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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to choose a lawn mower : types of lawn mowers and their characteristics

divided into local area green lawn looks quite nice, that's just to keep all this beauty in the proper form, you need to take care of him. If you do not water, and time does not cut the grass, it becomes a clearing overgrown with weeds.This is why people and came up with a technique such as a lawn mower.

Modern industry produces a fairly wide variety of these machines.They differ from each other in many ways, although the purpose of all one - to maintain the lawn in order.Deal with such a variety of garden equipment is difficult and the issue of how to choose a lawn mower is vital for many owners of beautiful lawns.This will be discussed in this article - we will examine the diversity of this type of machine and we will understand what is required of them for you.

How to choose a lawn mower

How to choose a lawn mower

How to choose a lawn mower

How to choose a lawn mower

What are lawnmowers

Once the do not call these machines: trimmers, trimmers, lawn mowers, brushcutters, but all of these models have something in common - they share methodsuse.All types of lawn mowers can be divided into three main types:

  1. Hand mower .This type of mechanical braid is a post-holder, one end of which is an electric or gasoline engine, and on the other - the cutting mechanism.They are produced in two versions: in the first case the mower by means of the belt can be worn on the shoulders, thereby facilitating the operator's work, in the second case, the user simply holds it by the handles.This type of lawn mower copes with any amount of work, but their main hobby - it is an opportunity to cut the grass in the vicinity of the bushes and trees.And, if handled adroitly, they are almost impossible to hurt - the fact that the working part of these machines has a protective cover, which protects the useful vegetable crops from the work of this machine.
Manual lawn mower photo

Manual lawn mower photo

Mowing the lawn mower manual

mowing the lawn mower manually

  1. Wheel mowers .Their main purpose - big and smooth lawns.Hand truck with the engine mounted thereon and a work knife in one pass is able to overcome a rather large portion of the lawn.It does not have to carry in their hands, the operator simply rolls her meadow.A significant disadvantage of this machine is its inability to work close to trees, walls and bushes.Wheeled garden mowers are produced in three versions - they can be equipped with the capacity to collect grass clippings, with mulching function (when the grass cuttings interrupted almost dust, thrown on the lawn, and serves as a good fertilizer.) Or do not have neither the one nor the other.
Bosch Lawn Mowers

mower Bosch

  1. Raiders .This Rider, in fact, is the real mini-tractor.The operator sits in a comfortable chair, placed on a wheeled cart, and manages it.Raiders move and mow the grass by a powerful petrol engine and are designed exclusively for use on large areas.As wheeled mowers, they can be equipped with the capacity to collect grass clippings or mulching function.
Husqvarna Lawn Mowers

mower Husqvarna

important point to which you want to draw attention, coming to the question of how to choose a lawn mower, it is the source of its power, depending on what this garden tool can be both electric and petrol.The main difference between them is in relation to the power supply.Electric mowers are limited in application - from full-scale operations, it holds only the power cord.So go with her out of town and a little mow for fun you do not get.In this case, we need petrol lawnmowers - this is the essence of their value.They are not attached to the power supply and can work anywhere, anytime.

Another significant difference in the source of supply is the power of these tools - gasoline engine is much more powerful and able to cope even with the high and thick grass.If you need a lawn mower for tall grass, it must necessarily have a gasoline engine and a metal knife.

How to choose a lawn mower: what to look for

Lawnmower Bosch Rotak

mower Bosch Rotak

There are three main factors that have a direct influence on the selection of lawn mowers - This type of mowing grass, terrain and processing area.

  1. type mowed grass.Based on this factor, it is necessary to determine the capacity of the acquired unit.If it is an ordinary lawn grass with a soft, buy something too powerful machine is not necessary - it will be enough lawnmowers average power.But when it comes to weeds and high grasses, it is better to give preference to powerful petrol braids.
  2. terrain.This factor determines the design selected mower.For a smooth, well-designed lawn mower great fit wheel or raiders.But if we are talking about highly uneven terrain or steep slopes, these devices here will do little good.Top lawn mowers for this area - hand, but they are able to cope with this type of soil relief.
  3. Area processing.In this respect, all simple.For small lawns in size from 1 to 3 acres should be fine or thin braids manual trimmers.For larger pieces of land from 3 to 5 acres is better to use wheeled lawnmowers.But for the treatment of large areas such as football pitches, will be indispensable powerful trimmer.

Also, when choosing a mower should be paying attention to other small nuances of the design of these devices.

Take, for example, a technical feature of these machines is the presence of the drum to cut grass - you'll need it in those cases when the grass cuttings will be used for any purpose.It is much easier to collect it in a special tank and removed from there in bales ready than later raking the grass rake.

Husqvarna Lawn Mowers

Lawn mowers Husqvarna photo

Mower to give Honda

mower to give Honda

Mower to give Honda

Gardening mower Honda

more necessary to take into account the weight of the mower - a person with a weak physical preparation is better to prefer a light hand mowers or wheeled devices.

can not be discounted and the reliability of these machines - buying a new lawnmower, you have to be sure that it will work without failure for at least 2-3 seasons.

In general, the question of how to choose a lawn mower is quite complex in the first place, not on the technical side, and from the convenience and feasibility of its application in certain conditions.Although the technical characteristics, too, can not get round.

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