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August 12, 2017 18:07

Radiation- barite plaster - safe operation for years to come !

Where to apply X-ray protective plaster

barite plaster X-ray is used in hospitals, research centers, at work - wherever there are sources of X-rays.In hospitals it tomography and X-ray machines in research centers - various experimental facilities, etc.The composition of plaster include barite concentrate barite or barite sand , capable of stopping the penetrating radiation.

The decoration of these rooms are two basic solutions: the sheet lead and barite plaster.Lead Sheet - scarce and expensive material, so the X-ray protective plaster is spread much wider;also apply various combinations thereof.According to the protective properties of the millimeter layer of lead corresponds to 20-25 mm barite plasters.

How to prepare plaster

barite Barite plaster is usually prepared on the basis of the cement-sand mortar.The cement is used as a plasticizer with PVA adhesive, as a filler - barium sand itself.The mixture was diluted with water to the desired consistency (the water-cement ratio should not exceed 1: 4), and goes to work.

Barite sand - it crushed mineral barite grains value of not more than 1.25 mm .In addition to the sand is also used barite powder, that is, heavy spar, crushed to a pulverized state.Regardless of the type of aggregate, barite content must not be plastering below 85% - this is a fundamentally important issue for the safety of people.

To prepare suitable barite plasters portland cement and slag cement grade not lower than 300. The cement content in the plaster depends on the characteristics of the particular premises and the designed capacity of the radiation from the same depends on the thickness of the protective layer.If required thickness is greater than 5 cm, is used instead of plaster baritobetonnye plate.

Features barite plaster, which is worth remembering

Here are a few features that are worth bearing in mind when dealing with barite plaster:

  • required thickness barite plasters starting from 3 cm to the walls and floor and 5 mmceiling.Plaster necessarily be applied on both sides of the wall.
  • All work involving the application of x-ray plaster should be carried out at an air temperature not below 15 ° C with high humidity.The same conditions have to maintain at least another two weeks after the completion of the work.
  • On wooden walls necessary to put a layer of plaster, enlarged centimeter more .
  • Barytic plaster is applied by hand, and only the individual layers in half a centimeter thick.

Calculate the amount of barite concentrate required for the plastering of surfaces, easy.We should proceed from the fact that the cm layer of plaster covering one square meter of surface, will have to spend 20 kg.barite.The number, of course, a considerable - but do not have to skimp on safety and health, in addition, barite sand is cheap enough to manufacture and is not so expensive.Barytic plaster - it is a very cost-effective and at the same time an equally effective replacement of lead sheet.