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August 12, 2017 18:06

Gas column pezorozzhigom : pezorozzhigom for the gas column , how to incorporate

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Gas column pezorozzhigom
  • How does it work?
  • Features columns pezorozzhigom
  • To enable column pezorozzhigom?

modern gas water heaters are divided into types depending on the method of their inclusion. One of the most common variants of the ignition of such equipment is pezorozzhigom. you can find in the sale of the column pezorozzhigom Neva, Bosch, Electrolux and many other manufacturers.They are available, reliable and fairly easy to use, if you know how to include them.

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How does it work?

inside the machine with pezorozzhigom has a pilot burner, which operates constantly.Its combustion heats the thermocouple, is responsible for the opening of the gas solenoid valve.As soon as the pilot light goes out, the thermocouple cools and stops the gas flow into the equipment.To restart the column should ignite the pilot burner again.

Ignition occurs through the formation of a spark from the piezoelectric element.When a user opens faucet igniter ignites the main burner, which begins heating the water in the heat exchanger.

Gas boiler with pezorozzhigom

Features columns pezorozzhigom

  • Due to the constant burning wick such devices spend a little more gas than the device with automatic ignition.
  • column operation is controlled by a thermocouple safety, fixing the flame.If the flame goes out, gas equipment will not do.
  • cost of such columns is slightly lower than the models ELECTRONIC.
Pezorozzhigom for geyser

To enable column pezorozzhigom?

first inclusion of this type of column must be performed manually, by pressing the two buttons - the first is responsible for the flow of gas, and the second piezoelectric element is presented.Clamping button start gas should be up to the moment when the wick will not burn without your efforts (about 15-30 seconds).During this time, the thermocouple heats up and begins to generate current, keeping the gas valve open.

Then you can release the button and open the hot water tap.At the same time through the viewing window, you will notice as lights the main burner.When the valve is closed, the main burner flame is extinguished and remains on only the igniter.If it is turned off for re-ignition should again press the button pezorozzhigom and gas supply.

Gas boiler with pezorozzhigom
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