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August 12, 2017 18:07

The room on the balcony : the ideas and rules everything

In our country, the balcony is a special place in the home, which sometimes is a miniature workshop, storage space and a small plot of land for the cultivation of tomatoes and other vegetables.Recently, however, people are creating the balcony of the room full room.On the Internet you can find thousands of photos, which depict several modernized balconies.In some cases, they look much more interesting to most of the main rooms in ordinary homes.


The end result of such alteration does not depend on the financial budget, but, first of all, from the fantasy home owners.You can be at the disposal of quite a bit of money, but to create a cozy atmosphere with the help of available tools and materials.

First of all you need to know that the use of certain decisions relating to the alteration of the balcony, depends only on the size of the room, as well as the location of the home.Very often, people who live on the first floor, enjoy the situation and significantly expand the space.In addition, you can create a small cellar, which will be a worthy continuation of practical flats.

In this article we will look at all the major scenarios for which you can create a great room from the balcony.Let us analyze a few options that are ideal for specific conditions.Also pay attention to some tricks that are commonly used when creating rooms the balcony.

main features of the balcony

room The first thing to understand that from the balcony of the room must have a means of warming.Also, it does not interfere with a full balcony heating.Originally this room unheated, however, you can create an ideal environment with the help of some tools.

In the present case does not fit central heating, because then have to completely remodel the existing system.It is best to pay attention to a variety of portable devices.It may be small heaters or radiators.The most important thing to make a choice in favor of the device, which perfectly fit into the small space of a balcony.

As for warming the room, it is also a very serious aspect.If the quality does not insulate a balcony, then use this room would be too difficult in winter.Even more unpleasant situation can create a cold wind.If we have exactly the balcony rather than the loggia, the icy air will simply make a stay in this room terrible ordeal.

If extended balcony has sufficient space, you can realize almost any idea.This can be a common room, which is a continuation of the room.In addition, nothing prevents to create there a gym or a small warehouse for storage and preservation of vegetables during the winter.However, in order to expand the balcony, you need to take care of some scrupulous arrangement of features.

balcony - with - podium

Extension balcony

Most often, the opportunity to expand the balcony, as already mentioned, there is in the apartment owners who live on the first floor.In other cases, the risk is not worth much, increasing the scale of the attachment balcony.This can not only be dangerous.In some cases, the expansion of the balcony could adversely affect the integrity of the building, since such decisions are initially not included in the construction project.Thus, pre-need to agree on all issues with housing and utility organizations.

Then, when it was the expansion of space, you need to take care of the heating balcony.It is obvious that here we need serious enough resources to maintain the high temperature of the air in the winter.It is best to use heat sinks, as well as small heaters capable of increase the temperature in individual areas of the space.

As for warming the balcony, there will suit us quite popular insulation materials.It is advisable to carry out the finish heaters.Often in this case used PVC panels, which have a small size and weight fairly modest.To make the interior trim is not recommended, as PVC panels are very fragile and can be easily damaged and break the insulation.

With interior decoration is much easier.Experts recommend using durable and water-resistant materials.It is best to opt for a wood-fiber material, which, moreover, is also not bad retains heat inside the building.We can not exclude classical plaster finish or plasterboard.If we want to create a continuation of the main room, you need to prepare the appropriate conditions.

In addition, when it comes to expanding the balcony, it is necessary to bear in mind that in this case it is necessary to use a relatively light construction materials.In no event it is impossible to increase the pressure on the visor of the balcony slab.It should also be taken into account for all works related to the updated arrangement of the balcony.


balcony and the room: the combination

Despite the existence of a huge number of option modification of balcony space, the most proven and practical option alteration - an association of the balcony and the room in one room.We should not assume that in this case it is necessary to create a single space.Very often owners only focus attention on the fact that the rooms have been combined.You can create a kind of arch in the transition.This will not only make the room more attractive, but will also create a clear framework for space.Obviously, on the balcony still be cool in the winter time, and established borders will understand that in sub-zero temperatures outside is better not to cross the limits of the main room.

also worth knowing that often allowed to remove from the opening only a portion of the wall, otherwise you can face many problems related to the carrier housing wall.All such measures should have a preliminary discussion with housing services, which can give their assessment of the process.

