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August 12, 2017 18:08

Pool equipment - why we allocate it a separate species ?

tiling the pool - that distinguishes this group of materials?

Having your own pool has long ceased to be a rarity.But have you noticed that special magic and luxury design decision basin give it decorative materials.Foremost among them is finish tile pool.It helps to create a truly memorable atmosphere.

The beauty is that ceramic tile for pools always meet the highest quality standards.So, thanks to its rough structure or relief images is safe, non-slip and virtually eliminates falls and injuries.

Besides this tile is more durable, resistant to temperature changes, is water-repellent and antibacterial inflated parameters easily tolerates abrasive cleaning compositions.Often tile has little pores and voids.In addition to choosing a floor, a wide open space for creativity provides tiling the pool.

Tiling the pool - all find a solution

Now modern shops you can find a wide selection of different coating materials.But the best gourmet and is still considered the original tile mosaic for

pool.It does not absorb moisture, resistant to the action of micro-organisms, salts, and the scorching sun.

sometimes used glazed tile .Most often it is placed on the ground, where there is an increased risk of fall or will slip - on the slopes and stairs.Unglazed kind used for finishing the outside pool area.

In any case, it is now possible to find a wide range of products.A huge variety of color, texture, pattern and shapes are sure to impress even the most demanding aesthetes.

Laying the tiles in the pool - machinery work

itself tiling in the swimming pool is practically no different from the usual styling and has its own special identity.But, of course, for facing the pool it is better to invite a professional who knows his business.If you decide to put the tiles yourself, then we will tell you how to do it correctly and competently to achieve unsurpassed effect.

So, before working surface is cleaned, align rough cloth or stiff spatula.If necessary, apply a special plaster.Then the surface is water-repellent paint, deeply penetrating primer using a roller and a broad brush.

next stage - laying the tile itself.For this you need tile adhesive or cement-based adhesive.When breeding the cement foundations strictly follow the instructions.Next, apply the adhesive evenly to the surface by gently tapping on a tile, press it to the surface.

Check the level of evenness attached tiles horizontally and vertically.Insert the pre-cooked crosses into the seams.Similarly, repeat the process with the following rows.After laying wait two days and, using a rubber spatula and matching colored grout, seal the seams are all available.

Do not forget to clean the tiles on the adhesive.To do this, it is not fully dry, use a damp cloth.If you notice mistakes only when it dried up tightly, then gently remove the excess using a spatula and a soft wet cloth.

Remember that when facing the pool to begin to lay the tiles should be off the floor.Next is facing the pool walls, skirting and steps.The least fit lining material for the basin and the tracks adjacent territory.