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August 12, 2017 18:08

What is the life of the meter ?

Types counters

To start, you need to understand what types of accounting electricity there.

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on the market today are two main types of electricity provided.They are divided according to the type of action:

  • induction;
  • electronic.

analyze in detail the pros and cons of each type.What counts more reliable?Where the electricity service life will be longer?The design of the device determines its durability and accuracy.

induction electricity meters operate by magnetic wires and reporting devices, which are driven by means of a current flowing between them.Notably for induction meters is their vulnerability to theft and a limited number of features and functions, besides their accuracy class and the energy consumption to be desired.

In turn, electronic meters, a high-precision device, equipped with a shunt, and perform the task of the current sensor.Also, the device is equipped with a chip card that is designed for data collection (indications of the appliance) and output on the report screen.A characteristic feature of these counters is also considered the ability of several accounting tariffs, and a high level of accuracy and safety of consumption indicators suggests the functionality of this device.

Conclusion: to replace the previously reliable and inexpensive induction meters, used in the last century, come with electronic high level of precision and innovation.

Today, utilities routinely replaces the old electric meters in homes, and determines the service life of the meter.The reason is modern technology, energy-intensive appliances, air conditioners, tiles, washing machines and so on, that overwhelmed all the old counters and lead to fire and various emergencies.

Hybrid counters - a rare instrument to count electricity used has a digital interface.Imbued with the qualities and the induction and electronic type and mechanical computing power.
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What is the life of the meter is intended for?

Electricity, endowed with an accuracy class of 1.0 and 2.0 have an average life of 16 years from the time of their construction and commissioning.

Electricity, endowed with an accuracy class of 2.5 are used before the end of the state testing period, ie before the period until the counter displays the error.Measures Metrology Service error.

Conclusion: in order to change the electric meter, you need to call a representative of the metrological service, and to obtain permission for the installation of this device.And to change the unit without proper notice is forbidden!

When a notification has already written out, payment for electricity to be carried out according to the normative principle, and after install a new device and complete its calculation, to pay for electricity at the rate of the counter you naturally can not.

interesting fact is that according to the passport of the device, the average lifespan is 30 years.And the replacement of this unit should be carried out only if the life of the device is ended.

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Important!Replacing the meter, which measures the size of the energy consumed in the living room, it is his own, just going for his personal funds.The rule applies to municipal and private homes.

Remember that keeping energy - it is your responsibility as a consumer.And if suddenly your meter is out of order, you need to repair it immediately in order to not have to pay for the normative principles rather overpay.And in any case, do not ignore more than one reporting period their suspicions about the accuracy of indications - in the case of error detection for a long period, you could face a fine or recalculate the cost of electricity services.