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December 13, 2017 00:01

Design red bathroom : photos, interior design ideas

Repair of bathroom, sooner or later awaits everyone, and one of the most controversial issues is the color palette of the updated rooms.On the one hand, I want to try something new, on the other - to keep up with fashion, with the third - it is necessary to take into account the impact of color on the psyche and the visual perception of the interior as a whole.If you are not alien to some eccentricity or just want to radically change the situation, we suggest to pay attention to the bathroom in red.In this article, we will analyze in detail all the nuances of using red tones in the interior of the bathroom.


Strength red

If red is your favorite color, a closed issue.But even those who are indifferent to the red, may like the idea to issue a bathroom in such tones.This is one of the most exciting and controversial colors in nature, which has an incredible force that can both create and destroy.Let's see how the red color affects the human psyche, and how the interior is influenced by it.

Bathroom vith ed waltz

impact of red color on the psyche

known that the bath is one of the private rooms in any accommodation, so the mood there should create an appropriate mood of the hosts and the most intimate.It is not only and not so much about romance, how to organize a comfortable space in which to be comfortable in solitude.Red symbolizes activity, passion, energy and joy, so it should be used with restraint for the bathroom.Otherwise you risk getting relaxation instead of constant emotional depression and stress.

It is worth mentioning once that red colors a lot, and not all of them cause a surge of passion and power.Some calm, "dilute" an environment that emphasize the overall mood, etc.On the use of shades and a combination of red and other colors, we'll talk later.

Design red - bath - room - 42-550h413

Red (we are talking about "pure" red) is a potent stimulator of physical and mental processes, adjusts the activity and raises vitality.Therefore, the morning douche in a red bathroom would be akin to the energy bomb exploding inside the person.But since we spend in the bathroom only a small fraction of the time, can not be limited to only one red, and "play" with its application to the morning he is willing, but the evening does not interfere relax.

important point: The abundance of red and relaxation are incompatible, so if you are insomnia, anxiety appears light or emotional attacks (fear, aggression, etc.), please refrain from the use of red in the interior at all or give preference to the less "aggressive" itshades.

impact of red color on the interior

known that any color to some extent affects the visual perception of space.Red visually reduces it, but it does not mean that it can not be used for compact bathrooms.This visual effect can easily compensate for all kinds of design tricks and techniques.For example, if you limit the use of the red cells, and lay out a tile is only one wall, painted in red bath itself or buying a red shell, you can get a spectacular and stylish interior.Also red often used in combination with other colors, "neutralizing" and its aggressive effect of softening the intensity.

Design red - bath - room - 43-491h450

for small red bath is an effective design tool zoning - color makes a clear distinction between the space separating the bathroom from the washing area, toilet (if WC), etc.To visually enlarge the space, use the frameless large mirror of any shape.If the bathroom very very tiny, think hard to change the bath to shower.

If you are the proud owner of a spacious bathroom, use and carefully plan the environment, taking into account not only color, but also practical solutions.For example, lies at the surface of the pipe can be hidden behind tiles or plasterboard boxes, shell put on the highest podium of red stone or initially buy red porcelain sink.Convenient and stylish solution - red tiled wall behind the tub.It can be pure red, interspersed with other colors or image themes.

Design red - bath - room - 7

Do not forget about illumination - the right lighting can create real miracles.One lamp in the center of the ceiling - this last century.Today there are many options for bathroom lighting: spotlights in the ceiling and the floor, LED strip for the mirror, lights, shelves and bath, outdoor waterproof lighting, etc.Light can focus on the design of a red bathroom or, on the contrary, make it soft and neutral.

Tip: fits scattered but fairly intense light, so as not to give glare, but it covers all the necessary areas for the bathroom in red colors.It is understood that one of the ceiling lamp is not enough.

Red bathroom requires proper organization lighting - artificial light should be diffused and sufficiently intensive.One ceiling chandelier is not enough.

So, it is best to look red in large rooms, but let and small.If you live in a classic Khrushchev, refrain from using the bathroom in the interior of bright scarlet or crimson color in the design of the walls.But if you paint the curb red or perform some inserts like that, it would be quite appropriate.

Red Andes - Jelle -tila - desizhn vor Tkhe - bathroom - bushes

But whatever may be the size of a bathroom, do not monochrome red interior!If the red color will dominate, it will automatically put pressure on the psyche and irritate eyes.Try to dilute the monochrome shades of red with three different saturation.The interior, which is arranged in several shades and colors, looks much more interesting.Painting and decoration items in a bathroom can and should be different.For example, white sanitary ware on a red wall at the same time emphasizes the richness of decoration and profitable shining pure white against this background.

Choice red style bathroom

can use red for all styles in the interior, whether classic, vintage, modern, minimalist or high-tech.It is a versatile color, but you should know how to "dispense" in certain situations.The most appropriate style for decoration in red colors are: Japanese, minimalist, classic and the ecliptic.Each of them creates a special mood, and red color acts as a tool, or the background leading to the creation of this mood.For peace and tranquility prevails, high spirituality, sobriety and clarity of the images, so there can not be too much red and small parts (minimalism prevails) in the Japanese style.

en - in - Japanese - style - 5

bathroom in a classic style automatically can not be small, since there are relevant elements of the interior, claiming to be a luxury and antique.Accordingly, if you create a design, discard the use of modern materials such as plastic, silicone or stylize them in accordance with the style.In this case, fit the bronze-red tint, or other "rich" variations in combination with gold and silver.To be inspired, look at the finish of the palaces of kings and emperors of the past.

For modernity is characteristic zoning space with color.Combinations can be made with the most bizarre and unusual.As for the technology, prefer the most compact and functional devices with concise design.Modern good because it is easy to implement in any quadrature with any budget.


