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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to remove old grout from the tile joints : methods for removing grout

Old grout into joints between tiles , ways of its removal
  • When the grout is to remove?
  • Preparations
  • mechanical methods for removing grout
  • Chemical methods for removing grout
  • seam Update

Repair apartments often turns to people in the endless struggle, during which spent a lot of effort, money, and most importantly - time.Therefore, many prefer to update the look of your apartment a facelift.The most demanding room is a bathroom, as even qualitatively make repairs quickly lose its original luster when exposed to moisture.Almost all of the people are trying to finish the bathroom tiles, because this material is able to withstand many years of negative influence of moisture.The appearance of the tiles even road can damage the grout, which darkens over time, blackens, it produced chips and cracks.Therefore the question of replacing the grout is important to many owners.

The old grout between the tile joints on the walls in the bathroom

Substitution grout often necessary for the following reasons:

  • the substrate material does not fill the entire depth of the seams.As a result, the air spaces are formed that destroy grout;
  • using the wrong type of grout: bathroom definitely need to choose a moisture repellent and water-resistant grout, as it is due to the ingress of water and there is a destruction of the material;
  • use aggressive cleaning agents: when washing the tiles in the bathroom, sometimes using strong chemicals that destroy not only dirt but also the grout and wash outer cover tiles.Therefore, in order to prevent negative effects on the tiles and joints must be chosen more carefully cleaners.The main thing to remember - expensive - not always the best.
The new grout to the brown and white tiles in the bathroom

When the grout is to remove?

After two or three years of fresh grout repair, if the work was done poorly, begins to darken, until that becomes almost black hue.This happens due to the fact that microcracks are formed in the grout, and sometimes large gap which gets wet.Under the influence of moisture begins to form the mold, which looks like black spots.Do not wait for the appearance of mold, as if time does not take action to remove it, begin the process of destruction of tiles.At that time, when you notice that the grout between the tiles have lost their integrity, or slightly changed its color: the beginning of duck, you should consider replacing the grout to avoid the negative effects came.

Mold on the walls and the tile grout in the bathroom

Despite the fact that remove the grout is very simple, there are often problems: when properly selected method, you can destroy the tiles, replacement of which can cost a round sum.Therefore, only use proven methods to remove grout from the tile joints.


Before starting any construction and repair work necessary to pay attention to the protection of their health.During repair, the human body collides with a large amount of dust, to the skin of various materials, many of which cause irritation or allergic response, and the fine particles may damage the eyes or other parts of the face.Therefore, before you begin is to buy gloves, respirator and goggles.Fully protect yourself from the negative effects, you are ready to go.

Rubber gloves , respirator and goggles for repairs in the bathroom

mechanical methods for removing grout

drill with a drill

Before you start removing grout in this way, all seams should be treated with a special solution of vinegar and water (at the rate of one to two).Apply the solution is more convenient to use a soft cloth or an ordinary sponge for washing dishes, then it is necessary to wait for 15-20 minutes until the solution soak into the grout.

Cleaning grout using a solution of vinegar and water

Prepare drill: drill diameter to be the width of the seam, so as not to damage the edges of the tiles.In addition, you must use a tool only at low speed drill and well pressed to the seam, which would be at work, it is not flew off and damaged the appearance of the tiles.

Removing the old grout using a drill

If the farm is not a drill, it is possible to use any metal objects that can catch part of the grout.Requirements for selection of only two tools: it must be less sharp (thin), and the elongated shape.Removing occur through progressive movements up-down.

Removing the old grout with a screwdriver

also similar work can be done and with the help of grinders.Naturally, the diameter of the disc, zholzhen match tile seam.

Removing the old grout using a grinder

After removing all the main parts of grout joints must be cleaned from the remnants of the material should preferably be used for this purpose cotton swabs or a special wiper, and then, the surface is ready for application of new grouting.


To remove the grout mechanically fit and normal metal spatula, which is sold in any hardware store.Its structure allows to easily remove the old grout or damaging the exterior tiles, provided that the surface was sufficiently well handled by the above solution.

Removing the old grout with a spatula

Chemical methods for removing grout

If mechanical methods do not help, or you do not have the desire or the time to manually remove the remnants of the material, you can use chemical means as proven "people", andmodern.When using chemicals, you need to be careful, becausepossible chemical effects on the tiles can spoil her appearance.In addition, the above measures to protect their health are mandatory in this case.

Softening of the old grout between the tiles with the help of chemical agents

solution of citric acid

To prepare this solution must be mixed citric acid and water, then let brew time.After that, by applying to the remains of grout with a sponge or cloth to remove all unwanted particles without difficulty.To use this method it is necessary to achieve a high concentration, in addition, do not again without the use of a spatula or a knife, which will need to remove the bulk of the grout.

citric acid solution to soften the old grout between the tiles

Modern chemicals

Valo Clean - helps soften the hardened grout. After use of the facility, the remnants of the substance must be removed by mechanical means.

Litostrip - also helps to soften the grout. If after the initial treatment were any solids must be repeated by the same procedure.

Valo Clean to soften the old grout between the tiles
Litostrip to soften the old grout between the tiles

In addition, there are a large number of chemicals that are specifically designed for a particular type of grout.In most cases, they are under the same trademark with grout.Such funds as efficiently as possible suitable for removing old grout.

seam Update

When replacing the grout is not required, you can use the seam upgrade.When used correctly, this method, the grout should acquire its original shade, as well as to restore its integrity and strength.To update the joint need to buy special chemicals that are sold in almost every hardware store.Among them are: Edding 8200, PUFAS FRISCHE FUGE, LITOCLEAN, which are produced in white and shades of gray, but they can be used Colera.

Updating the old grout between the tiles