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August 12, 2017 18:05

Installation of baseboards with their hands

Mounting plinths on the floor around the perimeter can accurately cover the wallpaper, fix the flooring.Quality installation skirting boards will in the future conduct a hidden cabling, remove unsightly communication and make the interior of the room beautiful and stylish.When selecting skirting boards need to pay special attention to their design and quality.Carefully selected products will last for many years and will allow the room to give an original look.


  1. Required materials
  2. Step by step instructions for installing a plinth on the floor
  3. Tips installers
  4. Video installation skirting with their hands

Required materials

ForYou need to prepare a double plinth with a cabling compartment.The product has a soft edge that will make the transition smooth and neat.Advantages of this type is the ease of subsequent removal for repair.For example, if the owner is required to carry out gluing new wallpaper, it will be enough to remove the top part of the prefabricated plinth, perform finishing walls.After the installation is carried out of the plastic plinth (the upper part), and at this stage of the repair will be completed.

Optional mounting plinths need to purchase accessories.It is selected according to the shape of the room (the number of corners, transitions).Contractor will need to purchase adapters and angular limit switches, mounted on a plinth near the doorways, bars connectors.

To mount products to the wall will need to purchase a dowel 6x40 mm, as the executor will need a drill, with which he will prepare the holes for wall mounting.

Step by step instructions for installing a plinth on the floor

Prior to installation it is recommended to study the accompanying video and photo materials: they will help to see the overall picture of performance.Also, the owner is required to explore the features of the assembly and connect the individual strips.Implemented self-installation skirting boards using the following instructions:

1. going gusset is applied to the installation site, the place chosen for the blank holes for dowels.

2. The upper part of the skirting boards is removed, and the bottom are drilled holes and installed anchors.Then the screws are screwed.The approximate distance between fasteners is 30 cm. Also, do not forget to remove the dust with a vacuum cleaner.

3. Next, output skirting along the wall.At the junction of the two straps must be attached adapter.To this end, the product already attached (to the top) joins transition fittings.After the installation is carried out neighboring skirting and installation of its upper part.

4. When mounting the corner jointsyou must use the plugs (for inside or outside corner).They are placed on a similar principle.

5. Upon completion of the installation of skirting around the room, you can proceed to the installation of end caps near doorways.At this stage, the work of fully and executor will only assess its quality will be performed.

Tips installers

is recommended to choose a high quality skirting boards, which have sufficient softness: it is easier to drill.All the adapters must be identical in color and pattern of the basic elements, otherwise the transition will be inharmonious and ugly.And in order to understand how to mount the plinth to the floor without a problem you need to carefully re-read the enclosed instructions and carry out drilling in accordance with the rules described.

important point will be the evaluation of ease of installation plinth PVC: under the seats, which will be dowels should be no communication or pipes.Any obstacles you need to "get."For example, near the pipe can be screwed baseboard and close the tabs end caps.Then the transition will look neat and stylish moldings can frame almost the entire perimeter of the room.

Video installation skirting with their hands

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