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August 12, 2017 18:07

New design children's room

just as children do In the world there is no adult who would have rejoiced the arrival of the New Year even if you truly love this holiday, and he brings you real bliss, still it your child will be a hundred times happieron this day!So why not try and not give him the magic of New Year's, long before the onset of the holiday?

Baby New Year

Baby New Year: the best holiday for your child

great help in this - appropriate New design children's room, with which you can create a Christmas mood in the child in the weeks before the holiday.And if you think you think about decorating the children's hard, you're wrong - most of them can be made with your own hands!

One of the best - the creation of boots, in which then the child will bring gift Santa Claus (or Santa Claus - here that is closer to you!).Of course, these boots that hung over the fireplace - it's not our tradition, but they are so wonderful to decorate the interior and create a magnificent Christmas mood, that they should definitely try!

Baby New Year

Baby New Year

This boot can be found in any store, but it's better if you do it yourself - it will suit even the usual woolen socks with Christmas ornaments, and to further please the child, to wear can be embroideredhis name.This will also be the ideal option for large families.By the way, these boots do not need put great gifts - a child will be happy in the morning to find them and sweets or traditional New Year's tangerines.

second option - to make a Christmas decoration child's room with the child himself.This, too, is easy, especially if your child - a creative person.For example, you can do this Santa Claus:

Baby New Year

For these purposes, you will need regular fir-cone, which will serve as a "body" for Santa and a red cap and white beard can be built from scrap materials.The toy is made by the hands of the child, will be the best in his personal children's fur-tree!

Another option - to sew Christmas toys (you can do deer, bears the same or Santa Claus).

Baby New Year

Such toys can be both decoration and a great gift for a child.

Finally, another way to decorate a child's room for the New Year - bags for gifts!

Baby New Year

This accessory is easy to sew their own hands, and that he had all the days before the holiday will attract attention to your child, which will constantly check to see whether there were gifts in the bag even before the holiday!This bag can also embroider the baby's name or short greeting, and the area of ​​gift boxes that will look out of it the morning of January 1 will cause your child a lot of joy and happiness from the fact that its expectations has finally come true, and the holiday has onceonce brought him such welcome surprises!

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