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August 12, 2017 18:07

Knitted things for the house - crafts , jewelry , accessories, furniture and other interior details crocheted

latest fashion trends 2012 in the interior - it's all kinds of home decoration items made in a comfortable "home" style .It is worth to pay attention to all kinds of knitted things for the house and furniture.These things create an atmosphere of comfort and coziness.Another plus of knitted things in the interior - it is an opportunity to give an old, slightly worn subjects new cozy look.

Knitting has long been fashionable hobby mills in Europe, and more recently, in addition to the traditional hats, sweaters and scarves fashionable knit masterpieces to decorate the interior.The beauty of knitted gizmos is that they can fit almost any decor - they will look always appropriate and original.

These include, first and foremost, knitted poufs and furniture, the soft parts which are finished with a knitted pattern.Fashion for knitted interior in 2011 by Italian designer Patricia Urquiola (Patricia Urquiola).Thanks to her, there were big puffs seat, finished in the top of the hair related in many different ways.In 2012, this idea has become very popular among designers, they have thought through dozens of variations on the theme of knitted interior design.Best of all these ottomans and other furniture with the surface in the form of rough mating fit in a country style.They also perfectly complement the interior in minimalist style.

Knitted furniture Patricia Urquiola (Patricia Urquiola)

Knitted furniture Patricia Urquiola (Patricia Urquiola)

Knitted furniture Patricia Urquiola (Patricia Urquiola)

Knitted furniture Patricia Urquiola (Patricia Urquiola)

Today, the most popular are the traditional "granny" patterns, all kinds of classical ornaments, braids, knitted ornaments, buttons and soFurther.Color can choose, including trendy white or beige.Finishing of knitted goods for the house in this style is well suited to the old soft comfortable chairs.Some designers offer to issue a knitted wool completely full of furniture in the room.

Knitted decorative pillows in the interior

Knitted decorative pillows house

For rooms, decorated in the style of hi-tech, you can pick up unusual abstract patterns and vivid interesting combinations.Such style suit knitted poufs, and small chairs and stools original form with knitted seats.Very convenient to use as tables, cubes, decorated knitted cloth.

Knitted seat for stools

Knitted seat for stools

Knitted furniture chair covers

Knitted chair covers

Crochet covers for furniture

Knits covers

furniture The above furniture is very well combined with other knitted decorations for the home.These gizmos are not only functional, but also give additional comfort and complete picture of the domestic idyll.They can be the same color as the furniture, and can be bright contrasting spots.The shape and pattern of these things can be very diverse.If your room is framed in, say, the theme of the sea, you can add a mat or pillow shell in the form of a starfish.If the design of the walls, curtains, or used in the decoration of some of the key patterns, such as flowers, fruits or animals, in a room will look great knit additions to the corresponding patterns.

Knitted blankets and pillows in the interior

Knitted blankets and pillows in the interior

knitted interior details

Knitted interior

knitted things for the house and interior

Knitted detail interior

very convenient to use the mats - it is very fashionable knitted interior.Traditionally, they are round and square.It can be as an exquisite work of art and a deliberately sloppy piece of knitted wool.Lovely look carpets-paths (eg striped rugs will go to the very country style), small knitted rugs under tables, bedside tables, rugs with fringe and rough relief structure.Beautiful mat can also be hung on the wall.

Knitted mats and cushions in a modern interior

Knitted mats and cushions in a modern interior

knitted for the house decor

Knitted decor for home

knitted decorative pillows Interior

Knitted decorative pillows Interior

knitted decorative pillows and bedspreads for interior

Knitted cushions and bedspreads for interior

Knits well as usedesign a child's room or a corner.The space bounded by the carpet, soft knitted poufs and pillows will be a convenient and safe place for children who are taking their first steps.A soft knitted track of the battery near a window would be the perfect place for a Winter Games on the warm floor.

Knitted carpet photos

Knitted carpet photo

knitted home accessories

Knitted home accessories

Home comfort is created from trifles.Lovely knitted things for home nicely fit into the interior, and make daily activities more enjoyable.

now very popular these knitted home accessories like lampshades.These funny cozy crafts can be used for decorating curtain or table lamps.The color is best to choose a shade of wallpaper.

Knitted lamps - decorative covers Knitting for fixtures

Decorative knitted covers for lamps

Cases crocheted lamp

knitted covers for lamps

Cases for table lamps crocheted

Cases for table lamps knitted

Decorate family dinners and tea parties help knitted decor dish.This, above all, woven mats and napkins for the dining table, all kinds of nastakanniki hot cups, caps to cover the pot, and so on.

Warmer knitted tea cozy

Warmer on the kettle knitted

Warmer knitted tea cozy

Warmer on the kettle knitted

Stand knitted cup

Stand cup

knitted knitting wool or macrame can also arrange high vessels, vases, candy, for fruits and other household items.Very nice look for dishes such ornaments, decorated with the same designs as the dinner service.Beautiful and unusual traditional stuff for the house crocheted or spokes - covers for pots with flowers and pots.Such crafts worthy decorate your home greenhouse.

Knitted things for a photo at home

Knitted things for home photo

Knitted vase

Knitted vase

All kinds of knitted things and crafts for the home can be used anywhere.Knitting can be issued photo frames, women's jewelry boxes and bottles of the dressing table, Pincushion, boxes for toys and so on.Such decoration can completely change the old and overexposed things and turn them into a design masterpiece.

Knitted cushion toy

Knitted cushion toy

knitted crafts and various things for the house

Knitted crafts, and various things for the house

knitwear and home decorations

Knits and decorations for the interior

Knitted things for the house - this is a very interesting area of ​​modern design.Properly combining knitwear and details in the interior, you can give your interior a fashionable flair.

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