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December 12, 2017 00:16

Bedroom interior in white : picture ideas , design features

Trends to date themselves tell us about the rules of creating amazing interior, where it will be easy and pleasant to rest and given to thoughts.Agree, a bedroom - this is the main place for any household.Undoubtedly, to feel good color scheme bedroom area should be carried out only in bright colors and shades, and the space of the room should not be encumbered by anything to make it easier to "breathe" and not feel like a sharpened into the box.White seems to many not so practical, some even frightened and shunned him, but totally in vain.We call this color is a win-win option for the correct trim interior bedroom.With this color you will bring freshness to the room, cleanliness, comfort, warmth and tranquility.


  • White bedroom - we consider general aspects
  • How to bring the positive in the white bedroom
  • floor design with walls in white bedroom
  • Choosing Furniture Interior white bedroom
  • How to decorate a white bedroom
  • style interior with white furniture
    • Provence style
    • bedroom Scandinavian style
    • Mediterranean style interior
    • Victorian style white bedroom
    • Create your own style bedroom
  • How to revive the bedroom in white
  • bedroom interior in whitecolor.Photo

White bedroom interior perfectly be combined with absolutely any style design conceived design ranging from classic solution to a bright representative of contemporary style - a tie-tech.It should be noted that the main advantage of white to love others - is to create the effect of expanding the room.Thanks to him, even the small bedroom will look spacious and free, a good solution is to create a bedroom interior in white color in the Khrushchev or brezhnevki.

As for large rooms, these bedrooms will appear in these mansions.Through color, the white bedroom design always and at all times will be relevant.This bedroom looks rich, refined and elegant.

An important quality "white" interior will be a beneficial effect of color on the human psyche.Thus, the white color soothes, creates peace of mind and balance.It creates the right mood to rest, so that the inhabitants of such a bedroom is not going to suffer from insomnia and always be able to fully relax and sleep.Tranquility and comfort will reign in this room.

about the most important benefits we told ... that already wanted to start to finish?Wait, let's talk about the details, without which bedroom interior in white colors will not be perfect.

White bedroom - consider general aspects

the White house

Bedroom interior in white color can be obtained by two simple way: paint the walls or, walls pasting wallpaper in the desired color.If intelligently approach the finish, it is possible to create a miracle.Beat the white with the help of a variety of materials and textures.This color will look amazing on ceramic tiles, in textiles and accessories, glass and mirrors.Cleverly experimenting with texture, you can make something unique.

in any interior, created in white must necessarily present a subject that will divert attention to himself.A certain spot that will always cling to your opinion, but do not dwell upon him, as something alien.This may be, for example, furniture or piece of furniture.Let it be a bed ... Bed darker shade.But with all this, it should not stand out and clash with the design.In this case, cover the bed crisp white, blinding blanket and decorative pillows.It is fashionable to put under the photos today.Thus, in this spot can serve home photos.If you choose as an accent sofa, let it be as white, but distribute it to a bunch of colorful pillows which will dilute the white.

And remember, all the good that is good in moderation.No need to create emphasis on a few things, this will look alyapisto and absurd.

How to bring the positive in the white bedroom

Design - bedroom - in - white - color - 1

Agree white bedroom - a characteristic sign of grandeur and luxury.White takes perfectly brilliant colors, different textures, geometry shapes.But even without such tricks, you can create a beautiful interior - a bed on the floor fluffy snow-white carpet, believe me, you will not regret.Put in Poing room white leather, it brings elegance, and rest it will be very convenient.

Clearance floors and walls in white bedroom


white bedroom, with its inherent attributes: white PVC windows, often to a room put white interior doors, the same color, respectively, selected textiles and furniture looks quitecold and not comfortable.And if, to complete it, your apartment is located on the north side, the sun entering the room is minimal, which also give this interior homeliness.

If things are going wrong, as we would like, and you dream of a beautiful white bedroom, then we recommend that you use as the white furniture and walls of the room, but the other attributes you can use bright colors.There is another option: the floor with furniture can be white, but the walls can be issued in a different color scheme.These options make the white interior is not so frighteningly white.

want the cozy white bedroom?Then paint the walls in shades of milk, well suited ivory color, decorate the room with white furniture and pastel colors, add competently interior textiles of the same color.The secret to this interior was dimly lit, dim lights will find in a bedroom, it will create a tranquil atmosphere.

If the bedroom is located on the south side, and the climate is hot and humid, then take to finish the cold shades - let it be a blue and white color, white with a gray tint or green, these colors will give a cool room.

Choosing Furniture Interior white bedroom


Contrary to the logical view, the furniture is not necessarily to buy a snow-white.You can even choose a dark set, provided that select white textiles, which is well combined with the bed or closet.A perfect solution would be for the presence of a dark closet mirrors, they successfully dilute the darkness inherent in the furniture.In addition, this technique is very common in other styles of interior, for example, this method is welcome in a classic style, high-tech and even Japanese.

Let's look at what bedroom furniture will be most necessary, and from which you can get rid of or just do not buy:

  • bed;
  • wardrobe or some other system for storage;
  • have to be upholstered furniture: a sofa or chairs;
  • dresser - an indispensable attribute of the bedrooms.

Today, when more and more space is zoned for the inability to distinguish yourself extra room, so often referred to in the bedroom space for:

  • personal mini-cabinet;
  • village To relax, read;
  • TV;
  • bedside tables;
  • shelving units, shelves for flowers.