Despite this, in most cases, you can change the shape of the opening free.This not only gives you great freedom of action for the hosts, but also allows you to create unique design solutions.

If you decide to combine the room and the balcony, you should prepare for large-scale construction work, as in this case, we need to create the overall design of the space.Also, it does not interfere, as in the previous case, to insulate a balcony.

opening between the bathroom and the balcony you can decorate.For example, you can arrange shelves for books or hang flower pots.Such decisions often depend on the extent of the premises.If we are dealing with a huge space, there are no restrictions and can not be.In small apartments have to use a modest solutions.

original solutions arrangement balcony

After we made alterations to the balcony, to start the updated arrangement of the room.Immediately it should be understood that here, as in other cases, all depends on the size of the available area of ​​the balcony.The more space - the more ideas you can implement.Often, however, balconies in apartment buildings rather small, so each square millimeter is of great importance.

Gym on

balcony Very often from the balcony to create a full gym, but for the realization of this idea should be impressive space.If the pre-made extension of the balcony, should be very serious about operating the balcony.First of all we are talking about all the same load on the visor of the balcony slab.Given that different trainers can weigh a lot, this is not the best solution.In any case, the two or three devices without any restrictions can be placed on the balcony, but they need to be arranged in such a way as to avoid creating non-uniform loads.If the ceiling height is sufficient, nothing prevents the hang of the Swedish ladder.It is desirable that all looked harmoniously, as often gyms are apparently not the most pleasant room.Gender is desirable to cover the rubberized material, reminiscent of the mat, as in gyms often hosts a variety of gymnastics and gymnastics.To create a cozy atmosphere, you can cover all the window blinds.It is obvious that before all the work aimed at the creation of the gym, you need to carefully insulate the balcony, because it can be very cold in winter.


balcony and children's room

often from the balcony to create a full nursery.This solution is often dictated by the fact that a home just a limited number of basic rooms, which can not be sacrificed for the establishment of a nursery.Often the owners obtained a perfect children's room from the balcony.In this case, just turn on the imagination and create a unique game world for children, which will be a lot of toys and entertainment.First of all I must say that in this case there is a great freedom of action, as the balcony - a kind of separate space in the dwelling.Therefore, on the balcony, you can create an atmosphere of children, and the rest of the dwelling may be very strict in terms of design.First you need to carefully insulate the balcony to the child was not cold in the winter.Also it does not hurt to lay on the floor of a quality carpet that may be have different figures, pushing the child to games.On either side of the balcony, you must install compact boxes, which can be stored without any restrictions toys as well as books and magazines.Often these rooms are created exclusively for the child to amuse, but to carry out the educational process in such a balcony - not the best solution.My son will always be distracted by toys, in addition, you need to understand that the balcony - this is a limited space in which simply does not fit into a large and spacious desks.

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Bath space in the balcony

Unfortunately, the bath within his own apartment does not provide so often, however, such a decision can bring a lot of positive results.For a start it must be said that in this case you need to do considerable space, as in the bath should be placed at least a few people.Given that the balcony - a modest room in size, to achieve the high temperature here is very simple.

most fundamental in the process of remaking the balcony - it's external insulation.It is necessary to realize almost perfect conditions, which allow the use of high-grade bath.As mentioned earlier, it is desirable to use light insulation.Obviously, in this room, the windows are not necessary, therefore, virtually the entire perimeter of the space will have insulating materials.The walls of the balcony you can obbit wood paneling.Desirably, the material is normally perceived high temperatures, as in many construction resources such conditions begin to deform.

For heating bath is best to use converters.On sale there are electric and gas versions, they fit perfectly under the presented conditions.Given the rather modest space balcony, pay for electricity or gas will need to be very little.

Of course, you need to make wooden benches, sitting where you can be nice to relax and warm up.

In some cases, also set small bathrooms, where you can cool off after the parks.This decision depends on the existing space.

Well, in the end you need to make sure that there is dense border, in this case between the balcony and the rest of the apartment - it's the door.Of course, an ordinary wooden door is unlikely to fit, as high humidity that exists on the balcony, will have a negative impact on the situation in the next room.In this situation, the door is often used, which have a rubber surround for a door seal with the passageway.If such a decision would be ineffective, you can use glass doors.