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August 12, 2017 18:07

Interior room apartment

options of redevelopment studio

main task of re-planning of housing - an extension of living space.This is achieved through the demolition of curtain walls.As a rule, they are removed or reduced wall between the kitchen and living room and bathroom with bath-registration.

Interior 1 - room apartment

Of course, the combination of bath and toilet create additional difficulties for the family, but at the same time will help free up space, such as a washing machine.

Returning to the removal of the wall between the kitchen and living room - the wall can be replaced by an arch or pillar.Appears version of the device bar.

You can also create a visual extension of the living space.To do this, choose the right color.To do this, light colors are recommended.Ideally, use white color.Dark shades cause "pressing" sensation.It is advisable to use a uniform tone and color palette should be minimal.

Interior 2 - room apartment

Plus can be replaced with white curtains on the blinds.They perfectly protect from the summer stuffiness, also take up less space than curtains.

Interior studio

important step in expanding the living space will be the selection of furniture.Interior studio should be multifunctional.

As the bed is recommended to choose to push the sofa bed.During the day you may well run out of the sofa, and at night you can expand it and turn in bed.Typically, these sofa beds have drawers for storing clothes.This allows you to save space in the closet.

Interior 3 - room apartment

Turning to the wardrobe, when buying furniture is worth considering the acquisition of built-in closets.They are quite roomy, do not require much space.In addition, they are equipped with departing door.It also saves space.And if such a door mirror is also present, it is doubly remarkable.In the daytime mirror enlarges the space.

for storing small items and books, it is recommended to use a hanging racks and shelves.Studs on the corners of the racks do not take up much space, and their location on the wall to increase the free space under the more necessary things.

important element in the design of a living ploschadiyavlyaetsya table.It also should be as functional.Ideally, if you pick a table with adjustable height and area of ​​the tabletop.A small area does not allow you to have multiple tables.So do not forget about the weight of the table, so that if something happens, it can be easily drag or move.

to the table, you can pick up folding chairs, which at any moment can be leaned against a wall, or even removed.

If you have to work at home, you can make zoning premises.That is, divide the room into two parts of the conditional: "computer" and mine.Limit the area, you can use the screen or the podium.

As you can see, an important factor for visual extension is preferred lighter tones.So do not forget about lighting.For "odnushki" recommended wall lights.They do not give as much shade as a chandelier on the ceiling.Two lamps would be sufficient.This is especially important in winter when the evening with four already have to turn on the lights.Also, if you have made zoning of the room, you need to take care of the lighting of each "room".

Owners of some "odnushek" can boast of is a balcony or loggia, which gives great convenience.

There are variants in which heating is carried out to the loggia (although have to agree with ZhEKom) and the bed is placed directly on the balcony.In addition to the loggia you can make bulky items, such as a bicycle.

Interior 4 - room apartment

Returning to the bathroom, the bathtub can be removed, but instead put the shower.On the freed space to place mentioned in the beginning, a washing machine.Such an approach would not combine the bathroom with toilet.

Design studio

We invite you to view a variety of design options for one-bedroom apartments.For example, the design studio of 30 square meters of photo

In the photo above you can see all the things we talked about above - a sofa bed, wardrobe, shelves.TV hanging on the wall that allows you to not waste space on the nightstand.

Designs studio apartment of 40 sq m and 45 sq m is not much different from each other because of the small difference in the area.

Interior 5 - room apartment

If you have a small child, it is possible for you to be interested in the design studio apartment with children.On the internet you can find many options for a family of design studio with a child

As you can see, and in a modest "odnushke 'can be arranged with private facilities.We just need a little imagination!