How to decorate a white bedroom

Interior - bedroom - in - Scandinavian - stile9

White bedroom is to use it in textiles and accessories of the same or, in extreme cases, the right color.That's because the freshness and purity - the main motto of the white bedrooms.If you create a bedroom country style of Provence, or you can add in the interior light notes of floral ornaments.For example, suppose on a white sofa will be decorative pillows embroidered with a floral or buy the curtains with a large, but not flashy colors.Excellent combination of paintings with a floral theme, or still lifes.As accessories you can choose unpretentious in appearance of clear glass vases without decoration, they can put the ordinary daisy or other wildflowers.Do not roses or other flowers bohemian, they do not fit to the interior.In such

bedrooms perfectly match objects in black and white colors, here you can offer frames for photo or any other accessories.

As we have said, white is refreshing and soothing.But, you see, everything should be in moderation, so that the space did not seem too dull and not alive.Still, to fear the effect of "a la the hospital room."Bring in a touch of white paint, but not too bright note.Be sure these colors should be combined with the white and not to create an imbalance.For example, be sure to take a green, blue or beige.In addition, any bedroom revive corner of nature, sit in a beautiful white flower pots, empty room will come alive with green paint.

style interior with white furniture

White - spalnyash

not necessary to do a bedroom all in white, and sometimes furniture is enough to make the desired effect was achieved.Consider several styles, which include the presence of white furniture:

  1. Provence style.
  2. Victorian style.
  3. Mediterranean style.
  4. Scandinavian style.

consider each of the styles more, analyze the nuances of creating such a bedroom.

Provence style

Picture 2- bedroom - design - in - style - Provence

Connoisseurs comfortable and happy homes especially appreciate this style, he brings not only required us comfort and peace of mind, but also enables our imagination to roam.This style is inherent in wooden white furniture, it is possible to light the effect of antiquity.You can buy or make to order from the regular bed frame wood, and later to paint it white.An interesting step will be a beautiful painting frame ornaments, but not too alyapisto.

As for the cabinet or other furniture, they also can be recreated in the right style of their own hands.Buy or make to order a wardrobe of ordinary wood.Paint it with white paint, it is important that the brush was tough, the only way we will achieve the desired effect.Paint a brush will give the required divorce, which is just characteristic of the style.To finish, after paint coat lacquer furniture, it will ask her look from the past.As we have said, it involves the use of patterns of Provence or painting.Wardrobe can paint yourself, if you have a good draw or a good idea will be decoupage, which will come to the rescue.

bedroom Scandinavian style

photo - bedroom - in - provence

a visual style is characterized by the creation of the small rooms are large and spacious.Furniture in this style is to look historical, seen species.Cracks in it, chipped corners or lose pens - give the interior zest.Of course, there are some similarities with the previous style, the only difference is that the time frame for furniture here are unlimited.

to decorate the furniture of this style with their hands, enough to turn to the previous advice, which belonged to the Provencal style.One "but" it can be used not only wood furniture that made of metal.

Mediterranean style interior

bedroom camera 21 Grain

Mediterranean style is easy to get to this mix in the interior of white and blue.Excellent solution will look, where there is a bright blue stretch ceiling or blue textiles.Style characteristic conciseness, it is not inherent in furniture is not natural materials.That is, again, the furniture should be wood, and textiles - cotton priority.In a bedroom, a mandatory condition - the presence of a geranium plant.

To create this style in the interior of a bedroom, add a bright blue color.For example, use a small floor mat, especially good if it is handmade.Hand embroidery complement this style.It goes well wicker furniture, in which case it will be enough 1 wicker chair or stool.

Victorian style white bedroom


This style was invented by the British Queen Victoria, it was she who laid the new values ​​in the interiors of many homes.She wanted to get away from the luxury interiors and add to their modesty and purity.Furniture for a bedroom should be white with blue interspersed with ornaments and patterns.Something that reminds gzhel pattern, but in English thin and delicate.

Create your own style bedroom


All these styles are familiar to many, but what if none of them does not belong to the soul?Try to float the imagination and vision of the perfect white bedroom.Be guided in this by some principles.

  1. in the bedroom for a change must necessarily be a game between color and texture.
  2. Do not choose it white color, try using shades.
  3. If you realize that the furniture in white came out too much, try to dilute it with beige, matte shades of other interior items.

How to revive the bedroom in white

bel_nezhnost - Int

  1. White goes well with many other colors and shades, consider the most advantageous combination of: vivacity bring white room combined with a steel color, red or even black.Let these colors will be interspersed, bright spots to the main color;combine white with green and purple;white with blue room will add lightness.
  2. to room did not seem boring, try to order designer furniture for the bedroom, then your room will have its own, unique style.
  3. When you select the chandeliers and lamps, be sure to opt for the color options.
  4. If you create a white bedroom country house, keep in mind that she will look amazing with large and wide windows.
  5. Despite the complete contradiction of black and white will be a great tandem for the bedroom.

The white color has a unique feature - it reflects the other colors, especially bright colors.For example, if the white wall is a bright green table, the wall itself from it will take a green tint.Therefore, pay attention to what colors you have in common with white.

Bedroom interior in white.Photo

hild_v2_8_0000 904091 bedroom bed -and-white - ottoman 13870206078651_v1920h1440 the famous hotel - grache14 white - in-the- bedroom Vastu Shastra , Interiors , Clea - VNITI - thigh

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