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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to make a bunk bed for the children with their own hands

often happens that families in which several children growing up, face the problem of lack of sufficient space in the children's playroom and entertainment due to the fact that all the observable area cluttered with furniture.Find a way out of this situation quite easily with the help of a bunk bed, which is quite possible to design their own hands.


  • Benefits children's bunk bed
  • preparatory stage
  • tools and supplies that will be needed to work
  • sequence manufacturing tiers
  • assembly housing beds
  • Mounting the stairs

Benefits children's bunk bed

usually occurring in childhood except for beds and other necessary furniture, such as wardrobes, computer desks, shelving for books and textbooks, and others. If the room is small, it is only a narrow space left between all the listed pieces of furniture, tosqueeze to the door, or vice versa.

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bunk beds for children in part to help solve this problem.They are suitable not only for the rooms, which are home to two children, but also for one older child.First, the extra space will never be over, and he is sure to find for him the use, and secondly, to free up space, which used to be the bedroom, you can set the table to perform school tasks, the computer, as well as drawers and shelves for storagechildren's property.

To make a bed on their own, you will need a basic understanding of how to work carpentry tools, as well as patience and free time.

preparatory stage

To make a bunk bed with his own hands, we must first create a project and drawing of future construction, while taking into account the following important points:

  • bed should be sized so that it will fit not only babybut also a teenager, then it does not have to change a couple of years, when he grows up;

  • on the design used in the mattress will depend on the size.If they are ready to be purchased, it should come out of their dimensions, but if you want to do everything yourself, the standard size of a single bed is 180 x 80 cm;


  • space between the lower and upper tier should be sufficient for an adult, crouching on the bed, his head does not touch the upper berth.But too high and its presence is also not desirable, because in this case the construction becomes less stable and, therefore, not as safe.In addition, under the ceiling always collects hot air, and the child can experience serious discomfort.

Mattress lower bunk should keep 30-40 cm from the floor:.

  • bed construction must be rigid enough becauseIt is not only a holiday destination, but also a place of violent games, jumping, tumbling, etc.In addition, if one of the parents will sit down on it, it should not deform under its weight.Also, do not forget about the fence, they are particularly relevant to the second tier.
  • To avoid failure came the idea of ​​a bunk bed with his hands, the drawings must show the form of the future constructions in the interior of the nursery.Through this, you can imagine how it will look and decide which side is best to attach the stairs to the "second floor".
  • Do not miss the sight of such an important time as ensuring the stability of the structure and its reliable fixing on the wall.However, according to safety, the bed should be at a distance from the window and opened the door leaves.

Also as part of the design and it is important to consider the material that will be used for the manufacture of children's bunk bed with his hands.His choice depends on the availability of various commercially available components, such as ready-planed boards, beams required dimensions because the necessary tree independently subjected to processing without having a special machine is difficult.

When ordering furniture boards, it is best to ask them to cut out on the spot on your templates.

tools and supplies that will be needed to work

The list of necessary tools including those that are available in every home, and those who have to buy specially on the occasion of manufacturing a bunk bed with his hands.This list is as follows:

  • roulette, building level, triangles;

  • screwdriver, which can be replaced with a drill having such a function, if desired;

  • jigsaw;

  • vise;


  • pliers, hammer, screwdriver set;

  • sandpaper;

  • wooden beam with a cross section of 40x60 and more for the manufacture of frames;

  • wooden beam with a cross section 100x50 for the manufacture of load-bearing pillars;

  • metal corners to lock the corner joints;

  • sheets of plywood;

  • board 100h20;

  • chipboard strips;

  • furniture panels;

  • fasteners: screws, bolts, screws;

  • paint or varnish.

tiers manufacturing sequence

  • The work should start with the production of frames, which will be located on the mattresses.They should be rectangular and exceed the length and width of 10-15 cm. Size mattress.

  • In the process, you need to carefully monitor the perpendicular sides.Bars should be how to reliably connect the corners.The most durable is considered a compound of tongue and groove, with a special glue, but they can only be used if there is a manual milling tool.If not, then it is obligatory to secure the connection to the inside with metal corners.


  • Rama must have braces.If the selected frame has the required rigidity of the mattress, it will be enough to install one in the center.If the mattress is soft and is laid on a sheet of plywood, the spacers need a minimum of four, and they must be distributed over the entire length of the frame with equal intervals.

  • When the frame is ready, then it is necessary to fix the perimeter bumpers, which will be the mattress retainers.The material for them can serve as a particle board, or the board.This is the final step in the process of manufacturing sites under the mattresses.

assembly housing beds

Producing rack, which will keep the whole structure, you can go two ways:

  • Produce two identical side panels, using the furniture boards, so that they exceed the level of the second tier on30-40 cm. In order to work you can look aesthetically pleasing them round.Simultaneously, the sidewall will play the role of obstacles on the part of the product ends.

carefully and accurately marking up the surface of the parts data, they drilled holes for the connection with the frames of sun beds.The connection itself is carried out by means of bolts with round heads.


In this version there is a small minus.It is obtained that the lower bed enclosed on three sides and can cause the child a feeling of discomfort and a closed space.

  • Craft carrying rack of thick timber.If you go this route, you will need to first construct the two side panels, consisting of pillars and bridges, which will play the role of the flanges at the ends.

One should not forget about the plinth, it can keep you firmly leaned against the rack to the wall.

To attach to each other just made the sides and mattress frames, use a threaded connection or special screws with hexagon inside.

To simplify the final assembly process, it should be on the vertical supports to temporarily secure backups for sunbeds, while sure that they were all at the same height.

Mounting the stairs

can use either the board or boards of appropriate size for the manufacture of ladder racks.As the beams will approach the same timber or cuttings from the garden tools, which should be cut into pieces of desired length and then carefully cleaned and sanded the entire surface.

Planting crossbar better on special glue, pre-drill out the holes for the pillars of all strictly opposite each other.


After assembling wooden bunk beds with their own hands, it is desirable for greater reliability to strengthen its structure with an additional strapping.It is better to use a board, which simultaneously will also act as barriers.

avoid injuries and splinters, all the parts of a makeshift bed should be carefully polished to make the surface perfectly smooth.

The final step is to paint or varnish - it is at the discretion of each.

Then you can set the bed in the allotted place for it, attach it to the wall using screws and reliable start intended use.