the required excess of its energy.

How to choose furniture

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bed.The bed of the furniture in the nursery is the most important.The fact that children's sleep needs to be strong and calm.This is one of the basic conditions for its proper development.Therefore, the surface of the bed should be comfortable.As the mattress is better to choose a model with orthopedic properties.This will help the child to have the right structure of the spine.As children's furniture for a small room can be a great solution loft bed, which can be fitted under the child seat.Quite often, a special children's bed sets the niche in which any thing can be folded if necessary.When choosing a bed note design fortress, because children love to jump on them.

One of the main conditions is the correct choice of the bed frame and the upholstery material of the mattress.They should be hypoallergenic material not to cause an allergic reaction in a child.

table.For young children, the table is absolutely not necessary, they are mostly like to play on the floor.It is therefore advisable to buy it closer to the age of six.If you want to buy a set of furniture, then give preference to the table with adjustable height worktops.The fact that he height should ideally match the growth of the child, in simple words: to grow together with them.In such a construction the tables, usually the surface can change the tilt angle.Surface dimensions should be enough to draw, homework, and posting here or notebook computer.Take care of drawers - they are, at least there should be two.For convenience, you can choose tables with add-ons.

chair.Operating the child seat should be adjusted in height, have a variable angle of the backrest.It is desirable that it had armrests.The chair is not really suitable for homework for a long time.

wall.Choosing furniture for a child's bedroom, you need to clearly think about what should be the shelves, their quantity, location.Now, thanks to a variety of applications can independently design the most optimal variant of furniture in the room, depending on the configuration.The best option, of course, be ordered cabinet furniture.In some cases, it will be much cheaper.Photos of furniture for a child's room is in the directory of each manufacturer, they can help to choose the optimal variant.

How to arrange the furniture in the nursery

Furniture - Children

When selecting furniture for a child's room should be clearly understood, it will be placed.

furniture children's room.Bed.Children's bed should not stand near the corner of the wall.In winter, it will come the cold, which can cause disease of the child.If the layout of the room does not allow to install it in another place, think about wall insulation.This can be done with mineral wool and plasterboard.Also, do not set the bed near the window and the battery.Speaking of the latter, undesirable near the heater to put any furniture.Firstly, thereby disturbed circulation of hot air, and secondly, wood or chipboard battery heating can simply crack from dryness.The headboard of the child shall be turned to the window to sunlight does not interfere with the baby to sleep, especially when it comes to day-dream.Try to place the bed so that he entered the room, you immediately see the child's face.

Desk.So better to put a window.This will provide the maximum possible inflow of natural light to the workplace that reduce eye strain.In an extreme case, the table should be positioned so that the light fell on his left side.

Furniture for children's rooms.Cabinets.Before ordering cabinets consider how best to arrange them.They should open the door without any obstacles.They also should not be a barrier for lighting.

furniture in the nursery for the baby first year of life


before childbirth is necessary to think immediately about what to buy furniture in the nursery.The arrangement of the newborn room should be guided by the principle of "less is better".Remember that excess furniture in this room - is only a source of contamination and the additional volume in the cleaning and in infants it is necessary to carry out on a daily basis.Therefore, neither of which the excess of upholstered furniture, cabinets, etc.speech can not be.

For the first year of life the child in the room enough:

  1. cots.
  2. changing table and massage.
  3. playpen.
  4. small chest of drawers for storage and bed linen.

Cots must be made of wood.The coating can be varnish or colorful.Note that when rubbed bed obluschivalas paint is not, and on the surface of the wood should be no burrs.Crib should not have any sharp edges and entering the metallic elements.It is advisable to choose a model with a dipping left out.In this case, in the raised position it will prevent that the child crawled out of the crib, and in the lowered facilitate dostavanie baby.Some products have a special spring that allows parents to download the child if necessary.The bed can be decorated with various pendants of toys, a canopy and other parts, which are so popular with children.

Arena.He needs children who have already started to crawl.Do playpens made of wood, and its bottom is placed a special mats to the child is not injured, when the learn to walk.Some models are made of plastic, but it is better to use wood.

table for swaddling should be quite comfortable to perepelenat child and make him a massage if necessary.Its length should be sufficient for the baby 6-7 months.Height should be selected depending on the parent growth.At the bottom of the table better accommodate an extra shelf to her it was possible to put children's clothes.

Chest.Chest Size should be sufficient to accommodate the required number of children's clothes.It is advisable to use wide and low commode, to make it more stable.Otherwise, it may fall and injure the child.

In the nursery, you can temporarily place a small sofa that adults can sleep near the child if necessary.

Furniture for children's rooms (boys and girls): photo

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Children's furniture, design of children's rooms: Video