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August 12, 2017 18:06

Decorating the windows slopes with their own hands - plaster , plasterboard , PVC panels

Article Contents:

  • 1 Finishing slopes plaster with your hands
  • 2 Plastic slopes
  • 3 Finishing slopes plasterboard

process of installation of plastic windows does not end with the installation of glass, and requires finishing slopes.For the inside of the window openings suitable materials such as drywall, plaster, plastic, wood, tile or stone.For exterior slope is recommended to use materials that are resistant to external influences (temperature changes, moisture, wind), best suited metal, plastic, clinker brick.The most common finishing slopes using plastic, plaster and plasterboard.By the way now there is an innovative way to plaster ceiling by installing a lot of pressure.In its turn, it turns profitable suspended ceilings.

slopes with their own hands

finishing plaster slopes with their own hands

This method of decoration is used for a long year, it attracts by its simplicity and low cost, but will require more time than other methods.

Before starting work it is necessary to prepare the surface: clean it from dust and dirt, close the frame and sill using the film for the prevention of pollution, seal the existing cracks, fill in the gaps between the wall and the frame mounting foam, foam cut excess after curing a knife.

When working surface level.For this purpose use the beacons spaced at 3.5 cm from the window frame and the wooden bar as a guide.Then begin to fill the gap by plaster mortar glass perimeter.Then trim upward slope not more than 7.6 mm thick.

Dye slopes can be immediately after drying.

Plastic slopes

need a bit of time and skill, and the result will please complete neat view to finishing slopes plastic.This slope is not necessary in addition to plaster or paint.

slopes for devices made of PVC must perform measurements and cut out the available material on the strip.Then, the window is fastened by screws perimeter U-shaped profile.On the outer part of the window opening flush to the wall mounted wooden rack on which straps are fixed F-shaped profile.Then proceed to the slope device.Plastic blank installed in slots formed.

area between the wall and the PVC sheets filled with mineral wool insulation and assembly foam.The joints between the wall and the slope closed plastic area around the perimeter.Joints between sheets of plastic filled with silicone sealant suitable color.

Finishing slopes plasterboard

plasterboard Finishing slopes - the most time-consuming method of the above.Pre-need to take measurements and perform the cutting of the material.Plasterboard is necessary to take water-resistant (gypsum plasterboard) to prevent the dampness of the material and the formation of mold and mildew.nFmI_vrFglG

a cavity filled with mineral wool insulation and assembly foam.Upon completion of foam and dry it is cut with a knife, cut away the excess drywall, plastered joints and seams.Then apply the final coat of paint and putty.

Finishing slopes by any of the following methods: - employment, though time-consuming, but the ordinary man on the shoulder.The main thing is not to delay the execution of these works, as greige slopes lead to the deterioration of the thermal insulating qualities of the windows, due to deformation and damage to the foam.