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August 12, 2017 18:08

Sheathing lining : The most important features for an exceptional result

lining Variety and characteristics

Molded - kind of decorative finishing material, which is used for covering walls, ceilings and more.In fact, modern siding - it's a fine upholstery with slotted rail connection, which allows seamless stykovanie cladding boards.Ceramic lining primarily differs material from which it is made.

According to this criterion, it can be divided into two main types: wood and plastic.Wood is used mainly for interior decoration of country houses, saunas, and so on, and plastic - to furnish offices, balconies, kitchens, bathrooms.Upholstery clapboard houses of wood has a number of advantages.

example, wooden slats - a cost-effective, very comfortable and easy enough for installation material.It differs resistant to mechanical damage and is of natural origin and, therefore, environmentally safe, has excellent heat and sound insulating properties.

disadvantage of this type of finish is that to preserve its properties and service life requires regular treatment with special solutions.

clapboard cladding, plastic huge selection of different colors and textures.It can be used also for the outer surfaces.This material is able to give the room warmth and originality.Its main drawback is the susceptibility to mechanical stress.

What to Consider Before upholstery clapboard house?

Before upholster clapboard house made of wood, it should be remembered that the quality and the presence of defects, it is divided into several classes.Extra class (the best) - the absence of knots and defects, C (the most low-grade) class - for cracks, grooves, holes and knots.After buying the wooden battens must be added to the stacks, shifting the wooden bars, and dried.

Upholstery lining their own hands - a simple process.With that can handle even an inexperienced master.If you want to sheathe concrete or brick wall, it should be pre-assemble the frame of the wooden bars.

Throughout the process, you may need a hammer, drill, nails, dowels, screws, gidrouroven, hacksaw.Also take care of the space around you, you should not have anything to push, as well as all tools should be within reach.

Getting trim clapboard

For smooth walls can be thin enough to use the bars to be nailed or glued to the substrate so as not to reduce the utility room area.For uneven surfaces need bars thicker section, which will be nailed to the wall dowels.With

construction plumb and level must be controlled so that the entire frame is in the same plane.If necessary, under the bars enclose wooden wedges to level the plane.The bars can be mounted horizontally, vertically and diagonally.The main thing that was perpendicular to the lining frame.Step bars between 50-100 cm.

When the crate is ready, proceed to the installation of lining.After cutting the bar in length, if necessary, should start from the mount angle.Next, moving in the right direction, strips fit into the grooves.For the frame, they are attached with nails or staples.If on the right side are used only nails, you need to score them all the way, so they could not be seen.If the staple gun is used, the angle bracket should be included in the rail spike.

the corners need to nail or glue special decorative corners that hide the seams on the outer and inner corners.If you want to paint, it is necessary to make before upholster lining the room, to avoid drips.In this work is finished, the installation of plastic panels made of the same technology.