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August 12, 2017 18:06

Power and electricity in the bathroom : the scheme and electricity installation

Electricity in the bathroom
  • How to start the installation?
  • Materials
  • Safety
  • sequence works
  • Recommendations and advice

Wiring in the bathroom requires professional knowledge and skills, so if you are familiar with the electrician only at the household level, it is better to entrust all work related to theit skilled, well knowing the business.However, even if you charge the organization wiring professionals, you will be useful to know about the most important aspects and the basic stages of this work, to continue to be confident in their own safety and that of his family.After electricity in the event of any problems, can cause damage to household appliances, and at worst - cause serious damage to health. If you want to do the wiring with their hands, to study the matter in detail.In this article we have tried to summarize all the information on this topic.

Electrical appliances and lighting in the bathroom

In the bathroom due to the close proximity to the water, electricity danger is increased tenfold.That is why it is so important to organize the wiring in the bathroom all the rules.

All rules and recommendations on arrangement of electrical wiring in environments with high humidity levels prescribed in the "Rules for Electrical Installations", "building codes", as well as guests of the "Electrical installations of buildings."The documents are publicly available, so they are easy to read can be anyone.

Wires for the bathroom

How to start the installation?

begin wiring, usually by making a plan of the premises.With this work, you may well be able to cope on their own.Experts used to create wiring diagrams special computer program, but the novice masters will be more convenient to do it the old fashioned way: with a lead pencil on paper.With the construction of the roulette make all the necessary measurements and draw a simple drawing of the bathroom, do not forget to designate the location of the doors, sewer pipes, etc.

Drawing bathroom

Next you need to think about the arrangement of furniture and sanitary ware, because on these elements of the interior, we will choose the place for sockets.

Sockets for the bathroom

Count how many devices in the room will be running on electricity.At least - a washing machine.Plus one outlet is needed for small household appliances such as hair dryers, electric shavers, hair tongs, etc.Another outlet is desirable to provide a reserve - in the case of connecting the new equipment, such as shower cabin or an electric towel warmer.

Double socket in the bathroom

to bathroom walls were not entirely dotted rosettes, better to buy double.This approach not only saves space, but also require less physical effort, because under each socket in the wall is necessary to punch Stroebe, and it is - hard and dirty work.

should also consider coverage: decide how much will be in the bathroom lighting, and where they will be located.There are many options: it can be a classic ceiling, wall and floor lamps, LED lights, or something else.The light source may be one or more. main condition - that they were all water-resistant. In addition, there is space for ventilation and choose the way of its connection.

Waterproof lamp for bathroom


next stage - the choice of materials and equipment. We make a shopping list (the number of components will depend on the bathroom size and the number of electrical devices installed in the room):

  • power three-core copper cable. wires section should be different for different equipment.So, to connect home appliances necessary cable cross-section 4 mm.kv. wires to rosettes - 2.5 mm.kv. and for lighting - 15 mm.kv.Experts recommend to stop the choice on imported NYM cable or domestic VVGng;
  • set of plug-clamps. These mounts are used for the installation of electrical wires to the wall;
  • sockets and switches. When buying pay special attention to their characteristics: they must have an appropriate degree of protection against moisture and dust, they are indicated by labeling species IPXX, where the first digit - a class of dust protection and the second - class moisture protection.Sockets must be equipped with a special cap.
  • Waterproof lamps. Protection class denotes the same marks as in the outlets.
  • Power cable PV-3 , necessary for the organization of a potential equalization system.
Cable Bay for Wiring


The wiring is laid in the bathroom must meet several important requirements. You can not worry about security if:

  • electrical wires carried a hidden way;
  • on wiring installed RCD;
  • all electrical appliances are earthed;
  • in the bathroom no switches and distribution boards;
  • outlet protection class against moisture penetration not lower than IPX4;
  • sockets are installed at a distance of not less than 60 cm from the water sources;
  • all connections and connect electrical wires from outside of the room, without the use of terminals,
  • in the bathroom, in which there are powerful electrical appliances (eg washing machine or boiler), set the circuit breaker.
Wiring in the bathroom
Wiring on the ceiling
The wires in the corrugation

Particular attention should be paid to the organization of the ground. If your house was built in the XXI century, this time, most likely, has been accounted for builders.If you inhabit in an older building, the grounding devices have to take care of yourself.This is done very easily - through the electrical panel located in the stairwell.Some

grounded equipment is very risky way - via batteries or standpipe drain.Such ill-considered decision could cost lives, because we do not know the condition of the pipe outside of our apartment. Wiring - this is the case when it is better to go through a proven, rather than seek original solutions.


sequence works

  • First we need to prepare the walls of grooves for laying electrical wires and sockets. To do this with the help of punch hollow grooves under the wire (Stroebe) and nest under the outlet and junction box.Do it according to a plan drawn up at the initial stage.
  • Further, Enclosures are installed on site and the junction box. in Stroebe placed wires and fasten them with clamps or plug-cement mortar.The ends of the electric wires connected to the Escutcheon, not forgetting previously protect the insulation.
  • The next step is the installation of sockets. Experts recommend to mount the visible part of the sockets after the completion of finishing works, not to soil their building materials.
  • then connect to the machine wiring and residual current device. installation correctness is checked with a multimeter - a device that is able to detect the presence of a short circuit.
  • If everything is in order, can be repaired with a mixture of gypsum and Stroebe Rotband .
Shtroblenie walls for wiring
Laying cables
Installation Enclosures
Installation of outlets
Connecting to batchfile

We should also mention the organization of the system equalizing potentials.To do this, use a special power cable, which are connected by means of a washing machine, bath, sink and pipes with hot and cold water.All of this is connected to the grounding bus that is mounted on the opening panel.

Recommendations and advice

  • When buying electrical cables, pay attention to the material from which they are made.Preferably use copper instead of aluminum cables, as they will last you much longer.It is unacceptable to combine copper and aluminum wires.It is also advisable to check the cable cross-sectional area before purchasing - the dimensions shown on the packaging does not always correspond to reality.
  • should choose high-quality equipment.Machines and the RCD from trusted manufacturers that use good materials are usually more expensive, but in the course of operation fully justify its price.Experts advise to avoid the purchase of electronics and mechanical protective devices.They are safer because they do not need their own power supply.
  • If you are upgrading wiring throughout the house, its connection to the meter is better to entrust the power company.First, it is safer, and secondly, deliver you from further problems with counter sealing.
Outlets in the bathroom
RCD bathroom
Wiring and Administration

Thus, wiring - this is a very important stage of repair of the bathroom, because of how well the work is done, the security of living dependsapartment people.It is therefore important to choose the right materials and equipment, to take all necessary safety measures and to act in compliance with all the recommendations.

Connecting to the counter