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August 12, 2017 18:08

Types of plaster , it is better to choose?

Classification of decorative plasters

  • By coupling elements (in non-aqueous and water-based).
  • By material filler, a method of forming and patterning.

Decorative plaster for the coupling elements can be water or water-based (epoxy or polyurethane).Plasters based on polyurethane are used for exterior and interior decoration, and epoxy used for interior decoration.

These plasters have a number of advantages: provide good adhesion to the substrate, high strength and wear resistance, resistance to aggressive substances.These plasters can not be burning, but when heated 140 ° C form the basis of resin plasters, begin to give off toxic elements, since decomposed.Polyurethane release - cyanides and epoxy - chlorinated compounds.

Therefore, in this regard plaster, water-based is much safer.When burning polymers included in the composition decomposed, but do not emit harmful components.Embodiments of plaster based on water can be quite diverse (styrene-acrylic, styrene-butadiene dispersion, polyvinylacetate (PVA), acrylic).

Modern decorative plasters Water based extremely popular for several reasons.Firstly, they have a high performance (resistance to the temperature of 90C, and ultraviolet, excellent adhesion, water resistance).Secondly, as compared with wallpaper, have a much longer lifetime and allow the same to create a uniform structure with inclusions.Third, hide imperfections and defects some walls.

Names decorative plasters Water based may be all sorts.As already mentioned, they are: acrylic, styrene-butadiene dispersions, polyvinyl acetate, and others.In addition, each manufacturer, producing a particular product, gives its name.

Forms decorative plasters

  • Structural plaster allow you to create stunning paintings and spectacular images on the wall.It is very easy to apply and exploitation material.Their distinguishing feature is the "obedience" to the pack and high ductility.The walls can be cleaned with water, detergent and other means.At the same time the coating itself for many years retains its original appearance and color.Available originally only white, but it can be tinted to create the desired hue.
  • Mineral plasters are perfect for thermal insulation of facades.Made of completely environmentally friendly raw materials, and are suitable for both internal and external decoration.The structure consists of: lime hydrate, white Portland cement, marble granules, light mineral aggregates.
  • Venetian plaster or even referred to as "liquid marble" recreate the unique flavor of Venetian palaces.Therefore this name.These types of plaster are used in virtually all interiors.A house with a plaster look like antique palace.
  • Stone plaster is a mixture of marble, quartz or granite chips, which are added to the binder compositions based on the adhesive.By outward appearances very similar structural plaster with various patches.Only the plaster of rock dust can be of different colors and stones in the light shimmer and sparkle, creating a unique effect.These types of decorative plaster, which is simply amazing videos are in high demand.


When any plaster must be compliance with certain conditions.First you need to check out the recommendations on the package for the breeding mixture.Next, the surface is prepared (primed, leveled and cleaned).Then create the appropriate conditions of temperature and humidity.And only then the process is carried out plastering.