However, the favorite technique of contemporary designers is to mix different styles, that is eclectic.However, it should be careful - when mismanagement situation will not stylish, but chaotic and tasteless.

Items and accessories for the red bath

If you are unsure whether or not to issue a bathroom in red, try to use it a little - paint some items to hang on the wall red picture scarlet curtain for the bathroom, lay the red carpet, etc..d.So you will see and be able to evaluate whether the color suits the room and you personally.

offer to see how you can "revive" the bathroom with the help of red in the items, accessories and decoration:

  1. for indecisive people fit version with red towels, rugs and small items that can be removed from the interior, if necessary.Below the photograph is a bathroom, decorated in Mediterranean style, in which it is used such a method.In addition to the red carpet of towels and window frame is also painted red.Note that in this case, the red color is quite dark and close to Brown, but because it does not cause disharmony and looks natural.
  2. Red ottomans, drapes and patterns on the walls perfectly complement the bathroom interior in Japanese style.
  3. If you want to use a picture in the interior of the bathroom, keep in mind that not every material and paint withstand such operating conditions - in the bath constant humidity and temperature changes.For these purposes ideal picture of colored glass pieces.
    Fashionable - ed - aktsents - Eun - Tae - bathroom - bushes
  4. effective and affordable solution for a minimalist bathroom - a red wall that focuses simultaneously separates functional areas.To do this, you will need only one bank of paint, but the paint does not fit any.For the bathroom, choose the most environmentally friendly and the hydrophobic composition.It is best to use latex paint - it can withstand direct contact with moisture, protects the wall from getting wet and does not prevent them to "breathe".More information on paint choice for the bathroom you will find in the article "Painting the walls in the bathroom: step by step instructions."
  5. If you want to arrange a bath in neutral pastel colors, do not let monotony of the interior, otherwise the room will be boring and nondescript.Be sure to add a couple of bright spots in the form of red cabinets or countertops.
  6. Use tile and a mosaic of red shades.Finishing just one wall is able to instantly transform a room and give it a unique style.For information about how to glue the tiles, you will find in the article "Laying the tiles in the bathroom with their hands."

color combinations

can use red color in any style, but to present it effectively, you need to follow some rules.Firstly, for a retro-style minimalism and high-tech is better to choose high-gloss red cover and objects.Matte is suitable for a more peaceful areas of the design, such as the Mediterranean, country or classical.

Second, learn to harmoniously combine red with other shades and colors to get the desired result, and liven up the atmosphere.Red looks good next to a black, white, gray, brown and orange.If you are using a small red tile or mosaic, try to combine it with elements of azure, green, silver (graphite), pearl, chocolate or chestnut color.

Design red - bath - room - 7-425h450

Red combined with yellow and green looks very fresh and stylish.If you want to use red and blue, do it very carefully, because the color contrast to one another and can give negative effect.It is best to carry out similar experiments in a large room where the overload situation is quite difficult.

methods of implementation of red in the interior:

  1. Local - partial use of the red tiles, and furniture.Basically thus produce zoning area or the focus.
  2. Scale - if the room is dominated by red, it should be diluted and partially neutralized (muted) or less contrasting colors bright hues.

Red white bathroom

combination of red and white when you make a bathroom the most common.This interior is very strongly influences the psychophysical condition of the person at the same time relaxing and helping to focus on the important things.Red with white perfect complement and highlight the excellence of each other, that's why so many poets and writers have mentioned this combination in his works.Shakespeare is considered "aloe on white" perfection, and when the queen pricked her finger, and a drop of blood fell on the pure white snow, she guessed the birth of the most beautiful girls - Snow White.

Design red - bath - room - 6

Red and white interior mainly choose creative people, open to everything new, bold personality, experimenters, and the young couple.However, there is the style and nuances.There is no clear separation of colors, so you should be able to "dispense" red and white, to achieve the desired effect.Also, no harm will dilute the coffee situation, graphite or gold color.

Tip: Many people see for themselves only one combination of red and white.But sometimes it looks too officious and something was missing.Try to supplement this palette of soft shades of chocolate and honey.

If red prevails in the interior, the entire plumbing and furnishings should be white.If the leading color is white, do the opposite and set the red furniture and sanitary ware.It is worth noting that the first option is cheaper, because red decoration materials are much smaller than red plumbing.


For the perfect harmony of red and white, place the red ceramic vertical stripes.One wall can and does make a solid red.To focus attention on the mirror make around it a low border of a red glossy tiles.

Red and black bathroom

reason it is considered that the combination of red and black have to symbolize grief, rigor or even apartments of Count Dracula.However, the reality is quite different - a red-black bathroom is always incredibly stylish, moderately bright and spectacular.For a large room, and it did one of the most interesting options.If desired, the color can be supplemented with some shade, but best of all, according to the designers look graphite and white.

Black plumbing is more expensive than red, but if the issue price does not bother you, you can create a truly luxurious interior.The photo below is demonstrated just such a bath, and when you look only delight felt it, but not the thoughts of grief and vampires, is not it?To mitigate the severe situation, you can decorate the walls with paintings and prints a neutral color.

Design red - bath - room - 3-550h413

lighting in a bathroom should be bright and multilevel.Ideally, try to use natural and artificial light sources.

Design red bathroom can be very diverse in what we hope, we have already managed to convince.Finally, we offer back up information Pictures of the stylish bathroom interior in red tones.

Red bathroom: photo

Asyan - style - povder - Rohm -in - dazzlyng - ed - bushes


red - tile - vannaya2

GLOSS - ed - tiles vor Tkhe - Contemporary - bathroom - bushes


Bathroom vith ed waltz

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