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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to decorate the bathroom plastic panels

What you need to decorate the bathroom plastic panels

In order to begin work on the decoration of the bathroom plastic panels, it is necessary to prepare a number of tools and materials:

  • panels of polyvinyl chloride.
  • Trims for crates.
  • Mounting stapler.
  • Mounting knife.
  • More tools.

sheathe the bathroom plastic panels:

Action Plan Work on finishing the bathroom plastic panels composed of a number of incremental activities:

  • Getting Started.
  • create original bathroom interior.
  • Mounting brackets.
  • Preparation of PVC panels.
  • started.
  • Jobs in the corner.
  • use of additional elements.

Step by step guide: How to make the bathroom plastic panels.

Step 1: Preparing for the finishing bath

room for the bathroom is better to use plastic cladding panels of light tones.Before the start should prepare all the elements needed to work.These elements are plastic panels themselves, strips of wood, pre-treated water-repellent substance, fixing materials.

Step 1 : Preparing for finishing bathroom

Step 2: think over design

finish To achieve originality can be used not only the diversity of color panels, but also a combination of sizes.There is a view in alternating wide and narrow PVC panels.

Step 3: fasten lath under plastic panels

Wooden slats impregnated with water-repellent substance, must be fixed to the wall so that they are parallel to the floor surface.To trims were on the same level, it is necessary to use a plumb and level.

Step 3 : Fix a lath under the plastic panel

Step 4: prepare PVC panel perpetuate

before using the plastic panels must be checked for the presence of any contaminants.Also, do not start the installation of PVC panels immediately after their transportation.Building materials should lie down in the room after delivery and "get used" to the environment.

Step 4 : Ready PVC panels to consolidate

Step 5: proceed to finish the bathroom plastic panels

begin installation of plastic panels is from the doorway.They should be attached to the groove side of the next element.As fixtures are best to use self-tapping screws or mounting a stapler.Stapler greatly facilitates and speeds up the work.

Step 5 : proceed to finish the bathroom plastic panels

Step 6: The corner stone trim panels - angles

After installation close to the corner of the room, it is necessary to measure a straight line distance from the last element to the next, then you need to cut the material and attach it on the line.

Step 7: fittings and ancillary items for installation

additional panel members considered materials such as skirting boards, sills, corners and finishing of plastic guides.Materials should strengthen the 20 minutes after the installation of plastic panels, pre-lubricated with water resistant adhesive.

Thus, the article described and characterized mounting process of plastic panels in a bathroom.